Two of Cups Reversed Meaning

Two of Cups (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Two of Cups Reversed

Two of Cups (Reversed) – General meaning

The reversed two of cups is a card that brings a strong impact from the past.

Because in the past you have suffered problems in relationships due to trust, equality or respect, it is very possible that now you find yourself with a lot of distrust and resisting to form new relationships, mainly love ones but also commercial unions, partnerships and even friendships.

What suffered in the past has become an introverted, suspicious person, who seeks to be protected and feel safe at all times, so that you are very reluctant to show your interior, express your feelings and share them with others, which certainly generates difficulties relationship and a state of discomfort for everyone.

Just as in the position to the right, the two of the glass indicated a wedding or a union, when the card is reversed it can indicate something that is broken, a relationship that ends or at least that in that relationship there is no equality or harmony, trust has disappeared , and they are no longer “one”, but now each one is each one.

There may be dishonesty and dialogue and communication are very hampered or have disappeared. There is no understanding and in the worst case, respect has been completely lost.

In another aspect, the two of cups may indicate that the relationship is more physical and sexual than emotional. This is certainly not a bad thing, but there may not be much to build forward.

Everything is focused on the burning passion that can be excellent, but there do not seem to be future plans beyond this physical satisfaction of the present, therefore the card can indicate passionate relationships of short duration, fleeting encounters, “touch and go”, with much fun and sensuality but without emotions and purest feelings that maintain relationships over time.

Two of Cups (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

In the realm of love, as we have seen, there is a great disunity now. Each one is on their own, following their own path, no longer attending to and wanting to be with each other, but focused on their own issues and needs.

It could mean that the good intentions of the beginning were soon frustrated and little and nothing has remained of all that. At worst it can indicate dishonesty, disrespect, cold indifference, self-absorption and a high emotional fence that no one can penetrate.

The positive part of The Two of Cups if it appears inverted, is that it points out that unpleasant things that have happened in the past must be overcome and forgiven in order to move forward and if you achieve this, or your partner does, the relationship continues to have good chances to develop.

Two of Cups (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

In the workplace, it can indicate that what you do you do not like too much or now you like much less than before.

Human relationships within the job are surrounded by a halo of mistrust, possibly there are intrigues and gossip, and in general you have a feeling of discomfort in everything that is relating to others or the way others relate to you.

The positive thing about this card is that it can indicate that this is something temporary since with the two of cups we cannot have a vision of the duration in time. It is very likely that these sensations that you have or live, then disappear.

Two of Cups (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

In money and finances, the two of cups does not show terrible financial problems but there is a certain imbalance in expenses, or between the effort that one makes in a job and the profit that is received in return.

If it is a partnership, it can show that one of the parties is not being completely honest, as well as that you or any of the others are locked in and do not give their opinions and points of view.

It is of course not a good card to start or start a company, nor for investments or business expansions. However, this situation may be temporary and temporary.

It is a soft card in its omens, therefore it does not show that a partner is blatantly lying to you, but that there may be some strange or dishonest situations based mainly on the lack of communication, and that can already be overcome for the common good.

Two of Cups (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

Regarding health, clearly the two-cup points to the emotional. You may be resistant to letting yourself help or asking for help, as your trust in others is severely impaired, and it can clearly be difficult for you to ask for or accept help.

If you are treating a disease or illness, you may want to ask for a second or third opinion.

Two of Cups (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

On the spiritual level, it is very important that you focus now in a positive attitude. You are in a moment of introspection but you need to find positive elements to hold on to in order to get out of the state you are in.

You must now rediscover the meaning between your energies and the universal forces involved, re-align yourself in things that restore your confidence, both in yourself and in others. And it is a job only yours since nobody will do it for you.

In Conclusion:

Reversed two of Cups can be an indicator of breakup. It also suggests discordant relationships. This can be business partnerships or relationships. In either case, Reversed Two of Cups suggest discomfort between the two partners. 

There may be miscommunication and misunderstandings. There may be lack of respect for each other. The relation will be unequal.

When you receive a “Reversed Two Of Cups” that it will mean impending break in friendships. There will be increasing negativity between the two friends which will damage the relationship further. They will start noticing each other’s shortcomings, which they earlier did not take cognizance of.

The Two Of Cups card is reversed then it is a sign that you might be in a clingy relationship or might attract some wrong kind of relationship. It might also happen that you might end up harming yourself. It will be indicated that someone you are dating may disappear or give you a cold shoulder. Sometimes it might happen that your engagement is broken, or you are separating from your partner.

To handle this situation, it is necessary to clearly communicate with each other. This will be the key to saving the relationship or partnership. Both people involved should understand, accept and implement this. Only then the situation can improve.

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