Six of Wands Reversed Meaning

In the inverted position, the card means pride, snobbery. A person learns something, gets some life lesson, and then runs around and screams about it at all crossroads, inflating his significance and cramming himself into a guru. Along with this, the reluctance to understand that one life lesson opens the way to an endless chain of subsequent ones. Endless procrastination, waiting, fear, reassessment of one’s own strengths and capabilities (or underestimation of the same), “fraud”, unearned income. In addition, the SIX OF STAFFs symbolizes expectation, hope. This card in an inverted state again symbolizes Virgo, thus showing Venus, relevant for this sign and giving situations such as going on a visit, leisure, entertainment, pleasant pastime, communication. The card can also symbolize a light love affair, a spa romance.