Tarot – Reversed Card Meaning

Wands Reversed Card Meaning

Ace of Wands Reversed , Two of Wands Reversed , Three of Wands Reversed , Four of Wands Reversed , Five of Wands Reversed , Six of Wands Reversed , Seven of Wands Reversed , Eight of Wands Reversed , Nine of Wands Reversed , Ten of Wands Reversed , Page of Wands Reversed , Knight of Wands Reversed , Queen of Wands Reversed , King of Wands Reversed

Swords Reversed Card Meaning

Ace of Swords Reversed , Two of Swords Reversed , Three of Swords Reversed , Four of Swords Reversed , Five of Swords Reversed , Six of Swords Reversed , Seven of Swords Reversed , Eight of Swords Reversed , Nine of Swords Reversed , Ten of Swords Reversed , Page of Swords Reversed , Knight of Swords Reversed , Queen of Swords Reversed , King of Swords Reversed

Cups Reversed Card Meaning

Ace of Cups Reversed , Two of Cups Reversed , Three of Cups Reversed , Four of Cups Reversed , Five of Cups Reversed , Six of Cups Reversed , Seven of Cups Reversed , Eight of Cups Reversed , Nine of Cups Reversed , Ten of Cups Reversed , Page of Cups Reversed , Knight of Cups Reversed , Queen of Cups Reversed , King of Cups Reversed

Pentacles Reversed Card Meaning

Ace of Pentacles Reversed , Two of Pentacles Reversed , Three of Pentacles Reversed , Four of Pentacles Reversed , Five of Pentacles Reversed , Six of Pentacles Reversed , Seven of Pentacles Reversed , Eight of Pentacles Reversed , Nine of Pentacles Reversed , Ten of Pentacles Reversed , Page of Pentacles Reversed , Knight of Pentacles Reversed , Queen of Pentacles Reversed , King of Pentacles Reversed

Major Arcana Reversed Card Meaning

The Fool Reversed , The Magician Reversed , The High Priestess Reversed , The Empress Reversed , The Emperor Reversed , The Hierophant Reversed , The Lovers Reversed , The Chariot Reversed Strength Reversed , The Hermit Reversed , Wheel of Fortune Reversed , Justice Reversed , The Hanged Man Reversed Death Reversed , Temperance Reversed , The Devil Reversed , The Tower Reversed , The Star Reversed , The Moon Reversed , The Sun Reversed , Judgement Reversed , The World Reversed

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