Page of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

The inverted page of pentacles symbolizes a person who is in the clouds, who does not want to reckon with obvious facts at times.
His thoughts jump in his head like squirrels. He is passionate about many at once. His attention jumps from one to another. An inverted page of Pentacles is easily infected with new ideas. Sometimes he is capable of illogical acts and it is difficult for him to express his thoughts. This is a man whose logic is lame. He is anarchist, does not tolerate the restrictions of freedom. The desire to embrace the immense in him is sometimes very pronounced. Often this card symbolizes just a vain person. Contacting him, you risk material losses. Sometimes an inverted PAINT OF PENTACLES brings unpleasant news.

During the development of the filial process, something went wrong. Therefore, the process has either been irreversibly broken, or the results obtained by you do not in any way meet your expectations.