King of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

We can say that in the inverted KING OF PENTACLES there is a mixed influence of the signs of Gemini and Capricorn. The combination of the latter in astrology is considered to be unstable, causing a strip of hair through which a person is forced to go on his life path, which also does not correspond to a small degree with the character of the KING OF PENTACLES.

The type of corrupt politician or businessman who uses dirty means to achieve his goals. The inverted KING OF PENTACLES is insidious, greedy, you can not believe him in anything. He has two languages. Sometimes, this card may indicate an evil old man who did not fall into insanity, but who directed all his life experience and mind to his selfish goals. With the inverted KING OF PENTACLES danger is always associated, walking along the edge. Moreover, either he himself is the source of the latter, or is forced to meet this because of his activities.