Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Fate,
  • fatality,
  • loss,
  • theft,
  • risky games; 
  • sometimes a gift, a dowry,
  • a guesthouse.

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) General meaning

Just as this card speaks to the law of achievement and completion, of a consolidated family, of solid emotional commitments and financial stability, when reversing it indicates that there are significant obstacles in achieving part or all of this together.

The photograph of the happy family, abundant in the matter and the emotional is distorted, something does not fit, the union has been seriously weakened and the general progress not only yours, but the family environment is in a delicate situation.

Everything has weakened , progress and financial stability, feelings, family unity and cohesion, entrepreneurship and business, work, future plans.

It is common to see this card when a family or a marriage experiences serious financial difficulties, when the economic is the center of the scene, it is discussed for money or its lack.

I also usually see this card in divorces, where everything comes down to dividing and liquidating assets, or in situations of bankruptcy, companies that break down or businesses that close, where you have to divest and surely lose money.

It is undoubtedly a negative and worrying card , however, it does not mean that all is lost or that the whole tragedy has been presented before you.

Everything that happens or can happen in the future with this card may well be something momentary, the product of bad decisions and even bad luck, but since everything is cyclical in this life, the wheel that is now down will be at the most high, because it is an endless movement. The wheel may turn very slowly and each cycle may seem eternal, but moving moves and everything will change in due course.

As a suit of Pentacles, this ten places a lot of emphasis on the financial and material, it is there perhaps where you have the most serious consequences or the biggest problems, right now or in your near future. Difficulties seem and efforts seem to pay off.

There is a lack of resources, any investment, no matter how small, can be compromised. It’s a tough time financially and possibly the problem lies in a poor foundation on which the issue in question has been built.

Certainly money problems bring a lot of anguish and print arguments and frustrations to family life, so your mood and general state are surely not at their best.

The responsibilities and all the burdens you are in charge of harass you and seem to give you no respite, which brings health problems, insomnia, sadness, anguish and anger, you move between these emotions in a negative carousel from which you apparently cannot get out.

But there is also a different reading of this card : You may be fine in terms of your economy and life in general, but you feel empty and boring. It is the famous “rich children’s sadness”, where you have everything but still do not find pleasure or gratification in your life.

In this case, the ten of gold indicates that you must be aware, presently aware of the gifts and blessings that you have in your life, whether they are many or few.

Thus, this card does not announce problems or economic hardship , but these complications will come if you are not able to appreciate what you have and what surrounds you. This lack and misery is evidenced on an emotional, and not material, plane.

We rarely lack EVERYTHING. We may not have money, but we do have health, or little health but a lot of love, or be without love but with good money … there is always something that we have in abundance, even sometimes we have abundance in all of it together, the issue is if we really have it we appreciate, value and appreciate.

This card may well refer to someone who, if he has everything, no longer knows what he has or knows what he wants . You get bored easily, there are no motivations, there is no future, everything is more of the same, therefore it is a powerful wake-up call for you to reflect on the blessings that the universe has lavished on you.

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The inverted ten of diamonds can indicate, especially if you are in a new relationship, that you do not feel completely sure that the relationship has a future.

The economic aspect is important here, so you may see a good couple but that does not provide the financial guarantees for a minimally smooth future. This increases considerably also if you already have children.

In one way or another, the card indicates that you, your partner, or perhaps both, do not see a long-term future, there is no conviction necessary to fight for a long relationship.

In a long-term relationship , the card points out serious structural problems, mainly due to money and bonds, but there may be other underlying issues, such as a lot of boredom from routine, lack of emotion and passion, repetitive or absent sensuality. Everything can be resolved, however, if there is a true commitment to get out of the crisis and move forward.

If you are alone, it is possible that at this time you are not there for serious commitments, but looking for nothing more to have a good time, have fun for a while, take what the moment brides and nothing else. Don’t expect committed relationships for now, “Carpe diem” seems to be the sign of this moment in your life.

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The ten of coins invested can indicate drops in wages, cuts, decreases in categories or ranks and in its most dramatic plane, even the loss of employment, but it is usually money that is lost or not obtained, you ask for a raise and not they give it to you.

The card also suggests that you may be tempted to change jobs or leave your current one. It is a bad idea, basically because this idea is born from a whim and not from rational considerations. The terrain is very uncertain on the other front and you must stay where you are for the moment.

If you are looking for a job, things will take a little longer than expected. You must be especially careful not to be scammed or misled by proposals that look shiny as gold, because in reality they are not. Don’t let the glitters and promises dazzle you, as they are possibly false illusions. Beware of dishonest people.

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The inverted ten of coins does not indicate a catastrophic ruin or a situation of misery for your life, but it warns you to be very cautious. Things are likely to go wrong. Business that seems good does not work, investments that fall, money lost, late payments, money that you borrow and do not return.

There may be many ideas that seem very tempting, and opportunities for seemingly easy money to win, but they are actually bad decisions and you will most likely lose your money. Although life is risk and he who does not risk does not win, here you must be very careful.

Save, don’t spend, and above all don’t be tempted by colored mirrors. This is not the time to grow your business, expand and diversify, and it is not the time to start a new business from scratch. Wait for a more auspicious time, which will come in due course.

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The inverted ten of diamonds indicates that you surely have great stress and fatigue, mental and physical. You don’t get enough sleep and your worries don’t leave your head for a moment.

This affects your body, so it is likely that you mainly have digestive disorders but also panic attacks as a result of the anguish and even the depression that you may feel at this time in your life.

It is not a card that announces serious health problems, but you must take care of yourself and reduce nervousness. Balance meals, exercise, that will make you sleep better and with a good sleep, everything feels better.

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The inverted ten of gold marks that surely you have a great anger now: with you, with others, with the world, with the universe. Things don’t go your way and you feel like everything has left you, from family to God.

You must recover your inner peace, in the certainty and understanding that everything is a cycle, life is those continuous waves, good, bad, good, bad, that hit us all or elevate us. This will also happen because everything happens in this life!

Try to rediscover your spiritual source, your point of calm. Meditate, do yoga exercises if necessary, but you must return to your center, because once you balance the center, the rest will align with it.

In Conclusion:

In the inverted position, TEN PENTACLES – unjustified risk, unsuccessful investments, possible losses, hope for luck, absent-mindedness, unfair play, lack of support.
In the metaphysical sense, changes are continuing, as it were, there is nothing solid, well-established, and there is no reliability. It is important to have patience (Saturn) and not to despair, hoping for the future.
PENTACLES – a suit of material. And TEN PENTACLES again brings us to the situation of choice, as was the case in TEN SWORDS. But there we were tested by force, and here we are tested by prosperity.

TEN PENTACLES can indicate material dependence, when well-being completely subordinates a person (a person does not leave with hateful work for a good salary).

The other extreme: the man is fed up with everything material, he has everything, but his soul does not lie to anything. He is eager for something more sublime, for the harmony of the body and feelings, but cannot overcome his earthliness. Somewhere deep down, a material temptation nests that a person has not overcome, but, however, is not aware of it.

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