Three of Cups Reversed: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality

Three of Cups Reversed – General meaning

Like many reverse cards, the three of cups loses quite a bit of its positive meaning.

Perhaps the most worrying or most frightening thing about this letter is that it usually represents third parties involved , whether in a love relationship, within a family or in a business relationship.

The card indicates the existence of a discordant third person. This can mean various things, from infidelity to your partner or partner being involved in other things that you are unaware of.

It is a card that shows dishonesty and the rest of the cards must be taken into account for an effective panorama, such as the five or seven of spades, the devil or the moon.

As it is a card of celebrations, at some point it can indicate hedonistic behaviors aimed at pleasure, instant gratification, whether material or sensual . The celebration in this case has crossed the line and is generating behaviors and behaviors that in the long run will only be harmful.

Looking at the three of cups from the social and group level , it is possible that the meetings or groups are now drowning you, stifling your creativity and inner freedom. The group works in a tight-knit way and you don’t have much room for your opinions and creativity or making decisions, but rather respect what the group decides as a whole.

It is time for you to rethink if it is the right group, if the benefits are well worth sacrificing a little personal identity.

It is a letter that tends to isolation
, therefore it is possible that you feel at this moment wanting to separate yourself a little from others , be it your partner, your family, your group of friends or groups in general.

This isolation can be emotional but also due to external things such as your work or your activities, or you have left your partner aside for your family commitments and things like that, so pay attention if this is happening and what you can do to bring things back into balance.

Three of Cups Reversed – In Love Tarot Reading

On the level of love , as we have already seen, the three of cups can be an indication of infidelity, and this can be both on your part and on your partner . It does not necessarily mean that your partner is cheating on you, perhaps the letter indicates an affair that you may have soon and that you still do not even suspect, or it may indicate flirtations without things happening to major.

Sometimes it is also an indication of problems in relationships due to financial problems: one of the two or both is in a plan of not worrying too much, escape and fun and this not only does not generate income, but the existing income goes in superficial whims.

If you are alone , the letter tells you that in order to find someone you must start to move a little socially, go out, contact people, open up a little more, leave your confinement little by little, otherwise, there will be almost no possibilities for someone new to appear in your life.

Three of Cups Reversed – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

Regarding work , it can indicate a time of idleness in which you are being forgiving and you have a lot of permissiveness towards yourself.

You reject responsibility and are likely to seek distractions in multiple outings where you can have fun without having to think or take care of your obligations.

On the other hand , it indicates that the work environment can now be surrounded by strong envy or jealousy , there are all kinds of hidden agendas, “broken phones” and third parties that complicate things.

If you are looking for work , try to go straight to the sources avoiding third parties or intermediaries, talking to “a friend of a friend of another friend” usually makes an unproductive chain that leads nowhere. Try to get to the right point of the matter, talking to the right people.

Three of Cups Reversed – In Money Tarot Reading

In money and finance, the three of cups is a card that marks waste of money in futile activities, there is a lot of spending on fun and entertainment as a way of escape.

Fun and escape is not a negative thing in itself, sometimes we need these oases, but you must take a good look at your wallet so as not to allow the money to go exclusively to it and also so that you can face expenses without generating debts that later will be very difficult to stop.

It does not bode well for partnerships or new businesses , the presence of a third party, which may be a person but also an unexpected circumstance, appears as something negative. It is very important that you also take care of being envious of other people’s economic position.

Three of Cups Reversed – In Health Tarot Reading

Regarding health, “the third element involved” that can be a person or a life situation, it is very possible that it is affecting your health, especially mental, at this time.

You must separate yourself from it and not let yourself be influenced, not let the power of the other person or the force of a particular circumstance invade you completely.

Three of Cups Reversed – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

In the field of spirituality, in this moment of drowning and loneliness that you feel, it is good that you seek some kind of help , even if it is not by reading books that do you good, that open you to spirituality and where you can find the signs that you need to overcome what you are experiencing.

In Conclusion

When Three of Cups Reversed appears in a reading, you may find it difficult to socialize. Or, you will want some alone time. This card denotes loneliness. If you are working in a group project, you will feel excluded. Your opinions might be overlooked.

At this time, your creativity will be stiff. Ideas will not easily come to you.

When Three of Cups Reversed shows disagreement in a group. You may have different views from those of others.  This can create uneasy situations in a group.

Three of Cups Reversed may denote lack of moderation. You may be crossing limits in certain aspect. You may be influenced by wrong group.  Take a step back and analyse. This is a signal provided to you by the divine.

Cups stands for water and emotions. Three of Cups is a negative card for relationships. There will be emotional outbursts. There may be cheating. Control your emotions and analyse before you react. 

Now is the time you do some introspection. Meditate and get you thoughts straight. This can guide you further. This may be a good time to take up projects that you can do single handed.

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