Eight of Wands Reversed Meaning

  • obstacles
  • criticism
  • delaying decisions
  • home scandals
  • fighting
  • envy

Perhaps you feel depressed due to the too rapid development of events. You are confused and therefore can not direct energy in the right direction. Hasty action will not help you achieve the desired result. Be careful now and do not rush things, otherwise you can be strongly resisted. Expect delayed action. Your plans may be destroyed, especially if they were related to the trip. There may be problems traveling by plane or other means of transport.

Eight of Wands also represents people those in a hurry to nowhere, people putting pressure. people from whom you can expect physical assault.

Reversed Eight of Wands indicates that a person can achieve amazing results if he has teamed up with others, is accurate in his work and knows his job. 8 Wands shows us the goals achieved as a result of cooperation and organized actions that cause changes in society.

Having upside down indicates that the group needs restructuring in order for the functions to be more effective, or it is necessary to form a new group or a new leadership.

Eight of wands upside down, the card indicates bad habits and disorganization.

Having fallen upside down, the card says that problems can arise due to scattering, oversights or breakdowns, it is important to make sure that all stages of projects or plans are well thought out and coordinated. Pay particular attention to the documents or other details that are involved. You will personally have to monitor and lead everything.

Reversed Eight of Wands indicates that plans and other issues still hang “in the air.” Obstacles, delays, changes in plans, disagreements, quarrels or overestimation of priorities may cause a suspension. It is necessary to pay attention to the vital elements.

Delay in Travel

Eight of Wands upside down indicates a delay or a problem while traveling.

Reversed Eight of Wands in Profession

In an inverted position, the card informs you that it received unpleasant news. The questioner is criticized. There is a danger of facing falsehood …

Reversed Eight of Wands in Love Reading

In an inverted position, the card reports scandals, misunderstandings, unpleasant surprises.