Queen of Swords Reversed Meaning

Queen of Swords (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Queen of Swords (Reversed) Keywords:

  • anger,
  • fanaticism,
  • pretense,
  • excessive scrupulousness,
  • deceit.

Queen of Swords (Reversed) General meaning

The queen of spades is all about using your intellect in a rational way, without letting your emotions win, so when this card is reversed it means that quite possibly you may be acting based on your emotions, using your heart before your head. , which puts you in a position of fragility.

Surely you are very busy and involved in the issue you bring up, but your emotions may be playing tricks on you and you are not able to discern the situation or problem in a clear and rational way.

You are thinking and acting in a biased, partial way, with a cloudy judgment, and not only do you fail to reach a satisfactory result, but you are exposed and can be manipulated and deceived.

The queen when it comes to the right is practically impossible to deceive, but here you allow yourself to be softened by your emotions and others can take advantage of it. You must detach yourself as much as you can from what you feel and focus on the logical, factual facts, as it is the only true guide with which you can resolve the situation at hand.

This card indicates that your relationships with others are difficult , you allow yourself to be influenced and convinced, you need to be a little tougher. You do not want to be in disharmony with others, but sometimes you must defend your position, what you think, your ideas, what you perceive as your truth.

You are never going to please or conform to everyone, therefore, this time you need to impose and enforce your ideas even if it is not liked by others or they do not like what they hear. And to do that, you must erase the “emotional memory” that you have with these people, just anchor yourself in logical reasoning and pure common sense. What you need the most right now is to be deeply objective.

However , the card does not tell you to make a choice or make a decisive decision. This is a multiple-choice card and what is raised here is just how you should analyze and shuffle those options. You must be careful and meticulous and that will only give you reason, since emotions will tend to confuse you as you make false or bad choices.

In another analysis, much harsher and negative, this queen can point out that you are full of bitterness and resentment, your emotions are but they are negative, pernicious, your heart is cold. You seem to have stripped yourself of all emotion and compassion for others.

In the search to find a solution or solve your question, you pass from others without taking into account not their opinions or desires, but their emotions, which causes others to have a negative opinion of you. They may see you as a person who is all resentful, and that you are inflexible, which makes it difficult to talk to you or discuss any issue at hand.

Everything positive related to the great intellect that the queen raises, when it comes out inverted makes you at this time a very stubborn person, locked in his convictions, perhaps foolish in the face of evidence or other people, therefore the card asks you that you urgently seek to focus again and use that phenomenal intellect in the right way.

In another vein , if the card refers to a person in your environment and not to you directly, the queen can indicate the presence of a very negative woman in your life who has great influence and power over you, or over the whole environment right now.

She is someone irascible, closed and foolish with whom it is useless to argue, but nevertheless has great power and control of the situation. This means that you could be under heavy influence from your mother, a mother-in-law, a relative, or perhaps an inflexible and tough boss.

She affects your life in these moments impacting it in a negative way, either in your daily life, in your work or in your relationship and partner. You must find a way to limit their power and limit their dominance over you and the situation.

So whether you are this queen or a third person, it is a clear indication of an obstacle, that there is a stone in the way. If it is someone else, you must find a way to neutralize it or reduce its strong impact, and if it is you, the card asks you not to “shoot yourself in the foot” in your eagerness to attack things.

Something that will happen if you allow yourself to be carried away by emotions at this moment. Calm down and call on your full intellectual potential, which is a lot.

Queen of Swords (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

This card in some cases can mean a third person, a woman, fully involved in your love relationship. It is not a clear indication of infidelity, which may exist, but rather it refers to a presence that complicates everything, like those typical situations where a mother or a mother-in-law really makes things difficult.

Regarding the relationship, you have adopted a cold and distant position. You are closed to the other, you are inflexible and you are almost emotionless, which prevents you from having compassion. It could also mean that you have been tied to the emotional memory of what the relationship was and are unable to see the reality and the present of it. You are anchored to a past that perhaps no longer exists. You must listen to the other.

If you are alone, the arrival of love can be delayed and you may be easily fooled now by people who are not what they seem. Your emotional need makes you fragile and you want to really believe in what is seen or offered, but you must look with a certain objective rigor.

It can also happen that others reject you because they see you cold and unapproachable. Try to loosen up a bit, the bad times of the past are not necessarily going to be repeated.

Queen of Swords (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The queen indicates that a very dominant, rigid and inflexible woman may be complicating things for you. Facing it with sheer emotional reaction is useless. You must fight this battle using cold logic and implacable reason, since with the unquestionable certainty of the facts, she must yield.

You are now facing a time where problems with communication are frequent, nobody seems to understand each other or reach agreements. It is important that you try to maintain a rational posture and do not get carried away by impulses. This is not the time to raise deep issues, ask for salary increases or transfers. Stay in your center and wait for the clouds to dissipate.

If you are looking for a job, try to be clear about what you offer as well as what you want. This can be a confusing time of cross-reporting. There may be job disputes with other people who are in the same situation as you.

Queen of Swords (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The queen of spades when invested indicates that communication or information errors can occur that result in detrimental situations for your money or your investments of any kind.

Even errors that have to do with computer systems or a mistake by a financial institution that ends up harming you, therefore you must be very careful, without rushing anything and thoroughly analyzing each step to take. It is time to wait and not take risks.

It is likely that there will be discussions and misunderstandings with partners or relatives, even arguments within the family for reasons that have to do with money and the family economy.

Queen of Swords (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The inverted queen of spades marks that you must be alert to remember to take any medication that you are using to restore or maintain your health, since you may have a tendency to be unconcerned and not pay the proper attention that your health requires.

If you are doing treatments of any kind, do not hide information from your doctor, any data, no matter how minor, is important.
There may be cross or contradictory information, for example that you are mistakenly diagnosed by mistaking yourself for another patient, or that an analysis gives you a certain result that is actually wrong, therefore be very careful with the information you receive.

There may be discussions and differences about the treatments to follow.
Keep calm to limit stress, it is time for discussions and discomfort in communication. Breathe

Queen of Swords (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The reversed Queen of Swords can indicate that a strong woman can really enrich your spiritual life now, however she can do so in a way that is difficult to deal with or in a negative way.

Sometimes people teach us by showing us how we do not want to be, pointing out our most negative things and of course nobody likes to discover that, although later all that information will serve to change and improve.

It is possible that you are in a stage of much doubt and discussion of spiritual ideas, nothing seems to settle you, you distrust everything and everything ends in a rethinking. It is very questioning things, but try not to take the world ahead or offend others.

In Conclusion:

Astrological equivalents: Mars, Saturn, Mars in Capricorn, Houses of the Eighth, Tenth and Twelfth.
Most often he shows the same purposeful personality as the direct one, but it only acts against you. Sometimes, this is a person whose love for you, for one reason or another, has turned into hatred.

Or is this a person incapable of constructive action, in addition, the most important attribute of the inverted QUEEN OF SWORDS is the deprivation of something: this is a person who acts not from excess, but driven by a lack, lack of what he needs.

The card shows that your action was started without a clear idea of ​​the goal, a waste of energy, or informs you of a situation where a person does not know where to put the money; senseless daring, unjustified risk.

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