Five of Cups Reversed Meaning

Five of Cups (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Five of Cups (Reversed) General meaning

Undoubtedly, the investment of this card offers its most favorable and positive vision .

Now you are in a much healthier emotional state, you have managed to let go of the past, you have learned from mistakes and taken all those teachings that were given to you.

You can see even now that the experience and negative processes you have gone through have had a reason and a meaning, they have happened for something, and going through all those difficulties has now put you in a much better and more beneficial place for you.

You are capable of both repentance and forgiveness, and after going through that infertile valley of negative emotions you can finally take those two glasses that you were waiting for, and with them make yourself again, head towards the future.

Clearly the five of cups tells you that while the past serves as a lesson to learn, you must maintain an open and active attitude, having the ability and courage to take new risks.

The future does not have to be like the past, therefore, now with everything you have learned, you have to be willing to go back to risk fundamentally on the emotional plane.

If you come from a very painful situation such as a loss or the breakdown of a love relationship, the five of cups announces the end of your sufferings to give rise to a new stage where you are again fit and ready to start new relationships, fall in love again , to love, to commit yourself again.

Again you get in touch with your best part, with your creativity, your hopes and dreams and slowly you begin to see life again from a positive glass.

You have managed to see what was the good that was waiting behind the bad that happened, taking that positive part and now you must strengthen yourself in your values ​​and above all go towards what you really want and need.

Practically all learning in this life involves pain, we learn to walk not without first falling a few times and for most people it takes several attempts to achieve the desired end, whether in the plane of love, professional life, economics. or any situation of existence.

The five of cups now expresses that you have understood that these falls are necessary for learning, you have learned and now you have the necessary tools and knowledge to move forward.

Something important to keep in mind when the five of cups appear inverted is that if you have gone through the period of pain, sadness or suffering without even noticing it, you have achieved this because you have canceled all reflection on it, you have buried any feelings and emotions .

This has allowed you to overcome the trance, however it does not mean that it is good. These feelings will continue to be stored there and at some point, perhaps the most unexpected, they can explode and appear, complicating and confusing your life. Then reflect on it … If you have gone through the dark even noticing it, it may not have been the correct process.

Something favorable that appears in the inverted five of cups is that if you are going through a difficult situation, the appearance of this card tells you that it is transitory and temporary, that it is not as difficult and dark as you feel it now, but that they are obstacles transients.

This is especially favorable for crisis situations in a relationship or marriage. The message is hopeful and positive, it is just a bad moment that will be overcome.

Five of Cups (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The five of cups indicates temporary crises that are solved and evolve, and that many times are necessary to occur in order to solve or close certain issues.

The possibility of a happy and meaningful relationship is possible both with your current partner and with a future love.

This card shows that if you have been suffering abuse of any kind, especially emotional, you no longer have to force things to work.

You simply say enough, accept what you want and desire and start fighting for it. Trust your instincts as they will tell you which is the right path.

Five of Cups (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The card maintains the same sense: the difficulties that you were going through are ending and you find positive, probably creative, ways out to continue moving forward.

The five of cups can indicate the end of delays and waiting, the resolution of certain work issues in a frank and pleasant way and can also indicate that now more than ever you should focus on what you want and want to do, and go for it .

Five of Cups (Reversed)– In Money Tarot Reading

You must have a positive and grateful attitude for what you already have and have achieved. As this is a period when you are very in touch with your interior, it is very likely that you are dedicated to an activity that you really like and makes you happy, so that it does not matter so much how much you put on the table but what you put on the table .

It is quality over quantity. Maintaining this attitude of respect towards who you are will generate more income and more money. It is not a secret in the XXI century that the best chances of success are those who love what they do.

Five of Cups (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

You begin to feel now an evolution and well-being after the dark events that you have gone through. Anguish, sadness and depression begin to lift like a veil, allowing you to see a much more colorful and pleasant world on the horizon than before.

On the physical plane, of physical illnesses, the inverted five of cups can indicate the favorable evolution of any type of ailment, the possibility of optimistically clinging to cures or treatments, continuing to see the glass as half full and making things easier with an attitude optimistic.

Five of Cups (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

You are ready to start new paths with a sense of renewed faith, joy, and enthusiasm.

You may try or want to share your experiences with people who are going through what you have already gone through, to give them your support, your point of view, which will be helpful and certainly positive for others to evolve on that path.

You are probably also much more open to new ideas and new concepts, with new interest and permeable to everything that can mean help, support, improvement.

In Conclusion:

Five of Cups Reversed indicates that you have overcome your past grief and are ready to move on. You have come to terms with life. Now you will be able to see situations rationally.

You are able to forgive the people who are hurt you. This will open up your heart chakra and will calm you down. Having suffered from grief, you have become stronger and matured.

Your outlook towards life is gradually becoming positive. New opportunities are waiting for you. Look for them and take them up.

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