King of Wands (Reversed): meaning, love, money, profession, health, spirituality

King of Wands (Reversed)

love, money, profession, health, spirituality

King of Wands (Reversed) love, money, profession, health, spirituality
King of Wands (Reversed) meaning

King of Wands (Reversed) Keywords

  • Domineering, cruel, aggressive man. 
  • Fickle. 
  • Stingy. 
  • Adventurer. 
  • Tyrant. 
  • Charlatan. 
  • Fraudster
  • recklessness;
  • false ambition;
  • unfavorable news;
  • severity and intolerance, imperiousness;
  • prejudice;
  • awkwardness in the implementation of transactions;
  • irascibility;
  • despotism;
  • misogyny.
  • charlatans should be avoided;

Significance of King of Wands (Reversed)

The King of Wands points out that you are having or may have an overflowing behavior very soon , everything will be a negative eruption that will create problems because you are deciding and doing everything in a hurry, letting yourself be carried away only by impulses.

You have transformed into someone who dominates but based on great arrogance and intimidating aggression.

This surely is not you, it is not usual for you nor are you doing this on purpose, in the spirit of harming or harming anyone, but you seem to find no other way to impose your actions or decisions and you are acting in a negative way that generates much rejection.

You have great assertiveness, but now it has become aggressive and you are not really seeing the whole picture, nor the scope of your actions or words.

This is certainly a very negative card and it can point, whether it talks about you or someone else in your life, to a manipulative and selfish person, who has no qualms about doing anything for their benefit or imposing their ideas and ways

It can be someone ruthless who can use you without remorse in order to achieve their results or purposes, be it a dominant and aggressive partner, a business or work partner, boss or rival who has no scruples and will only create chaos in your lifetime.

In a more personal and intimate look , the card tells us that your great anger is due to the fact that at this moment you feel a great failure, you have not reached or can get where you wanted or achieved what you wanted and anger dominates you and

You direct anger not only towards others, but against yourself.

Part of the problem is that perhaps you have set yourself too ambitious goals, you have set the bar too high, you have had excessive, unrealistic expectations, and it is being impossible to achieve what you wanted.

You must establish more realistic goals, more within your reach, easier to achieve, because you must understand that you cannot do everything, you against the world will always be an impossible battle.

And if you are also counting on others, they don’t seem to be helping. The environment does not support your vision now and this is very frustrating for you, because you depend on others at this moment, since you cannot do much with your own hand.

It is also possible that the environment, perhaps an older man especially, is frustrating, hindering or slowing down your plans or goals .

This is a very strong presence right now, very dominant, and it’s really making it impossible for you to move forward.

If this is so, the advice in this card is to try to cut your losses with this person, walk away as much as you can, or minimize their presence and actions as much as possible.

In another look, The King of Wands asks you to be a little more indulgent with others , since not everyone has your strength, your courage, your constant action to achieve something, support you or go forward.

Take from them what works for you and add to your purpose, without waiting for much more.

It is not a good time to depend on others or wait for them to solve or help you solve things. Everyone can contribute something and you must take that, if you set too many expectations, you will waste time and you will get more angry than you already are.

As it is a card from the court, it can refer directly to you as well as to an older man around you, or perhaps a stranger who is or will be gravitating at this time in your life, but in a negative way.

King of Wands (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The king of wands does not speak to us of infidelity as the queen of wands did, but there may be some flirtation or a kind of affair or intention to have it. Maybe it’s just an affair or an intense flirtation, but one that will cause a lot of emotional damage.

If you are in a relationship , this card does not bode well for love, but there are problems in the couple now, especially because of the attitude of the other. We are not talking about a bad person, but he may be having a dominant, authoritarian or aggressive behavior.

This is due to his own internal issues, he is not having a good time and his actions are not due to evil or lack of love towards you, but he needs to solve his things, he needs his personal time.

It is important that you be patient while the person goes through these personal and intimate moments.

If you are lonely or looking for love , an older person who is energetic, kind and warm may now appear, at least on the surface or in whatever it shows out.

She can be a very interesting person although a bit emotionally selfish, she will always seek her own emotional benefit, to feel good about herself.

It can be a short romance of high and passionate flames that will go out very soon, like those fleeting summer loves that burn with intensity and then leave nothing but ashes.

Live if you want the adventure, but knowing that it does not have much future, therefore do not put high expectations in this romance.

King of Wands (Reversed) – In Profession Tarot Reading

If you are out of work and looking for a job , it may take a little longer to arrive. Avoid looking in places dominated by one or more older men, as you will find tyrannical attitudes, anger and surely a very bad pay.

Regarding yourself, you must overcome the anger and frustration you feel, lower your expectations a bit and try to solve the immediate.

Any job can serve you now at least to get out of trouble. You have high expectations of yourself and things, and that is not bad, but you must be realistic.

You cannot pretend to work in a bank starting in management, you may have to carry some emails or serve coffee for a while. Patience, everything will improve later.

King of Wands (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The reversed King of Wands is not a negative card in the money, everything will go quite well, you may even have a surplus to dedicate to something else or make a small investment.

The only warning is that you are not being financially manipulated by another person, who may turn to you with great kindness and warmth, but nevertheless only wants your help and you may not see that money back if you lend it.

This person is possibly an older man and either from your family or business environment, you must be careful not to give in to his pressure and not be tempted by his advice, because he will be focused on his benefit, not yours.

Be careful with your partners, if they are older men, as they may be manipulating you or carrying hidden agendas behind your back.

King of Wands (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The reversed King of Wands definitely points to strong physical health. Even being inverted, it is a card with a lot of vitality and energy, so your health is good.

If you feel discomfort, it will be mainly because you live with a lot of frustration and anger, which affects not only your body, but also your emotional health. and mental.

You can greatly benefit from a session with a fitness trainer or nutritional counselor who gives you new guidelines now that you are willing to listen to what they have to say and act on their prompts.

If you’ve found new health goals, make sure you don’t push yourself too hard and risk injury. Slowly but surely is the way to go.

King of Wands (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The King of Wands is a sign that you are already on the right path when it comes to spiritual exploration. You don’t have to deny yourself the entire world in order to grow spiritually; we are here on this abundant planet, with other people, for a reason.

Abundance and joy can be as rich and valid spiritual experiences as denial and austerity can be. And the first two are certainly much more fun! Relax a bit, and your spiritual growth may happen faster.

In Conclusion

This is a man with a pronounced “amazed” Tenth House, which is characterized by severity, stinginess, dogmatism, restraint in behavior – a person who pursues his ideas too aggressively, ignoring people and the situation.

The time to move on to the action has not yet come. Must wait.

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