Queen of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Queen of Pentacles (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Queen of Pentacles (Reversed) Keywords:

  •  evil,
  • suspicion,
  • suspense,
  • fear,
  • distrust.

Queen of Pentacles (Reversed) General meaning

When this card is reversed, it undoubtedly indicates that you may be or that you are really going to be very busy with work , to the point of feeling that it consumes all your time and resources.

Although this may be forced by circumstances and you have no choice but to take charge in that way, it may also be a mistake on your part and that you are spending too much time on your job, to achieve the material achievements that you need or want.

This you do, but to the detriment of your personal relationships , be it your partner, family life or the social environment in which you move, where this has and will have even more, a damaging impact.

If this is happening because you are constrained by circumstances and is presented as temporary, then it is okay to do so keeping in mind that you should reverse this attitude as soon as you can.

Your material concerns have a lot to do with the future , where you feel great insecurity as to what tomorrow is going to offer you and how you are going to be able to face it and resolve all the material things that existence demands.

You try to be financially independent, but since you are not succeeding, you worry excessively. Surely this situation has you with great concern, because you know that you have to try to balance all your material effort, work, your activity, with affections and family life, and not being successful presents you with a hard mental conflict.

It is clear that you cannot do everything at once at this time and you will have to prioritize certain things, make some decisions about what is more important than the other at a certain moment.

You may have to resolve this day by day, picking and choosing where you are going to focus your attention. Today it may be in the workplace but tomorrow it will be in the family and you must have the wisdom to make the right choice.

Sometimes this card can point out that the homely attitude of the queen of golds has become a bit excessive and you have become a lonely person who practically does not leave her house. Although you like to be surrounded by family, you have lost contact with the outside, you have withdrawn from the social and that somehow generates a spiritual discomfort.

You should try to fight this tendency to isolate yourself and find a way to keep in touch with your friends, with family, with people close to you because in the long run it will be of benefit to you.

Perhaps the most negative part of the inverted queen of golds   is that your tendency to be “the madrassa” can be a bit excessive and the rest can feel somewhat stifled by your constant presence and your too maternal attitudes.

Without a doubt, your intentions are good, they are logical, and you seek nothing more than the common good but you cannot be forcing everyone to do things your way. This card seems to indicate that you are one thing or the other: either you control and manage everything, or you end up doing everything yourself because others do not take proper charge.

Nor can you take care of everything . Others must learn to take responsibility and it is good that you could make them notice that. Against your tendency to manage and organize everything, the ideal in this case is to pause, take a step to the side and let others reflect and become aware of their responsibilities and obligations, whether this be within you, in your environment labor or in a commercial company.

Therefore: If you are becoming suffocating, loosen the pressure a bit, as well as if to obtain results you are taking charge of everything, you slow down a little so that others do what they should do.

As a card from the court, without a doubt, in addition to representing you, it can represent someone from your environment and can respond to these same characteristics that we have described: someone who may be becoming suffocating with the continuous presence, with claims, with impositions of “how they should be things ”, how they should be done, someone who does everything and leaves no room for you to experiment and do.

Undoubtedly, communication and dialogue is the best way to clarify this situation, since if they remain over time they can become very complex to keep relationships running smoothly.

Queen of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The card maintains the same tone, where you are with too much occupation, dedicating little time or little quality of time to your partner and this will undoubtedly undermine the relationship if it lasts over time.

If this card portrays your partner, it also does it in a negative way since it may be a person who has a hard time obtaining money and even if he does have it, he is very reluctant to share it.

It could well be a typical case of a greedy person. Whatever the case, this card asks you to focus again on the couple’s universe and on the emotional terrain. You are weighing too much on the material side and too little on the emotion side.

If you are alone and looking for love, the card warns you that it is necessary that you first love yourself in order to love another. You are not loving yourself because you are focusing on the material side of existence and you have stopped paying attention to your soul and in this way it will be difficult for you to find a partner. you must immediately correct this course.

Queen of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The inverted queen of golds indicates both in the present and in the future, that you are not enjoying work too much because it has become a burden, either out of obligation, because the amount of work is too much or because the circumstances of your life that force you to support constantly working to get results.

You must try to find valid reasons for this and above all try to enjoy what you do, find meaning in it. Here we are not talking about serious work problems, job loss or salary decreases, but rather about the amount of work and the commensurate enjoyment you get for what you do.

If you are looking for a job, the card may indicate that you are going to find a few options to take that will not be the ones you like the most, the jobs you love to do the most, there will be options but not the best at least for now.

Queen of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

It is not a bad card, it does not indicate ruin or economic hardship, but it does bring a warning that you may be with a great tendency to spend more than you have.

You like to surround yourself with material things, with pleasant things, you like a warm home and that everyone in the family is satisfied in material matters but this can lead you to spend more than you have, leading you to work more and more still to get it in a circle which is certainly not virtuous.

As a negative point you can point out that you can only express your love and your affected in a material way. You have love to give but you don’t know how to express it if not through tangible things. Keep this in mind because undoubtedly over the years and decades, people will remember the hug you gave them and not the object you gave them.

This is not a time for overspending or investing or taking risks in new businesses, you should play it safe and somehow keep up until better times come. It’s not a bad time financially, but one mistake can cause you severe harm.

Queen of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

When this queen seems inverted, it can indicate that you are taking care of others too much, taking care of every detail, covering all needs, without allowing yourself a second.

Again in the card here he asks you to love yourself, you also matter, therefore you must also be on that list of people to attend to, perhaps even at the head of it. Set aside small moments of the day for yourself.

This is not a negative card for health, it does not announce illnesses or serious things, but if you neglect yourself, you run the risk of suffering from any ailment or illness that will worsen over time because you do not pay proper attention at this time.

Queen of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The card guides you to adopt certain rituals in your day to day that make you feel good. These can be small but very significant, for example having a drink at a certain time, reading a book, watching a program that you like, spending a moment taking care of your flowers, watering the garden or cooking something that you love to do.

These little ritual moments are often what sustain an existence and you seem to have dispensed with them given the urges you are pursuing. Refocus on small ritual moments to regain a sense of the experience of life.

It would also be important that you spend a few moments in meditation and contemplation, perhaps writing a small “gratitude journal” where you count the gifts you have in life, since gratitude is an important engine to generate new things.

In Conclusion:

Reversed Queen of pentacles can depict a fraudster. The inverted QUEEN PENTACLE can mean a suspicious person, rather irresponsible, insidious, prone to intrigue. Trusting her is dangerous – it can fail.

Sometimes the QUEEN PENTACLE (inverted) symbolizes a person who is notorious, a type of hysteria (although this may be a male representative), panicky afraid of failures and therefore completely deprived of immediacy in their actions.

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