Four of Wands (Reversed): love, Money, profession, health, spirituality

Four of Wands (Reversed)

love, Money, profession, health, spirituality

Four of Wands (Reversed) love, Money, profession, health, spirituality
Four of Wands (Reversed)

Four of Wands Reversed Keywords

  • with a positive attitude, you can achieve good results;
  • you should be able to find comfort and support from friends;
  • temporary inability to feel the joy of life;
  • success is delayed or in doubt;
  • criticism;
  • unreliability;
  • frustration, intolerance;
  • property problems;
  • a higher price for success than a card in an upright position.
  • Instability. 
  • Decline. 
  • Confusion of thoughts. 
  • Uselessness. 
  • Helplessness. 
  • Unfinished work. 
  • Dissatisfaction with life. 
  • Satiation. 
  • Family disagreements. 
  • Breakup of a family or partnership. 

What does Four of wands Signify?

In reversed position, The Four of Wands clearly indicates problems at home . Harmony is absent and communication between members fails or has disappeared.

There is a table of evident tensions, in which each one fights for their own space and rights, ignoring the positions of others, as well as it can indicate that you are only a spectator of the situation but you receive all the problems and concerns of others.

It is a time of insecurities for you in terms of how you relate to others and the environment, since you do not know how much you gravitate, how much it is in your power to solve and how much depends on what others do.

It is usually a card that appears when a home or family goes through stages of changes of any kind , be they economic, emotional, health, and even changes of home, removals, leaving an old loved house for a new one, a change or job transfer, everything that takes the family out of the known territory, with the consequent tension and stress that causes any change.

Sometimes this tension is given by third parties , people outside the family, or not so close family members, such as people who interfere, who have opinions, who bring and carry problems or gossip. Likewise, there can be other external factors that threaten the integrity of the home, such as the possibility of job loss, travel or relocation, or an undesirable neighbor who moves into the next house.

Moments may appear when this tension subsides and seems to disappear, obscured by other things that create a fictitious harmony, however underlying problems.
Instability and lack of security are running the orchestra now.

Although in a position to the right it announces weddings, celebrations or births, The Inverted Four of Wands does not mean the opposite, it is not about a wedding that does not take place, a marriage that breaks down or a birth that does not occur, it is rather the lack of occasions and reasons to celebrate.

The good news does not come, everything happens in a tense and insecure climate, and you can only dance to the beat of this music until everything finds a way to get on track, the burden subsides and everyone calms down.

Four of Wands Reversed – In Love Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands indicates delays, delays and waiting for those who are waiting to finalize a union or a wedding, form a couple or have children. Similarly, there is a certain lack of commitment now in the other.

You can love the relationship and love the other, but without going older or making big changes.

The relationship is desired for the moment but there is no look to the future, quite possibly due to internal fears of commitment to or suffering emotional damage, especially if it comes from previous negative or painful experiences.

Four of Wands Reversed – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands tells you that you have to redouble your efforts for the achievements to come. You can live moments of tension, either due to job instability or poor communication with the people around you.

Try to be fair and balanced, without getting into disputes or being the silent reservoir of other people’s problems. There may be some delays in promotion or promotions, in a promised salary increase, relocation situations either to other cities or to different departments within the same job.

Delays can also appear if you are unemployed and thrown into your search. Achievements will come if you keep trying. Keep calm and be patient.

Four of Wands Reversed – In Money Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands tells you that obviously you have been working hard to build a financial safety net, stability and monetary tranquility, but these efforts, so good and positive, are not giving the expected results.

Almost always this situation has nothing to do with you, not with what you do, or your way of doing it, but due to the influence of external things.

It is time to wait, keep working and wait for things to stabilize, also knowing that in today’s complicated world there is almost never absolute financial security.

With that in mind, work, do your best, taking care and always considering that the external can influence a lot.

Four of Wands Reversed – In Health Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands can announce a state of significant stress and exhaustion, because instability and insecurity surround you and you find few ways to cope and solve them.

Sometimes it is in your hand and sometimes not, you must know how to see that difference. Rest, take things easy, influence what you can and hope that the rest do the same so that harmony returns.

In its darkest part, this card can indicate delays and delays in studies or treatments that you may be doing, as well as some not so positive news.

Four of Wands Reversed – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands, it is possible that others do not understand or perhaps even oppose the paths that you are traveling or discovering.

This may affect you, but you should know that everyone has the right to seek their most appropriate path, whether they like it or others or not.

It is an ideal time to do meditation or yoga practices, to alleviate the emotional load that you suffer now and try to recover, even at times, your center. This will always mean growth and in the short term you will see results.

In Conclusion

In an inverted position, a card means instability, haste, delay, lag, slackness or confusion of thoughts, inability to mobilize oneself for something. 

The mind, the intellect needs to be calm. This is in tune with the sensation of a person who was suddenly pulled out of meditation.

This and unfinished, ragged in Aquarian, love relationships. Sense of insecurity, stained beauty, imperfect happiness.

Such a topic at the level of society is currently sounded sharply in the form of a complete lack of guarantees.

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