Page of Swords Reversed Meaning

Page of Swords (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Page of Swords (Reversed) Keywords:

  • what is not intended,
  • an unprepared statement (unpreparedness); 
  • may also mean illness.

Page of Swords (Reversed) General meaning

When the card comes out in this position, the first thing it tells us is that you may be acting in a very hasty and impulsive way , without stopping to analyze or using your judgment correctly.

Try to go over things one at a time instead of going over everything together, as it will undoubtedly give you much better results.

In relation to the communication to which the cards of the suit of spades refer, this reversed card may indicate that you are promising a lot and fulfilling little.

You say, but you do not act according to what you say, your points of view clearly and concisely without aggression in a logical and rational way respecting the opinion and position of others it is very possible that you also receive the same.

The card can also indicate that you are someone who “knows them all “, that you always have an answer, a knowledge, an explanation, whether you really know the subject in question or not, because you are not shy about improvising and even enlarging things, especially if this refers to your personal experiences or stories.

You must be careful at this point because many things are easily verifiable and you could look bad later when the truth becomes evident. We are not talking here that you like to lie to lie, but if you have a tendency to thicken things up and take them out of context a bit, accommodating them to your story, for your benefit.

Another aspect of the Sota is that you can be in a difficult place, already really annoying others with your permanent questions. Questioning is valid and perhaps very useful many times, but you seem to do it already for sport, that of “I do not know what it is about but I am opposed” , which makes you a argumentative, confrontational person and when the reason is not up to your part this is very annoying for others.

This is a question of forms and manners: It is very good that you question, criticize and even oppose, but you must go in a soft way, arguing without violence, asking for their positions to be explained and supported.

If you do it in your confrontational way, planting things in people’s faces, the result may be very negative for you, since ordinary people do not like to confront and will run away from you, and frankly it is not pretty that people run away from one as soon as we see us … Nothing good looks good in this inverted jack, but all the court cards when presented in reverse, have negative characteristics.

If the card refers to a person from your close environment, the characteristics described are the same, although you must take special care in the gossip part, since surely it is a person with great facility for gossip, it is not someone trustworthy And it is certainly not a good idea for you to trust her for certain subjects. Be careful who you talk to and what things and what you say.

Page of Swords (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The reversed Jack of Swords indicates that there are difficulties with communication. On the one hand you say what you think, but many times you don’t think what you say. On the other hand, the difficulty is for both of them, as if they were not listening to each other, not “reading between the lines” what the words really say.

Things are said but each one takes them in their own way or at their convenience, without wanting to understand what is really behind the other’s words. Anyway they are minor and solvable things.

If you are looking for love, you must open your mind a little more and listen and try to understand what the other is like, their life, their tastes, their ways. Being prejudiced won’t help.

Page of Swords (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The reversed Jack of Swords indicates that there may be conflicts and misunderstandings, mainly due to differences of opinion. You must fight for your position but without stubbornness and recognize if another idea or opinion is more accurate than yours.

You have great energy right now but you shouldn’t let it overflow. If you are looking for a job, adopt a humble attitude, listen and try to receive criticism with a good disposition.

Page of Swords (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The inverted Jack of Swords tells us that things are not so bad, it is not that there are pressing problems, the issue is that not even the material (silver buys happiness, the saying goes) excites you at this moment.

You can have a salary increase, or your partner have it, and you as if you were hearing it rain… it doesn’t change anything. Indifference, apathy and even a certain hopelessness. Money does not offer too many problems, but you are looking for answers that economics cannot give you.

Page of Swords (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The reversed Jack of Spades can indicate that people are talking about your health in a way that could be overdone. They are worried and you know that people always talk, especially about what they do not know.

Don’t share your health information if you want it to be kept private, particularly with someone you don’t know very well, as they are unlikely to keep your secret.

Page of Swords (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

At this moment, you may be influenced by someone whom you consider spiritually better, a purer or wiser person, according to your eyes, but that in reality that knowledge is superficial, it is “pure shell”, despite being a charismatic person and causing luck of spell on others.

Therefore, beware of the advice of the “experts in life” those who know all, those who are back, all that glitters is not gold.

In Conclusion:

An inverted page of swords indicates a loafer, a person without a purpose in life, a “perpetual student”, a person who has not yet taken place, but who still has time to change his mind.
Sometimes the PAGE OF SWORDS is a character whose dependence on someone is a heavy burden on the owner. A card can also mean an ordinary parasite or a person who psychologically wears out someone who was lucky once and somehow to “bless” such a Page of Swords.

He says that in relation to the event indicated by the following cards, it is appropriate to ask the question: did it really take place? Or were we just really looking forward to this event?

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