Nine of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Nine of Pentacles in reversed Position shows “Loss of energy”. Somewhere there is a leak of resources, in some area of ​​life you make mistakes. Perhaps you are too involved in the situation, not realizing that your influence is already over. It is always “yellow tails”, a rebellion from the ashes of the ego striving for power. You wanted more than the universe gives you, you are dissatisfied with the means that are allocated to you. This is a degradation that entails a loss of strength and opportunity.

Keywords for Nine of Pentacles in Reversed Position

Losses and deprivations. Loss in any situation. Stupid deeds. Vain hopes. Treachery, betrayal, collapse of plans. Danger Painful waiting. Fraud. Disruption of plans  , theft, betrayal, loneliness, anxiety. Cheating, empty plans, bad omen.

Nine of Pentacles Symbolism

In Waite’s classic deck, this card depicts a lonely woman standing in a neat garden. It is surrounded by wealth and luxury. Nine pentacles giving the card its name grow on the grapes surrounding the woman. It is easy to notice that the new crop will further strengthen its financial situation. In winter, she will have wine and fruit. The woman has a trained falcon, she handles the bird with its characteristic grace and lightness. Waite called this card Material Income.

Meaning of Nine of Pentacles in Reversed or Inverted Position

In an inverted position, NINE PENTACLES indicates a threat to security, a danger, a loss of faith, a possible loss of meaningful friendships or something that you value; a woman may mean a miscarriage or abortion.

The latter should be quite strongly supported both in the alignment and in the horoscope, as well as infertility (both physical and creative). The inverted NINE PENTACLE can also indicate the following: You have invested money in something, energy and are waiting for the result, but all of it is not and is not – a painful expectation.

However, through NINE PENTACLES a low Sagittarius can be recouped. This is a fraud, a lie, inconsistency in relationships, delusions, especially delusions related to teaching (the situation of a black teacher, which leads you to the light, and leads to the abyss). Fraud, empty promises, futile expectations, frustrated plans.
NINE PENTACLES is well symbolized by the paradoxical assertion: “Comprehend sin and surrender to it.” Some see in the situation set by this card, overcoming of sin, others – an attempt to justify sin by this.

Impact of Nine of Pentacles on Various Aspects of your Life:

Broken life, family problems, loss of income sources, financial dependence on other people (possibly rich relatives. Selling body and soul, pornography and prostitution.

Betrayal in friendship and marriage, or cold calculation. Loneliness, health problems. Map may indicate theft of property.

Work and Career:

In the inverted position, the card reports restrictions. Painful waiting. By working and investing thoughtfully, you will achieve good goals.


There will be problems related to finances.


In an inverted position, the card can represent a person who wants to lose some of their independence and enter into a relationship.


In an inverted position, it shows a person who has no purpose and does not know how to concentrate.


In an inverted position, warns that a struggle is expected in creative enterprises or that the beginning will be difficult.


In an inverted position, the card indicates a modest life and the ability to find pleasure in ordinary objects.

About your Pets:

Upside down may indicate a concern for the health or loss of the pet.


In an upside down position, it means that a person is upset that he does not have time to devote attention to himself.

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