Seven of Swords Reversed Meaning

In an inverted position, the card appeals more to the environment: advice, directions, ideas, comments, corrections, that is, an adjustment.
At the same time, the inverted SEVEN OF SWORDS can also indicate a lack of energy to achieve the plan (Libra), as well as non-recognition by others (Aquarius). In addition, this card means disarmament (including psychological disarmament — to be weak, helpless), incompleteness. For example, a person, having barely reached a certain point, instead of moving on, frightened by trials and abandoning an already close goal, runs away.

Another aspect of the inverted SEVEN OF SWORDS is the ability to act covertly (the person in the picture can be a thief secretly taking away other people’s weapons); the ability to evade danger, not to conflict openly with the enemy, to act by cunning. A map can also indicate something hidden in a person, unconscious, suppressed.