Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

In the inverted position, TEN PENTACLES – unjustified risk, unsuccessful investments, possible losses, hope for luck, absent-mindedness, unfair play, lack of support.
In the metaphysical sense, changes are continuing, as it were, there is nothing solid, well-established, and there is no reliability. It is important to have patience (Saturn) and not to despair, hoping for the future.
PENTACLES – a suit of material. And TEN PENTACLES again brings us to the situation of choice, as was the case in TEN SWORDS. But there we were tested by force, and here we are tested by prosperity.

TEN PENTACLES can indicate material dependence, when well-being completely subordinates a person (a person does not leave with hateful work for a good salary).

The other extreme: the man is fed up with everything material, he has everything, but his soul does not lie to anything. He is eager for something more sublime, for the harmony of the body and feelings, but cannot overcome his earthliness. Somewhere deep down, a material temptation nests that a person has not overcome, but, however, is not aware of it.