Eight of Wands (Reversed): meaning, love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Eight of Wands (Reversed)

love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Eight of Wands (Reversed) meaning love, money, profession, health, spirituality
Eight of Wands (Reversed) meaning

Eight of Wands (Reversed) Keywords:

  • jealousy, quarrels, remorse,
  • repentance, guilt, Wasted energy, Block.
  • Out of control. Excessive perseverance.
  • Impulsiveness. Insecurity. Pressure. Rush.
  • Poorly thought out solutions. Swift action.
  • Too quick step. Theft. Opposition. Fight.
  • Job loss. Strike. Bad news. Misunderstanding.
  • Embezzlement. Dismissal. Exile.
  • The desire to accelerate results.
  • Delay news or messages. Canceled or delayed trip.
  • Announced engagement.
  • Problems with transport. Plans are not implemented.
  • A teenager who is constantly being taught.
  • The possibility of violence.

Reversed eight of Wands Keywords:

  • obstacles
  • criticism
  • delaying decisions
  • home scandals
  • fighting
  • envy

Perhaps you feel depressed due to the too rapid development of events. You are confused and therefore can not direct energy in the right direction. Hasty action will not help you achieve the desired result.

Be careful now and do not rush things, otherwise you can be strongly resisted. Expect delayed action. Your plans may be destroyed, especially if they were related to the trip. There may be problems traveling by plane or other means of transport.

Eight of Wands also represents people those in a hurry to nowhere, people putting pressure. people from whom you can expect physical assault.

Significance of Eight of Wands (Reversed)

When Eight of Wands card appears upside down, it indicates that you are facing delays and delays that can be significant, especially if you were expecting a quick change or a quick result in your goal or plan.

Although you have the necessary energy and are perhaps putting your best effort, obstacles seem to appear one after another to delay your progress and frustration and helplessness grows in you, plunging you into impatience and even anger.

Many things may not depend on you now, no matter how hard you want or how hard you make, perhaps what you want depends on others or on circumstances external to you, which you cannot influence at will.

This is certainly very frustrating, but you should not leave everything aside, but on the contrary try to find the solution even in the darkness that dominates the panorama.

In another aspect , the inverted eight of clubs may appear to signal that something is wrong with your planning. You have gone on the attack without much planning and now you are faced with obstacles that seem insurmountable, when with a little prior planning you could have solved them with relative ease.

This may be a good time to slow down and reconsider, as rushing can be a poor advisor and lead to mistakes. Lowering the momentum a bit, grounding the action, may give you a better chance of correcting your course to a more clear and successful destination.

It may be time to put everything on hold, until conditions improve or become more favorable, especially if they do not depend directly on you but on others or the general environment.

It is also possible that you have too many ideas and plans at the same time , without being clear about what action to take, or when is the best time. You have not just developed an idea or plan that you already replace it with another and all of them seem at the same time viable and feasible while you find defects and impossibilities in all of them.

All this means that, in short, you spend it turning in circles without being able to bow towards a particular thing. This generates a lot of mental and physical exhaustion and a strong feeling of helplessness.

Perhaps it is a good idea to share these ideas and bread with others, to have a slightly cooler and more impartial external opinion. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it, pride can sometimes be a very bad advisor.

It is time to be very patient , this is central to the message of this card. Not everything is final or lost, most of the time they are stages or cycles like everything in life and you must have the necessary patience to wait for better waves.

As a last consideration , there may be some guilt associated with the reversed eight of clubs. Something from the past does not allow you to advance and you must know that the past can no longer be changed, but simply learn from it for the present or the future.

Your guilt may be real, but you must work on forgiving yourself, because only in that way can you generate a change forward.

Eight of Wands (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

In an inverted position, the card reports scandals, misunderstandings, unpleasant surprises.

The reversed Eight of Wands indicates that some guilt may appear about the past. Also issues related to jealousy that put difficulties in the couple. Jealousy always has to do with one’s self-esteem and worth.

There may be delays in important things, for example the idea of ​​moving in together or getting married, is delayed, or it could be the opposite if you are waiting for a divorce to come out, there are delays.

Everything is slow with this card … an answer that you expect, a gesture that you need, a decision that must be made.

Eight of Wands (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

In an inverted position, the card informs you that it received unpleasant news. The questioner is criticized. There is a danger of facing falsehood …

The reversed Eight of Wands indicates that there may be disagreements and arguments at work. You and everyone put a lot of effort into moving things forward but everything seems to derail for relatively minor issues.

Go back, cool things down, and rethink. There will be delays and wait if you are expecting raises or promotions. If you are looking for work, unfortunately there may be a delay in a decision that you have been waiting for a long time.

Eight of Wands (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The reversed Eight of Wands indicates that there is no frankly negative outlook, but as with everything else, we must wait.

A money that you expect is delayed, a lawsuit, a collection, an inheritance, a salary increase, the return on an investment you have made, a debt that must be paid to you … everything takes a little longer than expected.

Time to be patient and take care of the money you have.

Eight of Wands (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The Eight of Wands reversed indicates that it will be fine, there may be delays in results that you are expecting or if you have an illness or disease, the recovery will be slower than you thought.

However, the worst part will be the stress of impatience, seeing that things are going at a slower pace than you want. If impatience wins you over, this will lead to physical exhaustion, perhaps a little insomnia.

Eight of Wands (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The reversed Eight of Wands advises you that you will need concentration, determination, and patience on all levels, including your spiritual perspective. It’s easy for the energy to dissipate now.

Ground yourself as best you can and try to make time for meditation, stillness, and contemplation. There are things that are not in your hands and that are impossible to force, you must calm down and accept that.

Delay in Travel

Eight of Wands upside down indicates a delay or a problem while traveling.

In Conclusion

Reversed Eight of Wands indicates that a person can achieve amazing results if he has teamed up with others, is accurate in his work and knows his job. 8 Wands shows us the goals achieved as a result of cooperation and organized actions that cause changes in society.

Having upside down indicates that the group needs restructuring in order for the functions to be more effective, or it is necessary to form a new group or a new leadership.

Eight of wands upside down, the card indicates bad habits and disorganization.

Having fallen upside down, the card says that problems can arise due to scattering, oversights or breakdowns, it is important to make sure that all stages of projects or plans are well thought out and coordinated.

Pay particular attention to the documents or other details that are involved. You will personally have to monitor and lead everything.

Reversed Eight of Wands indicates that plans and other issues still hang “in the air.” Obstacles, delays, changes in plans, disagreements, quarrels or overestimation of priorities may cause a suspension. It is necessary to pay attention to the vital elements.

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