Nine of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Losses and deprivations. 
  • Loss in any situation. 
  • Stupid deeds. 
  • Vain hopes. 
  • Treachery, betrayal,
  • collapse of plans. 
  • Danger Painful waiting. 
  • Fraud. 
  • theft,
  • loneliness,
  • anxiety.
  • Cheating,
  • empty plans,
  • bad omen.

Nine of (Reversed) Symbolism

In Waite’s classic deck, this card depicts a lonely woman standing in a neat garden. It is surrounded by wealth and luxury. Nine pentacles giving the card its name grow on the grapes surrounding the woman. It is easy to notice that the new crop will further strengthen its financial situation. In winter, she will have wine and fruit. The woman has a trained falcon, she handles the bird with its characteristic grace and lightness. Waite called this card Material Income.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) General meaning

Nine of Pentacles in reversed Position shows “Loss of energy”. Somewhere there is a leak of resources, in some area of ​​life you make mistakes. Perhaps you are too involved in the situation, not realizing that your influence is already over. It is always “yellow tails”, a rebellion from the ashes of the ego striving for power. You wanted more than the universe gives you, you are dissatisfied with the means that are allocated to you. This is a degradation that entails a loss of strength and opportunity.

When this card appears inverted, it can indicate that you are going through unstable moments in your financial life mainly, since the suit of golds responds first to material questions.

It is possible that these difficulties are the product of you not making the correct decisions or even a certain foolish attitude that you have had has put you in this position, and there is nothing left to learn from the mistake to correct and get it right next time.

It also points out that to the detriment of your personal, partner, family or social life, you have put too much interest and time in your activity or your work , leaving the rest of the things that make up your life in the background.

Long hours of work and activity have taken away your relationship with the rest and there may be some important consequences or inconveniences as a result. If, in addition, this investment of time has not borne the fruits you expected, you carry with it a certain anger and frustration that does not help in your relationship with others.

Perhaps it is time to go ashore and reconnect with natural environments that calm and reassure you, such as spending a couple of days of rest in a forest or beach, a walk in the mountains and even a picnic day so you can regenerate your energy and gain new strength.

But beyond these palpable consequences, it is important when the inverted nine of diamonds comes out that you make yourself serious about where your desire for mainly material achievements and conquests is leading you.

Money is undoubtedly important in today’s life and without a certain financial peace of mind life becomes complicated, but you should not worry or go crazy pursuing a certain level of income, a social position, especially if this charges you on the other hand causing a strong loss. in other aspects of your life, such as family, life as a couple or relationships in general.

Perhaps you feel or believe that all you need is in money or position, when this is an accessory, important of course, but it should never be more relevant than the affections or the intangible of existence.

What truly completes life are affections, because it is difficult for a millionaire to be happy sitting alone on his pile of money.

You must review this question and put your priorities in order, therefore evaluate how you handle your dependency and material need. This is the main message in the reversed nine of Pentacles.

But on the other hand, there is a contrary reading , important too, since this card may indicate that you long for a good time, a good economy, a nice house, a beautiful car, but you wonder if you are worthy and deserving of those material benefits.

Something in you wants it but feels you do not deserve it, which shows that your self-esteem is very low, that you feel that you are not deserving of such joys and that for that reason, you boycott yourself all the time. You start things, you are on the right track and when it seems that you are going to achieve it, you give it up or complicate it in one way or another.

This situation may respond to the fact that you do not value yourself enough, but on the other hand, you are bothered by frivolity and that others may have an opinion. You want material achievements, you are interested in good money, but you fear having a negative opinion on the part of others, that they will call you frivolous or materialistic, when you feel that you are not really like that.

You also do not want to feel the envy or displeasure of others, so you have a reluctance to succeed, achieve certain well-being or have some kind of luxury in your life.

In this way, the card tells you that you should work on this. On the one hand, valuing and loving yourself more, feeling that you deserve the gifts and that the opinion of others does not count at the end of the day, since you can never be in favor with everyone, not everyone will approve, support or agree I agree with you.

And in the third instance , the inverted nine of diamonds can indicate that you are not working hard to achieve what you want, you want it now, out of nowhere, as a gift, without investing the time or effort that is needed.

You must discipline yourself and stay away from fun, pleasure and easy methods, as you run the risk of senseless hedonism, which will provide you with short but momentary pleasures, with no future views.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The inverted nine of diamonds may indicate that the emotional is not among your priorities now, since you are very busy in more material matters. However, if you are in a relationship, this can be making things very difficult.

You need to spend more time with the couple, and consider that perhaps it is because of this that they are having problems. You need to pay more attention to the relationship and not take things for granted, love and a partner do not just “happen”, you have to work and attitude and action is essential.

If you are alone , it may not be the best time for love to appear, since you are with other more urgent matters. A new love will not be able to complete you if you are not complete in yourself, so you must be well in the first place to receive and give love in a new relationship.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The inverted nine of diamonds asks you to find a method of doing things and have strict discipline. Instant successes rarely happen, and if you do a good, methodical and consistent job, with your effort you will achieve the achievements you long for. This is not the time to relax or loosen up now.

Tempting easy-win opportunities may appear, perhaps promised promotions or raises that will dazzle you with their brilliance, but they are not real, so you must be careful not to leave a job for another that seems like the panacea and will lead you to a hard time. hit against the wall.

If you are looking for work , the message is similar: Avoid easy earnings and those jobs that seem to generate gold without making any effort, you will not get anything there. Maintain a search method, present your cards and background and the results will come.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The reversed nine of diamonds indicates that you are expecting easy money. You want it to fall from the sky, for luck to hit you with good fortune, and although this sometimes happens, most of the time personal effort and dedication is the fundamental basis for generating money.

It is not a good time to invest and risk, you must take care of your money and your savings, since you cannot afford luxuries now. The good winds will blow again for you, because everything is a cycle in life, but for now, work harder and be conservative with money.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The inverted nine of diamonds shows the same general tone: You want fast results, like losing weight without exercising or reducing what you eat. You must draw up a plan and stick to it, discipline yourself, it is the only way to achieve success for now.

It is a time of bad humor and frustration for you, so you are surely in great fatigue and psychosomatic pain. You should get some exercise and relax as much as you can, get plenty of rest, and balance your meals.

General health is good, there are no serious things, but stress can lead to severe ailments, keep that in mind.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The inverted nine of diamonds marks that you are far removed from the spirit world now. Your mind and reason are set on other more palpable things but you can’t feel good in any way.

It is important, despite the problems, to cultivate and maintain positive thinking, try to relax, meditate for a few moments during the day, do yoga exercises, spiritual readings and even talks that lift your spirit in general. You have a great capacity for inner life, you must return to that source to find peace and quiet.

Keywords for Nine of Pentacles in Reversed Position

Losses and deprivations. Loss in any situation. Stupid deeds. Vain hopes. Treachery, betrayal, collapse of plans. Danger Painful waiting. Fraud. Disruption of plans  , theft, betrayal, loneliness, anxiety. Cheating, empty plans, bad omen.

Meaning of Nine of Pentacles in (Reversed) or Inverted Position

In an inverted position, NINE PENTACLES indicates a threat to security, a danger, a loss of faith, a possible loss of meaningful friendships or something that you value; a woman may mean a miscarriage or abortion.

The latter should be quite strongly supported both in the alignment and in the horoscope, as well as infertility (both physical and creative). The inverted NINE PENTACLE can also indicate the following: You have invested money in something, energy and are waiting for the result, but all of it is not and is not – a painful expectation.

However, through NINE PENTACLES a low Sagittarius can be recouped. This is a fraud, a lie, inconsistency in relationships, delusions, especially delusions related to teaching (the situation of a black teacher, which leads you to the light, and leads to the abyss). Fraud, empty promises, futile expectations, frustrated plans.
NINE PENTACLES is well symbolized by the paradoxical assertion: “Comprehend sin and surrender to it.” Some see in the situation set by this card, overcoming of sin, others – an attempt to justify sin by this.

Impact of Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) on Various Aspects of your Life:

Broken life, family problems, loss of income sources, financial dependence on other people (possibly rich relatives. Selling body and soul, pornography and prostitution.

Betrayal in friendship and marriage, or cold calculation. Loneliness, health problems. Map may indicate theft of property.

Work and Career:

In the inverted position, the card reports restrictions. Painful waiting. By working and investing thoughtfully, you will achieve good goals.


There will be problems related to finances.


In an inverted position, the card can represent a person who wants to lose some of their independence and enter into a relationship.


In an inverted position, it shows a person who has no purpose and does not know how to concentrate.


In an inverted position, warns that a struggle is expected in creative enterprises or that the beginning will be difficult.


In an inverted position, the card indicates a modest life and the ability to find pleasure in ordinary objects.

About your Pets:

Upside down may indicate a concern for the health or loss of the pet.


In an upside down position, it means that a person is upset that he does not have time to devote attention to himself.

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