The Moon (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

The Moon is the major arcana that bears the number 18

The Moon is an almost dreamlike representation and its meaning is very precise as much as when it appears to the right as inverted in a reading. The Moon is the card of the unconscious and of everything that happens there.

Kabbalistic associates this card logically with the Moon, with the letter  Tzade  and the number  90 .

Esoterically it  is associated with the sign of  Pisces , the Water element   and the winter season .

In numerology it  represents the number  18  and 9 (18 = 1 + 8 = 9 ).

The Moon: Card Description

The Moon  is the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious.
The moon gives light as a reflection of the sun, but this light is dim, uncertain, and only dimly illuminates our path on our journey to higher consciousness.

The lagoon at the bottom of the card represents the subconscious mind and the crawling crayfish out of the water symbolizes the early stages of consciousness development.

This creature also represents the often haunting images that appear in our inner depths, as well as the dog and wolf at the beginning of the path, representing our duality of being domesticated and the wild aspects of our minds and spirit.

The path passes between the two stone towers and leads to the mountains in the distance, pointing the way to the unconscious.

The Moon (Reversed) – General meaning

This flip card has a very positive side, as well as a negative side. It represents the release of fear, the overcoming of sadness, the resolution of confusion.

All the confusion posed by the card to the right is now dissipating, the moon has been inverted and its dim light is giving way to dawn.

This is very good without a doubt, because it means that all the bad times, the anguish that you have gone through, is going to lift like a veil.

Everything that was hidden finally comes to light, you feel that a weight has been lifted, but this will undoubtedly have a cost.

As it is a card that has to do with deep, secret things, it is possible that what was finally hidden is already in view of all, which provides you relief as well as problems.

It is a moment of great intuition, of trusting what we feel and believe, your inner voice is now stronger than anything else and you would do well to follow and listen to it.
Discontent with your life or certain situations in your life that had you tied, is giving way to a liberating sensation, of very deep transformation.

Maybe it’s leaving that relationship that you feel has drowned you, changing jobs when it seemed impossible, encouraging you to confess a secret part of yourself, such as that you love someone who in theory you should not love, that you are homosexual or that you have given yourself Note that you cannot live in marriage and what your soul wants is to travel the world alone. They are of course only examples.

The cost of this liberation, of this final overcoming of fear can be high, but you already know that and are willing to follow your heart, your instinct and what your inner being dictates.

The Moon (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

In love, it can indicate problems due to strong insecurities, because there is confusion in feelings, because everything is dual and ambiguous. There may be breaks for these reasons.

If everything is fine in the couple, it can be just a period of confusion, but if you come with problems, they can get worse. If you are wanting to break up, this card will tell you that the breakup is a fact, and if you are alone, there will be some romances, sensuality, but nothing serious.

This card may indicate homosexuality in some cases, depending on other cards in the reading.

The Moon (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

At work, there are great chances of a job change, not so much because of the appearance of a better one but because you have encouraged yourself to do something else, to follow your vocation and because perhaps your current job has worn you out.

There is a lot of gossip, differences of opinion, arguments, clashes with superiors or with co-workers themselves. If the situation is like this, either you go to something else or to overcome the crisis, you adopt a neutral position, doing your job correctly, without getting into discussions with anyone. Be patient and be calm and self-controlled.

If you are waiting for work, the long wait is ending, although many confusing options may appear. Be careful not to be easily dazzled by misleading promises.

The Moon (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

Regarding money and finances, the card announces that you still have to be very careful, although the worst part is happening, you still have to be careful, try to save, avoid unnecessary expenses.

It is not yet time for investments and as in all the reading of the card, you must pay special attention not to be seduced by tempting promises that will be very unproductive, or that cause you more harm than good.

The Moon (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

In health, take special care of depression. This can be caused by major changes or transformation made or in progress. Discomforts can be due to stress at work, insecurity or conflict in the partner or family.

This is all temporary, but you should try to fight negative thoughts and not get depressed. The sun will finally rise, hold on to it.

The Moon (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

Although the general situation can be conflictive and confusing, spiritually for you it is a great moment. You have defined yourself in one or more aspects of your life, you have regained confidence in yourself, your intuition and your inner self.

This is something very positive and it is what will sustain you as the moon gives way to the sunlight. Continue delving into yourself, discovering yourself, reaffirming or revealing things from your deep interior.

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