Nine of Wands Reversed Meaning

In an inverted position, the map indicates hardened thinking, narrow views, closed mind, loss of connection with reality; various obstacles, opponents; these are the problems that arise overnight, delays, everything that causes dissatisfaction, disappointment, hopelessness – the barriers that arise and must be overcome, dead periods, poor health.

The appearance of this card in the layout may indicate that in your life there is a very slippery area ahead. It is important to pass it without stumbling. The suit of SCEPTERS is the last in the staircase of suits and its symbol is gaining life experience.
It is known that the closer to the goal, the stronger the resistance, and darkness is thicker than anything before dawn. This fully applies to NINE SCEPTERS.

You are now very close to the last stage and it is important not to succumb to illusions. These are situations of the sign of Pisces, and especially the Twelfth House.