King of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

King of Pentacles (Reversed)

love, money, profession, health, spirituality

King of Pentacles (Reversed) Keywords

  • vice,
  • weakness,
  • ugliness,
  • perversity,
  • venality; 
  • danger (risk).

King of Pentacles (Reversed) Meaning

Not a few cards in the deck present their best face when they are reversed , but this is certainly not the case for court figures. Both jacks, knights, queens and kings are negative in their characteristics when they appear inverted in a reading.

Here the king of coins can refer to you or to another very close person in your environment, and if the card tells us about you it will be a strong call for attention, since you may be feeling and showing an inordinate interest in the material in your lifetime.

Everything that is pleasure, reaching almost hedonism and an excessive vocation for everything that is money, good food even overflows with sexual life. All of that can be upbeat and fun and everyone likes to enjoy these things, but taken to the extreme it can cause you some problems.

The most negative part that this King marks us is that you can be someone capable of anything for money. You could easily skip your principles, fail in your ethics and your morals in order to get a result.

This also in relation to the social thing can lead you to be someone submissive and obsequious to others, especially if they are people that you admire for their position, since there is a large quota of snobbery related to this card: you admire and have on a pedestal to those people who have obtained material achievements and who make a show of them, like their houses, their trips, their cars or their wardrobes.

You could easily find yourself in a situation putting aside your principles to get the approval, encouragement or support of these people that you admire because deep down you want to be like them. This also makes you have a somewhat complicated sieve for the social, since you will leave aside people who you think are not within your circle, trying to rub shoulders with only those others who at least have the same as you or who have more .

As another negative facet , the inverted king of golds can indicate that you are a person addicted to work, you spend too much time in it, with excessive planning and not only this affects you but also the people around you, from whom you demand perhaps more than they can give, or what it is fair to give.

Likewise, The King of Golds can point out that you have become a stubborn person, very inaccessible and detailed, with whom it is difficult to have a dialogue or it is impossible to move from your position. your excess to detail can make you really exasperating, because you criticize everything and it is difficult for you to find something positive or something good in the action, attitude or task that others perform. Something always seems to be lacking in your opinion and your very high expectations.

Taken to another extreme, the king can also indicate that you are not at all addicted to work but that you are completely lazy and that all you seek and need is for others to take care of you.

This hard card points out a trait of great selfishness where you only care about your own, you can even get to use the others, handle them and condition them so that they provide you with what you need. This also means that you do not establish any emotional bond with people and that once you have obtained the benefit that you wanted, you leave them aside without any kind of consideration.

The rigidity with which you approach existence takes you to unhappy places where everything becomes a routine, a problem and a complaint. You need to vary your mental scheme and propose other possible paths, mainly combat the routine that is something you cling to because it gives you security, but a routine life ends up generating dull, circumspect or obsessive people.

This card has a strong relationship with commitment and in this case the lack of it . Here the lack of commitment is established in your life in all aspects: in work, in social, in friendships and of course in the life of a couple and in the family experience.

Your commitment seems to be with yourself and no one else and you do not establish emotional ties with others but purely material or objectives to be achieved. People seem to serve a certain purpose and not because they enrich your soul with their emotions and this is something that you should review very seriously.

In the case of someone who appears in your life in the future, for example meeting a future partner, whether man or woman, if you have asked about her and this card comes out, she will tell you that she can appear as someone charming, subtle, full of refinement, of good taste and perhaps of economic position, but certainly not everything is gold that glitters .

This initial fascination will later turn into an authoritarian person, generally very controlling and possessive whether it is a romantic partner, a business partner, a boss or an employee you have taken.

At some point the card may indicate that within a relationship of any kind, you have always sought to lean on the other, the other has been your source of inspiration, your solid response, but now for some reason this has changed.

Now you need to be the support of the other and for this you need to be in a position to provide that support, which as we are seeing in the description of the card is something that can cost you a lot, therefore there may be a lot of concern and instability in this kind of relationship in the next time. In a very negative situation, there may even be verbal or physical violence, mistreatment.

This inverted king of golds is a card that no one wants to receive , therefore if it appears in your reading, you must first relate if it is talking about you or someone else in your environment. But whatever it is, it strongly calls you to reflect on these procedures and attitudes so as not to harm others and not yourself, because nothing good can result in the end of doing so.

King of Pentacles (Reversed) : Love

Without a doubt it marks a lot of complication as we already saw. You can be a tyrannical person in your relationship and in your family, with attitudes that can even go as far as violence in order to impose what you consider your idea of ​​respect and power.

There is a question here related to commitment, which is where a relationship presents the greatest problem. Your attitude is uncommitted and this undoubtedly generates a lot of instability.
If the card refers to another person, then it will be that you cannot establish a commitment with whoever has these despotic attitudes in the relationship.

The card can also represent that the couple has problems for financial reasons. The discussions have become common currency, due to the financial problem. Money is part of our lives we cannot undermine its importance, but in no way can we allow it to set the course for us within an emotional relationship.

If you are alone and looking for love, the inverted king of coins can signal the appearance of someone who has many interesting characteristics but does not respond to your requirements in terms of money.

This you must analyze it very well and have an open mind about it, maybe money is not the paradise that you want but you can lose the opportunity to meet a great person if you only look at it. As we saw before, someone with a lot of charm can also appear, who later reveals a completely opposite identity. Be careful and don’t get easily dazzled.

King of Pentacles (Reversed) : Career

The reversed king of golds can signal that you are not achieving your goals by not moving from a rigid focus. You must be flexible and look for alternatives in your actions and in your way of thinking to obtain other results. If what you get is always negative, then it is a contradiction to always follow the same path.

The cardmay present a complicated workplace scenario regarding what you may have or it may be you, an overly strict boss, without hesitation, who demands more than his subordinates can give.

You set a goal and you do not listen to reasons or perhaps you are in a situation where your boss has these characteristics and the work has become an ordeal since it is impossible to deal with it and make it enter any reason.

The card can also signal the appearance in your work environment of a climber, who has no qualms about making others fall to achieve what he wants. He is someone extremely competitive who will use any method to achieve his goals and will not mind that heads roll.

If you are looking for a job, you must move out of your comfort zone, look for alternative routes, try other types of activities that come out of your knowledge.
The card can also point out that there are opportunities that you miss because they represent less money than you aspire to.

If you are out of work this is certainly a mistake. Take what generates some profit and a livelihood and then with some tranquility try new paths.

King of Pentacles (Reversed) : Money

The reversed king of coins tells us about a time of financial difficulty, mainly because your planning and your discipline is not correct at this time.

You are focused on a certain way of acting that is not working for you, but you maintain an attitude in which you do not want to move from the path that you have set for yourself, therefore it is time to reflect, to value the opinion of others and their experiences, to learn and correct the course.

There may also be some financial mistakes, because the temptation to earn easy money can make you make mistakes. Opportunities will appear but you should know that not all that glitters is gold and be lucid enough not to be dazzled by businesses that appear very promising, but will almost certainly fail.

It is not an extremely negative card for money but if you do not open your head, you can take a few hits. The attitude here is to understand that money is an energy, that it really comes and goes, that it has ups and downs and that everyone is subject to these mechanisms, therefore what happens will be transitory. You must keep an open mind and positive thinking.

King of Pentacles (Reversed) : Health

The inverted king of golds does not indicate great diseases or physical ailments, but it does indicate a very deep internal and spiritual discomfort, because all that violence and negative feelings that you accumulate inside you like a pressure cooker, must be channeled correctly so that you do not hatch.

You need to channel it through activities, sports, meditation, a good rest or even talking about your emotional issues with other people or with a therapist who attends and contains these states. You have the tendency to undermine and minimize what happens internally in you and this is a serious mistake, because we are emotional people and denying this will only bring problems.

On the other hand, the inverted king of coins can indicate that you punish yourself unnecessarily for your failures or because you do not reach certain goals that you have set for yourself, which leads you to a state of anger, depression and great anguish.

You must have a more benevolent look and understand that not everything depends on you, not everything is your fault, you are just one piece in a great gear in the operation of things.

King of Pentacles (Reversed) : Spirituality

The card warns you that you must pay attention to your interior, you have already spent too much time making your footing in the material world, in the pursuit of money, pleasures and objectives, thus damaging you surely a very rich spiritual world, a world that you have in a completely in the dark and hidden.

Financial security is important in a life but that is a part of life, the rest is made up of emotions, people, feelings and you must start to rescue that, start walking in that field because that is how you find the keys to that you feel good. It is time to open your mind and show your heart.

In Conclusion

We can say that in the inverted KING OF PENTACLES there is a mixed influence of the signs of Gemini and Capricorn. The combination of the latter in astrology is considered to be unstable, causing a strip of hair through which a person is forced to go on his life path, which also does not correspond to a small degree with the character of the KING OF PENTACLES.

The type of corrupt politician or businessman who uses dirty means to achieve his goals. The inverted KING OF PENTACLES is insidious, greedy, you can not believe him in anything. He has two languages. Sometimes, this card may indicate an evil old man who did not fall into insanity, but who directed all his life experience and mind to his selfish goals. With the inverted KING OF PENTACLES danger is always associated, walking along the edge. Moreover, either he himself is the source of the latter, or is forced to meet this because of his activities.

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