King of Swords Reversed Meaning

King of Swords (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

King of Swords (Reversed) Keywords:

  • cruelty,
  • stubbornness,
  • inhumanity,
  • treachery,
  • evil intent.

King of Swords (Reversed) General meaning

As in all the cards of the court when they are reversed, this king shows his most negative side here , whether he describes you and your attitudes, as if he refers to a third person.

This card indicates a negative use, of the intellectual power that this king has, of his mind that is undoubtedly intelligent but that seems to have suppressed his emotions to the extreme.

Here, their ideas are imposed but it is no longer through impeccable logic and fair and balanced reasoning, but through manipulation and strategies planned only to satisfy their own needs that speak of someone selfish.

He is a “skilled make-up artist” of situations, managing his knowledge that is profound in order to persuade others and convince them of his point of view and position.

He is undoubtedly someone intelligent (remember that the card is describing you or someone else) but he abuses his knowledge and experience trying to silence and impress others.

It is usually like this, someone very eloquent who has an energetic tone that borders on aggressive, is cutting, with undeniable features of arrogance and arrogance. I am right and you are wrong seems to be his motto continuously. You like to dwell on topics that others do not know in order to impress.

She can also be a very violent and aggressive person , especially if she is contradicted, she tries to argue with her.

If you are this king, without a doubt you are not on the right track , since very soon everyone will try to get away from you, or those who are under your rule, will do so purely out of fear or because they have no other way out.

This king is very complicated in his personality and he tends to disguise his aggressiveness and selfishness behind a thick veneer of knowledge and personal charm. We do not say that he is a psychopath, but there are certainly points of contact, since they are usually very socially charming, captivating people with their subtleties, a sharp wit, intelligence and extensive knowledge of topics …

But deep down, behind the mask, he is just someone selfish who will do anything to satisfy his own needs, without having any empathy for feelings or consequences for others.

If this king is someone else , you should take good care of someone like that, since it is most likely that you will come out with emotional wounds, when not, in certain circumstances, including physical ones. He will not mind passing over others, nor will he have compassion, they are such to achieve the goal he has proposed

The darkest point is undoubtedly the aggression that the spade cards contain when they are reversed. You can be in the presence of someone really aggressive who can hurt you, who has frequent outbursts of anger, especially when challenged, answered or objected, when they feel that their authority is undervalued.

Surely you or anyone else want to be in the company of a person of these characteristics and it is likely that you will end up putting distance with them. Perhaps it is the best thing you can do, because the only way but to submit to their manipulations with all the damage that this can mean for your life.

If you are the one who is acting in this tyrannical way, you should immediately reconsider your attitudes and try to change as soon as possible as people will turn away from you.

In another aspect , the reversed king of spades can show you that you are in a very complicated point since you do not know well where you are standing, what decisions to make or what to do, you have no direction in your life nor do you know towards where you are going. You are in a permanent dilemma, trying to make a decision that you never get to.

It is vital that you use all the rationality, objectivity and logic of which you are capable, that you are and a lot, to reach that decision, it is the starting point from which to move and act. Take the first step, and then the path will be revealed, but at least you must start the movement.

The card indicates that you lack mental clarity and calm to be able to act in the situation that worries you. You scatter all the time and it is likely that you are beginning to feel afraid of not being able to solve the problem, this also puts you in a state of anger and aggressiveness that you discharge against you, but mainly against those around you.

You feel a growing insecurity that you have never felt before, you feel frankly lost, but this is not because there are no exits, but because you cannot focus properly. All the logic and rationality that the swords carry are lacking now and this only lengthens the problem, so that you find yourself in a state of permanent worry, in a constant bad mood, without even peace to sleep well, with insomnia and a stress that is becoming a heavy burden.

Once again, stick with the reason that you can show off, because the exit is there. It is possible that you are not a very open person or predisposed to new approaches, advice and new ways of doing things, it is difficult for you to open yourself to any type of change, but if you want to get out of the quagmire and confusion you are in, you must reasonable and do everything possible not to persist in your behavior or your mistakes.

King of Swords (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The reversed king of spades points to a picture that can be tricky. You or your partner are in an uncompromising, possibly aggressive position in an environment where there are arguments and fights and do not seem to want to change their positions, make concessions or give in. This must be corrected immediately if you want to get ahead, which is still possible.

If this situation reaches dangerous extremes, where there is aggression and physical violence, it is best to take the necessary measures, such as moving away or asking for specialized help.
These are complicated times for the couple, there is no understanding and it is very possible that one is manipulating the other in different ways.

If you are alone, it is possible that a man of the tough and tough type appears in your life, who behind a mask of kindness only has a complicated character or wants to have only to satisfy his egoism.

be careful and run away if you see that things go beyond a limit. These are not good times to meet someone, the good ones are missing and you only seem to attract the bad ones, I’m afraid. Wait until luck changes.

King of Swords (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The reversed king of spades, something similar to the love plane may be happening, where there is no understanding and there may even be discussions and misunderstandings. It is possible that you are under the orders of someone violent and tyrannical who does not want to listen to reasons.

Bad times to ask for increased salaries or licenses. You must take care to do your best part and if things get out of hand, it may be time to find another job.

On the other hand, the aggressive person can be you and you are not willing to collaborate and do your homework as requested, you respond in a bad way and your relationship with others is problematic. You have to get down a bit and put things in perspective.

If you are looking for work, be very careful to fall into the hands, in your need, of an aggressive person who will manipulate you without regard to achieve his own interests.

You may do a lot of work, you may never settle for it, and you may not see the money. Escape from men who are very rude in their manners or treatment or who exaggerate their cordiality, sympathy and promise a lot.

King of Swords (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

This king like any reversed court card, signals difficult times, especially because you do not know what to do or what decisions to make. You have lost your compass of reason and are carried away by unrealistic daydreams.

It is very important to put yourself in the center and have a method for your money, your expenses and your bills. The more detail you put in, the better things will go.
It is not an extremely negative card that announces ruin or poverty, but since you are without a clear direction, you can easily mistake your actions and worsen your financial condition. Take care of expenses to the extreme.

A man of strong character may cheat you or not pay you money and rather than continue with your claim, it is preferable that you ask others for help, rather than continue confronting.

There may be work or family discussions about money and perhaps you, your partner or your business partner, is infatuated with spending money badly and do not seem to see reason. Each seeks to satisfy their own need without addressing the big picture.

King of Swords (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

It would be convenient, according to the inverted king of spades, that you begin to lower the levels of aggression and stress right now.

You can do something in the situation that worries you and that is to try to be calm, to appeal to reason, and you may also be able to do little since it is not in your power, and that is generating that anger and rage that has a direct impact on your physical health.

It is possible that if you treat an illness or disease, you are very little open to listening to what doctors have to say and to follow their instructions and treatments.
It could also be that those who care for you do not listen to you, have their focus closed and do not move from there, so perhaps you would do well to seek other specialists who give you due attention.

However, it is not a card of physical diseases itself, but a spiritual and psychological discomfort that ends up generating perhaps a physical symptom. Reduce stress, this is the key that opens to well-being.

King of Swords (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

You are closed to new ideas or concepts and at the same time you may need to think critically and logically about some spiritual information that is brought to you now. A spiritual leader of some sort is likely twisting something for the benefit of their organization (likely male, or a woman with very masculine energy)

Once again, trust your sense of logic and deep reasoning skills. If something doesn’t resonate with you, then it doesn’t resonate; it doesn’t matter who says it or why.
As you live in a time of anger and aggression, spirituality seems to have no care, and without a doubt you are wrong to put it aside.

Meditating can significantly lower stress and anger. Try it, because there is the way to calm down and refocus, and reconnect with yourself and your best version of yourself, which you know perfectly well that you have it.

In Conclusion:

If in the upright position, the KING OF SWORDS showed us an energetic and prudent person, clearly aware of his own capabilities, then in an inverted position, the KING OF SWORDS is either completely deprived of this quality, or, conversely, is overly cautious and fearful. In the first case, we have a reckless grunt (“what to think, you need to jump”), in the second: “What if there will be something for me?”

But in any position, the KING OF SWORDS indicates a very passionate person. However, this quality is common to all “sword-bearing” court cards.

time to act has not yet arrived, since there is no concrete statement of the problem. Everything is very global and vague.

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