Six of Cups (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Six of Cups (Reversed) – General meaning

In this position, the card can indicate that you have an attachment to the past that is not being beneficial for you.

On the one hand, you cling to past happiness, idealizing all past times and always reviling the present.

On the other hand, you also cling to a system of beliefs and ideas made in the past, which you maintain now and do not actualize, limiting yourself and bringing you some inconveniences.

This card has everything to do with nostalgia, the ideal world that we see with the eyes of childhood, the candor, naivety and the immense generosity that we have when we are little.

You have grown up but at the same time you have maintained an idealistic look in excess of “rose color” that now in the present, when facing the high wall of reality, offers you a difficult contrast to bear. Things are not how you thought and you see how your sweet childhood dreams are unraveled.

In another vein, the six of cups can indicate some difficulty in the relationship with children related to maintaining their discipline and in some cases it poses obstacles and problems in conception and fertility.

In certain circumstances, it may indicate abuse of a sexual nature or some type of child abuse that occurred in childhood, which unconsciously affects your present life. If this is the case, working on these issues with therapeutic help is the most advisable.

Beyond these specific issues, the general view of the inverted six of cups suggests that you should focus by all means on your present and your future, longing, yes, the old lost days of naive happiness, but not letting them prevent you from living today connected to your reality.

Six of Cups (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The card takes you to a stage where now you have to deal with those uncomfortable topics that had been swept under the carpet. They weren’t in sight but they were there nonetheless, and now they have to be realistically assessed in order to solve them.

Another important issue is that you should idealize love but up to a point. There is hardly the perfect love, the one you had imagined in your childhood. Love is built and your part is important, you must fight and strive to maintain it and so that it always grows.

Six of Cups (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The reversed six of cups can signal that a time of kindness has ended, with a rosy look at work and surroundings. Certain negatives, flaws, and drawbacks that you hadn’t taken into account now become apparent. It is a reality bathroom.

This can help you map out future prospects or in the worst case take serious rethinking, like trying to make drastic modifications or even changing jobs. You must think carefully before taking action.

Six of Cups (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

In the realm of finances and money, the theme of excessive idealization is also present.

Money does not grow on trees or fall from the sky, you have to work for it and give it a realistic place, with all the impact and presence that the material has in our lives.

Stop dreaming of castles in the sky around money or reminiscing about old successful financial days and focus on paying attention to how you act with money.

Six of Cups (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

Removing what we already mentioned about child abuse, which must be correctly treated if the case exists, the inverted six of cups can indicate that you are turning a blind eye to certain health issues that you should be considering and attending.

You intuitively know what you should do, it is something you feel, therefore look for a way to find yourself with a good disposition and the ability to face those challenges.

Six of Cups (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The six of diamonds tells us that it is always a good time to give thanks for the past, but you must accept that everything changes and you do too and that this is an inevitable rule of life.

You cannot get stuck in ages before, but evolve and be what you are now. Explore your new spirituality and learn from the approaches of others who can bring you.

In Conclusion:

Six of cup indicates that there may be some painful old memories that keep coming back to you. It also means that you may be thinking of some missed opportunities. Let  the past be in the past. You need to be in the present in order to carve a meaningful future.

Six of Cups reversed shows that you are thinking too much about old memories. This will do you no good. You should make an effort to start living in the present. Only then, can you achieve something in love.

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