Page of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Page of Pentacles Reversed: love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Page of Pentacles (Reversed) Keywords:

  • extravagance,
  • dissolute lifestyle,
  • liberalism,
  • luxury; 
  • Adverse News

Page of Pentacles (Reversed) General meaning

Just as the card tells us about achieving and materializing your dreams, when reversing it shows that you possibly have obstacles that are making it difficult to reach the goal and there are some important blocks on your way that delay your progress or even stop you.

This may be mainly due to the fact that you have not planned enough or your planning has been faulty, or in the worst case scenario, you have become tired or lazy and conformist, leaving your goal aside and losing your vision to future of your goals.

This does not mean that you have stopped dreaming, but you seem to have put aside the original dream and you spend your time dreaming new things, all different, over and over again, so in the end it seems that you do not pay enough attention to any of them.

Although the obstacles you face may be external, a great deal of responsibility falls on you, who now cannot look to the future and prefer to focus on immediate and short results, instant gratifications, “bread for today and hunger for tomorrow”, in Instead of reassessing all your goals, your behaviors and attitudes to carry them out.

While you have a growing sense of failure and tiredness because things don’t seem to be working out, by no means should you throw in the towel. It is time to honestly rethink your goals and also what are the real tools and skills you have to carry them out.

You must put your feet on the ground and leave the daydreams in vain, because you run the risk of being disappointed, whether your goals are work, commercial, money or emotional. Dreaming is always good and beautiful, but in this case your dreams must have a hint of reality to be possible and you will not be disappointed by the lack of results.

You have lost confidence in yourself and surely you doubt your abilities or talents to achieve things, but you must know that this is not real. -It is about a moment and a context, and focusing well, you will know how to get out of it.

You may need to take a little break to clear your mind and emotions right now. The immediate gratifications and short-range pleasures can serve as a palliative and distraction, but keep in mind that they do not become a kind of limbo because it will be difficult to get out of there. Reward yourself if you need to, but try to avoid complacency.

As difficult as the moment is, you should know that it will not be like this forever and that everything happens in this way, it is only a moment of storm that you can dispel if you decide to refocus and re-plan objectively towards the future.

All these characteristics of the reversed jack of golds can apply to you, but as a court figure, it can also refer to someone in your life at this time who has these negative characteristics.

Page of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The inverted Page of Pentacles tells you that you can be “with a happy eye” as the phrase says, that is, looking at several people, flirting a little perhaps, or “eager” as it is popularly said.

If you are in a relationship or with someone, even if it is not a full-fledged relationship, think about how you can handle this anxiety that will take over you, and think about the consequences that some dishonest behavior can have.

If you are alone, it is the arrival of someone with whom to live a passionate romance, perhaps short, since neither of you seems to be wanting to settle down or go towards something more formal. Well, relax and live it fully as far as the matter goes.

Page of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The inverted Page of Pentacles marks that you can have a time with an overload of work, where you feel exhausted and the work does not stop arriving and accumulating. If you don’t have a job, the meaning is the same, the burden in this case is to go out and look for it.

It will not be easy and you can quickly believe that you will not be able to obtain it. Fortunately this is temporary, everything will get better as the days go by, much better for you.

Page of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The inverted Page of Pentacles indicates that things will not be bad or problematic, the inconvenience may be that you want to risk more, to make expenses that you may not be able to face and especially this card indicates a certain temptation to spend in games of chance, for So be careful what you spend on lotteries, bingo games, slots … things can get out of control and you will lose much more than you can win.

Page of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The inverted Page of Pentacles indicates that your health will be fine, but you must be very careful with distractions because you can suffer accidents, it is a time when you will be with your head elsewhere, with a lot of distraction, therefore silly accidents or others more serious can occur.

You should also pay special attention to any excess, it is a card that indicates a certain tendency to get carried away by alcohol or other addictions, such as drugs or pills, which in addition to the problems that they entail can cause you the accidents referred to in the card.

Page of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The inverted Page of Pentacles indicates that you may feel very bored at this time. Think about how you can enjoy a new exploration. Try new things. Read books that you would never have read normally.

If boredom dominates you, be angry with yourself, not necessarily with other people. There are a billion interesting things in this life, your goal will be to find a couple of them.

In Conclusion:

The inverted page of pentacles symbolizes a person who is in the clouds, who does not want to reckon with obvious facts at times.
His thoughts jump in his head like squirrels. He is passionate about many at once. His attention jumps from one to another. An inverted page of Pentacles is easily infected with new ideas. Sometimes he is capable of illogical acts and it is difficult for him to express his thoughts. This is a man whose logic is lame. He is anarchist, does not tolerate the restrictions of freedom. The desire to embrace the immense in him is sometimes very pronounced. Often this card symbolizes just a vain person. Contacting him, you risk material losses. Sometimes an inverted PAINT OF PENTACLES brings unpleasant news.

During the development of the filial process, something went wrong. Therefore, the process has either been irreversibly broken, or the results obtained by you do not in any way meet your expectations.

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