Eight of Swords Reversed Meaning

Eight of Swords (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Eight of Swords (Reversed) Keywords:

  • anxiety,
  • difficulties,
  • confrontation,
  • accident,
  • betrayal, that which is unforeseen; 
  • doom.

Eight of Swords (Reversed) General meaning

When reversed, the eight of swords presents its best face , like some other cards in the deck that are more positive in this position than to the right.

Here, you are reaching self-acceptance after a difficult time or path and have opened yourself to finding options and exits. You do not want to resign yourself to a victim role in the situation, but you are willing to make the decisions or make the changes that are needed no matter how difficult they are.

You understand that you have a part in this, that things depend in part on you and are not only subject to the decisions of others, their opinions or the designs of the universe or the destiny that things impose on you.

No, you are willing to take action on the matter, because you have managed to clear the emotional tide and have focused only on the rational and logical part of the matter, and you know that with your intellect you have to solve this situation.

You have understood that you must free yourself from the limitations that you have imposed on yourself in the past, you are willing to take the old skeletons out of the closet, knowing that you can no longer continue with the old patterns of behavior.

You have understood that you must change and that now there are always options available to find a way out or a solution, you are no longer imprisoned either by your own limitations or by those that others may have imposed on you.

The fence of swords that imprisoned you falls and you have a free way forward, whatever it may be. An enormous weight is lifted from your shoulders and fundamentally from your spirit. You have gained confidence in yourself and it is possible that you are about to make decisions or initiate important changes for your life, you have shed the fear that held you back and you know that there are no limits except those that you can impose yourself.

The eight of swords reversed leaves an important lesson , which is the understanding that even doing careful analysis and detailed planning, we cannot know what tomorrow brings, life is that uncertainty and even handling a lot of data and knowledge, we cannot be sure of what will happen.

This situation used to paralyze you and fill you with fear. Now, you have accepted it as an inherent part of life itself and after some careful planning, you assume that there will always be risks and variables that you will not control, but still you are willing to move forward.

Eight of Swords (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The reversed eight of swords indicates that there may now be some arguments and differences of opinion. The positive thing about this is that you now also have an opinion and defend your point of view, instead of following those old behaviors where you kept quiet and simply accepted what others, or your partner in particular, had.

This new attitude may generate tensions and deepen disagreements, but that is not going to worry you because now you know that you have your own voice and are willing to make it heard. These situations can be solved, there are always options, but with your intellect you must see and analyze what is being discussed, since many times there is more under the surface.

If you are lonely , this card indicates that you have work to do on yourself first before starting or carrying on a relationship. If you feel empty, probably no one will be able to fill you.

Eight of Swords (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The inverted eight of swords indicates that you are eager to make changes in your work or even take new directions. The card encourages you to do so, expressing that the change is good, but nevertheless you must plan well, from the intellectual and not from the emotional, and that you must have some patience.

Your change may not please everyone or you have opinions against or unfavorable, or lack of support for your ideas. This however should not be important and you should do what you consider to be the best for you.

If you are looking for a job, there are possibly several options available and you will have to analyze with cold reason which one is the best for you. This is not the time to act hastily, but to be patient and think it through, because the option you finally choose will be the best one.

Eight of Swords (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The reversed eight of swords indicates that there may be increased earnings or unexpected cash inflows, possibly as a product of chance. This good news however carries a warning, since this new disposition of money can bring you some problems, due to unnecessary and crazy expenses.

You must use your rationality to know how to dispose of these earnings and create a kind of financial safety net so that the money does not slip away like sand through your fingers.

You have opportunities to expand and grow whether in your business, job or profession, to invest and create more money, however the analysis of the options must be cautious and patient, because any false step can leave you out of the game.

Eight of Swords (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The inverted eight of swords signals that you are not paying too much attention to your health, neglecting old ailments because you think you have no options or ways to treat them. Self-treatment and medicating yourself is not giving the expected results and you should have adequate medical advice.

There is nothing to fear however, but it is always better to be safe than sorry and take any discomfort or physical deficiency in time for a correct diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Eight of Swords (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The reversed eight of swords marks that you are now in a phase of expansion, growth and advancement. But possibly there is still something left from your past, a major trauma, that you have been reluctant to analyze in detail until now.

As this is a liberating card, where you shed fear, it is an excellent time to finally face what has been hidden in a dark region of your soul and bring it out into the light. With this you will free yourself of an immeasurable weight and you will feel that you are born into a new life and a new you. Work on it, the time is now.

In Conclusion:

In the inverted position the card is EIGHT. SWORDS may indicate betrayal that has occurred in the past, difficulties, hard work, depression, a depressed state of mind, anxiety, an accident. Stagnation, inability to act can also be marked by EIGHT SWORDS. It should be noted that the EIGHT OF SWORDS, both in the upright position and in the inverted, due to its connection with Scorpio, can indicate certain fatal, fatal factors. This is mental illness, captivity. (They interfere with you, interfere in your life.) The signal of the spiritual world, where wealth binds and blinds. All cases when one decides for the other.

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