The Fool (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

The Fool (Reversed) Meaning

love, money, profession, health, spirituality

The Fool represents the number 0 in the tarot deck

The Fool , like all tarot cards, has a different meaning depending on whether it appears in the right or reversed position. the fool , as a quick guide, represents in Vertical : principles, innocence and spontaneity, a free spirit.

Reversed: It means naivety, folly, recklessness, taking excessive risks.

In KabbalisticIt is number 400, the letter TAU , the earth.
ElementsAssociated with fire, but also with the other 3 elements, since it is considered that in his bag he carries all of them
Numerologyit is number 22

The Fool (reversed) Keywords

a dangerous situation due to someone’s  stupidity;
Inability to make judgments. 
Inexperience, Gullibility. 
Unreasonable optimism. 
Inability to foresee the situation. 
Unexpected problems. 
Balancing on the edge of the abyss. 
Waste of energy. 
Excessive conformity. 
Lack of prospects. 
Bad decisions. 
Wandering in the clouds. 
Throwing words to the wind. 
Playing with fire. 

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    The Fool (Reversed): Meaning

    Naivete, foolishness, recklessness, risk-taking.
    When the Fool card appears reversed, it can show that there is a need for a fresh start, but that there are some doubts about making it happen.

    Although you have the need or there is awareness that you have to start something again, you have a great resistance to starting this process.

    This card also means that you are acting without thinking, literally “crazy”, without considering the consequences. You try to live the present, the moment, without planning for the future.

    In another aspect it could be indicative that they may be cheating on you and you play the fool because of your innocence and credulity.

    The Fool (Reversed) – Love

    When the Fool appears backwards in a question related to love, it may indicate that your desire for freedom and independence could very well be interfering with your love relationship.

    Lack of plans and firm commitment could jeopardize the relationship. There is reluctance to settle down, to marry or coexistence, to plan the arrival of the children.

    In another aspect, the couple accuses instability due to eccentric behaviors on your part, crazy ideas, perhaps bad influences that surround you with friends or family.

    The Fool (Reversed) : Career

    You currently have some inability to carry out your projects and to carry out daily work.

    You can have excellent ideas and plans for your work but you are in constant indecision to act, you do not know whether to put everything, you doubt your abilities and talents. It can also mean business trips that are canceled or take longer than expected.

    The Fool (Reversed) : Money

    As for the money, The Inverted Fool sounds warning bells. You must take good care of what you sign, read the fine print of the contracts so as not to pay high surprise costs later.

    The card indicates that things may not be as they appear on the surface. There may be deceptions and scams against you or even come from you. You must be attentive to the way you manage money since there are risks of losses due to bad investments.

    The Fool (Reversed) : Health

    The Inverted fool highlights the possibility that you will be somewhat prone to accidents in the near future, especially those related to sports activity or outdoor outings.

    If you have a medical condition, consider consulting other opinions or changing your doctor. Try to stay strong positive thinking.

    The Fool (Reversed) : Spirituality

    The inversion of this card may indicate that you are abandoning a belief system that you have had for a long time, for example a religion, because it no longer offers you the answers that you need. You need to explore new ideas and concepts along perhaps less traveled paths.

    It can also mean that at least for the moment, your spiritual journey is on a plateau, there is no progress, since you are possibly worried about more physical and earthly issues than in spiritual food, therefore this card urges you not to abandon your spirituality.

    The Fool: Symbolism

    The Fool carries the number 0 since it does not have a defined place. Zero is the limitless potential. Tarot cards represent with their major arcana a journey, in which The Fool is the beginning of it. This is the journey that we take through life.

    The sun in the figure represents the beginning of the journey . The cliff that he is about to descend is the material world. In the bag you have everything you need for this trip, but you still do not know all its contents. The little white dog is the guide, his mentor, who also encourages him to learn what his journey has in store for him.

    The white rose in his hand is the innocence with which he begins this adventure, it represents the purity with which we come into the world. The madman looks up, the divine spirit. The mountains that have been left behind is the place from which the madman has come, the territories of the spirit, to which he will try to return throughout his long journey.

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