Three of Cups Reversed Meaning

When Three of Cups Reversed appears in a reading, you may find it difficult to socialize. Or, you will want some alone time. This card denotes loneliness. If you are working in a group project, you will feel excluded. Your opinions might be overlooked.

At this time, your creativity will be stiff. Ideas will not easily come to you.

When Three of Cups Reversed shows disagreement in a group. You may have different views from those of others.  This can create uneasy situations in a group.

Three of Cups Reversed may denote lack of moderation. You may be crossing limits in certain aspect. You may be influenced by wrong group.  Take a step back and analyse. This is a signal provided to you by the divine.

Cups stands for water and emotions. Three of Cups is a negative card for relationships. There will be emotional outbursts. There may be cheating. Control your emotions and analyse before you react. 

Now is the time you do some introspection. Meditate and get you thoughts straight. This can guide you further. This may be a good time to take up projects that you can do single handed.