Wheel of Fortune (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

The Wheel of Fortune represents the major arcana No. 10.

The Wheel of Fortune is an impressive card with two very specific and opposed meanings, whether the card appears in the right position or inverted in a reading.

Kabbalistics associates this card with the planet Jupiter , with the letter  Yoth and with the number  10.

Esoterically it  is associated with the astrological sign of Capricorn , with the Earth element   and with autumn .

In numerology it  represents the number  10 : (1 + 2 + 3 + 4) = the entire cosmos, since (1 is God, 2 is matter, 3 is the physical world and 4 is reproduction).

Wheel of Fortune: Card Description

The Wheel of Fortune  is a highly symbolic card.
The angel in the upper left corner is Aquarius, the eagle is Scorpio, Leo is the lion, and the bull is Taurus.

These are the four fixed signs of the zodiac, but they all have wings despite being fixed signs. These wings are what provide stability in the midst of movement and change.

The book that each one has in his hands is the Torah, which represents wisdom.
On the central wheel are the Hebrew letters IHVH (Yod Heh Vau Heh), the unpronounceable name of God.

Interspersed between these letters we can see how the words TORA (read counterclockwise) or TARO (read clockwise) are formed, which also translates into TAROT when it returns to the place where it started.

The serpent that descends from the left side of the Wheel of Fortune is the Egyptian god Typhon, the god of evil. The serpent also represents the life force and the descent into the material world.

A kind of Anubis stands on the right side of the wheel: it is Hermes , a symbol of intelligence, ascending wisdom or our own shadows.

The Sphinx at the top of the wheel represents the enigmas of life.
The central wheel contains the alchemical symbols for mercury, sulfur, water and salt – the building blocks of life and the four elements – and represents the formative power.

The outer circle represents the material world. The eight spokes on The Wheel of Fortune represent universal radiant energy, as well as the eight Sabbaths of the year.
Blue represents wisdom.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) – General meaning

The Wheel of Fortune is quite a negative card when it comes out in reverse, it represents periods of bad luck, negative external forces, being out of one’s control.

It does not mean that one is cursed by fortune, but that you have to find an internal way of how to be lucky and handle what you have to live.

It announces changes although not as markedly as the card in position to the right, but the changes will happen and it is possible that this reversal indicates that you have a great resistance to this change in your life.

Things are not in your favor now, the wind is against you, there is apparently no luck in anything you do or hope for.

You are powerless, without having any control of what happens. This may be fortuitous, but you may seriously wonder if you may have contributed to this situation, if this is not finally what you are reaping from what you have sown in the past. It is a very specific possibility, so analyze it.

Ask yourself what things you can do to solve or improve this, and if you cannot, you must not fall into despair. Everything is a cycle, it is the main message of this card, therefore, it will pass, whatever the circumstance you live now.

Even in the worst darkness you must keep a flame of hopeful light. Handle with caution, do not take risks, do not gamble or make sharp decisions, since The Wheel of Fortune says that for the moment you will not be favored. Wait.

This card must be read very carefully and it is essential to see which others accompany it, to have a better diagnosis.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The Wheel of Fortune card points out that there is a lot of confusion now, both of ideas and feelings. There may be third parties getting into the relationship and causing harm to the couple.

The changes are now negative, everything is going from bad to worse and if there is no joint effort, it will be difficult to overcome this time and get ahead. If one or both are resistant to change, it will undoubtedly be a big stone in the middle of the road. Seek advice and advice, whether from friends, family, or therapists now.

There is no conformity about the relationship now, where it is going and how it is going. It is necessary that you analyze your priorities, know what you want, since without this certainty it is not only difficult for this relationship to prosper but any other.

Communication, transparency and veracity of feelings are key now to move forward and overcome the crisis.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

Changes come to work, surely surprising and unexpected. If the Wheel of Fortune is alone, they will surely not be good, but if there are other cards they may be positive.

If you are the one who is thinking about changes, it may not be the most opportune moment, since fortune is not on your side and it is possibly a mistake.

If things are not going well, analyze if you have any responsibility for it, before blaming everything else. Anyway, everything is transitory, the rue will turn again and sooner or later you will be at the other extreme, more positive.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

Good luck is not with you now, so trying any kind of random move will only waste time and money. You should stop spending now and not get into debt of any kind, no matter how insignificant.

Do not buy in installments or on credit, do not ask for loans or financial aid. There are risks of losing money, so investments of all kinds must be analyzed to the extreme of detail, and even so, the chances that they will go wrong are high, therefore, it is advisable now not to make financial movements of any kind.

Do not despair and trust that bad weather will pass. If you stay away, saving and controlling, the impact will be less and you can hope that the rue will turn again towards the favorable point.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

If you come from an illness or disease, there is a possibility of relapses. Take care of the digestive system, so related to stress, since the bad situation you live in can cause you to have ulcers, vomiting, gastric and intestinal discomfort.

Strength has diminished, as has vitality. Now you must do rest and very measured exercises, thus trying to get out of the stressful situation. Clear your mind in nature, in reading, take restorative baths.

It is not the right time for interventions or surgeries of any kind. If you must face things, choose appropriately the battles you want to fight

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The Wheel of Fortune asks you not to allow yourself to wallow in the feeling of being cheated or stolen. Life is not fair. It never has been.

But life is constantly changing. Go with the flow and maintain a positive and hopeful spirit within what you can, because sooner or later things will change.

Time to ask yourself what are your responsibilities in what happens, see the part of your fault and assume it instead of throwing all the burdens outside, to others, to destiny, to your luck or to God.

The change that The Wheel of Fortune suggests you must do, not stay in resistance. Visualize that you must change and improve, do your best. It is the only and best way you have.

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