The Hierophant (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

The Hierophant is card # 5 in the tarot deck.

The Hierophant is a static major arcana with a broad but precise meaning. The Hierophant

in position to the right is the religion, the group and social identification, the conformity, the tradition, the beliefs. Reversed the card represents restriction, retained temptations, defiance of the established, the norms and the status quo.

Kabbalistics associates this card with the Air element , the Hebrew letter  Heth , and the number  5 . 

Esotericism corresponds to  Taurus,  the planet  Jupiter  and the winter season .

In numerology it  represents the number  5 : It is the aspiration to knowledge, the path of wisdom, it is the sum of 2 + 3 (duality + harmony and balance of opposites).

The Hierophant: Card Description

The Hierophant is a Major Arcana of great importance, also known as the High Priest, the Hierophant, Chiron or Shaman, and is the male counterpart of the High Priestess.

The card is represented by a religious figure, seated within a formal church setting.
He wears three elaborate garments that represent the three worlds . The crown he wears has three levels.

His right hand is raised in blessing, the same hand that the Magician raises, but while the Magician manifests himself on the material plane , the channel through which the Hierophant conducts that power is through society (as in the religions of the world).

The triple scepter is a symbol of his dominion over the three worlds. The crossed keys represent a balance between the conscious and subconscious mind and the power to unlock the mysteries of the unconscious.

Two Initiates kneel before him . The Hierophant’s task is to bring the two initiates into the church so that they can assume their designated roles.
This symbolizes entry into all types of institutions in which there is a shared group identity , which could include schools, clubs, teams, companies, and societies.

The Hierophant (Reversed) – General meaning

The Hierophant in an inverted position means restriction, retained temptations, defiance of the established, the norms and the status quo.

There is confusion about what is right and others may not understand you well or understand why this rebellious and defiant attitude of questioning that you have taken.

The general feeling that you have is of a deep limitation in your life, whether imposed by general rules, work conditions, family or partner, and therefore you feel that you have given in and lost control.

This can be taken as a rebellious attitude of adolescence, but it is not necessarily so. Sometimes there are simply situations in life where you rethink things, this can happen sooner or later.

Whatever the moment with this reversed card, your attitude is one of rebellion and in some cases it can mean certain problems with the authorities, with a father figure, against abusive working conditions or certain attitudes of a boss or supervisor.

In a certain context, if this figure does not represent you here but someone else, it is an indication that their power and the laws they establish are powerful and strong, and that you may have no choice but to accept the rules and remain under their command. .

It can also indicate that you are under pressure from a group with whom you now don’t feel you have already identified and you begin to question their true worth or purposes.

The Hierophant (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

Due to the rebellion and nonconformity that The Hierophant in reverse represents, he tells us about a situation where there is fatigue and you may have the desire to get out of your usual routines and roles, either with minimal changes that alter that routine or with drastic changes as it could be a parallel relationship.

You are tired and are willing to make innovations that change the situation, and although in principle this card encourages you to take action, you must be prudent, reflect and not get carried away purely by impulses.

Since the Hierophant has a direct relationship with the traditional way of doing things and honoring established norms, pushing too hard could make serious mistakes that lead to the end of the relationship.

The Hierophant (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The Hierophant indicates dissatisfaction or disagreements with the work itself, with the authorities, with co-workers, as well as with partners or advisers who may be working together with you.

Invite caution and have some mistrust, to take what is apparent with a grain of salt since there may be things that you do not know behind.

The Hierophant (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

Savings and prudence is the main message of this card. The inverted Hierophant means that you are trying new things, risking and trying to go against the traditional and that this is possibly a mistake.

It is time to keep your feet on the ground, stick to the established and the normal and traditional ways to handle your money. Seek advice from specialists or experienced people to advise you.

It is a good time for investments as long as they are stable conservatives. It is not for risky investments, nor is it for trying your luck at games of chance.

The Hierophant (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The digestive system as a whole can present some problems and The Hierophant is also indicative that it is not a good time to carry out a pregnancy.

As it is a card of questions and rebellions, it suggests that you do not stay with the first diagnosis, seek more opinions, as well as try non-traditional alternative medicines, which in some cases can give you good results.

When pointing out disorders in the digestive system, you may need to make some changes in your eating habits to gain health and well-being.

The Hierophant (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

As with the upright Hierophant, the indication here is that you should care a little more about your spirituality now.

As it is a phase of rebellion and opposition, you may not be inclined to participate in groups, be it the Church or temple or any other spiritual activity that involves people.

However, you should make a place in regular time to dedicate to your spirit even in solitude, since this will make you reflect and put your feet on the ground to be able to rethink things objectively and calmly.

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