Two of Cups Reversed Meaning

Reversed two of Cups can be an indicator of breakup. It also suggests discordant relationships. This can be business partnerships or relationships. In either case, Reversed Two of Cups suggest discomfort between the two partners. 

There may be miscommunication and misunderstandings. There may be lack of respect for each other. The relation will be unequal.

When you receive a “Reversed Two Of Cups” that it will mean impending break in friendships. There will be increasing negativity between the two friends which will damage the relationship further. They will start noticing each other’s shortcomings, which they earlier did not take cognizance of.

The Two Of Cups card is reversed then it is a sign that you might be in a clingy relationship or might attract some wrong kind of relationship. It might also happen that you might end up harming yourself. It will be indicated that someone you are dating may disappear or give you a cold shoulder. Sometimes it might happen that your engagement is broken, or you are separating from your partner.

To handle this situation, it is necessary to clearly communicate with each other. This will be the key to saving the relationship or partnership. Both people involved should understand, accept and implement this. Only then the situation can improve.