Ten of Swords Reversed Meaning

In the inverted position, a TEN OF SWORDS may produce a lack of results. However, this is the impossibility of further progress. Moreover, the obstacle may lie not only in the barrier, but also in success.

At the level of the body (health), this card can be practiced as fever, inflammation, fever. Capricorn is associated with height and trials. At the social level, TEN OF SWORDS can also mean such a terrible test, as a test of power, honor, popularity. A TEN OF SWORDS is a sophisticated test and it is worth considering before you enter into a combat with it, for you can ascend very high, and fall very deep. Both are equally dangerous. In an inverted position in TEN SWORDS, Cancer wins back through the planet Jupiter: profit, gain, gift, success, power, authority – and at the same time, reluctance to go further – rest on its laurels.