Five of Wands Reversed Meaning

In the inverted position, the card can mean injustice, a cold and hard mind, inability and unwillingness to benefit from life lessons; maximalism, the division of everything into black and white, regardless of the logic of events; viewing events out of their enclosing context.

In terms of social activity, this can also sound like fraud, contradiction, opposition, confusion of relations, ambiguity of social status, involvement in certain processes against your desire, excessive caution.

FIVE of Wands can also indicate an undercurrent of enmity, which can sometimes be disguised as a mask of increased courtesy.
Sometimes it also indicates that in the near future you are at risk of becoming a victim of intrigue. Saturn draws attention to career matters, attaches importance to them. Therefore, it is possible that the action of the FIVE will mainly unfold at your work.

As a symbol of the destruction of the comfort of the Quaternary scheme, the FIVE can mean the beginning of an unstable, asocial period, loss of work, various social guarantees, etc. This card may signal certain difficulties associated with your housing. FIVE of WANDS is one of the cards, which are additional factors that should be paid attention to when it comes to a possible divorce. Another interpretation of the map is like a riot of a loner.