Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning

Queen of Cups (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Queen of Cups (Reversed) General meaning

When this card is reversed, it shows that you are going through a very difficult stage to show your interior.

This happens, either because you have stopped being in touch with your deepest emotions or because you repress them in a determined way.

Although sometimes stopping feeling can serve to overcome a bad moment, in the long run it brings an unfavorable result.

Your emotions build up and sooner or later will boil over, causing unstable and problematic situations.

The Queen of Cups indicates that you have a clear dissatisfaction with one or more issues in your life, but that your faith and hope have mainly deteriorated.

It is quite possible that instead of focusing on how you feel and addressing problems, you are permanently escaping through imagination.

Your creativity and your imagination have always been prosperous and have helped you, but now you make excessive use, creating worlds where problems do not exist or are already solved, thus avoiding any type of confrontation and assimilation of the problem.

This results in your personality being changing and unstable, you are trapped in an area of ​​melancholy and silence and it is very difficult for you to connect with your inner voice and with others.

You must be very careful not to get trapped in imaginary worlds , dominated by fantasies and replacing reality with dreams.

This situation of being adrift and away from your emotions, at its worst, can lead you to become a person who uses manipulation and you may even have a dark thirst for revenge for everyone.

Others try to understand you, but your instability confuses them and slowly empties and dries them up, so at some point they will no longer give you the support or attention you need and this will create a spiteful and vindictive spirit.

On the other hand, this permanent anger and anguish that you feel may not be more than with you, because you recognize your situation but you feel annulled, unable to try more things to overcome what you live.

It is essential that you resolve, first of all, this enmity that you have with your own interior so that you can then resolve relationships with others.

Another important aspect is that you may be leaning too much on others to the point of having or generating relationships of codependency.

As with the card to the right, feminine energy is important now, only in a negative way. One or more women in your environment may be harming you or complicating things , you must be alert because they are unreliable people.

Queen of Cups (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The Queen of Cups points out that you can be too demanding with your partner, with a lot of criticism and disagreement. There may be a relationship of affective codependency, where all your assessment goes through the vision of the other person.

You must work on your self-esteem and re-listen to your inner truth. Control this kind of roller coaster that are your emotions so as not to take your partner to an extreme situation.

If you are looking for a partner, opportunities will not be lacking, but you must focus emotionally so as not to scare anyone away with your instability.

Queen of Cups (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

There may be a problematic situation with a woman, be it a boss, a co-worker or a junior person in your charge. Be careful not to adopt a position of demand and excessive control, to be constantly criticizing everything.

If you are looking for a job, those that are offered or led by women will be less favorable.

Queen of Cups (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

You must seek a tight balance and be very careful not to be too aggressive with your expenses or your investments. It is a time when prudence must reign.

Your creativity and the great imagination that you now possess can be misleading, making you believe or glimpse realities that are not such.

This is not the time to borrow or lend money to anyone, as there is little reliability right now in everyone around you.

Queen of Cups (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The Queen of Cups indicates that your healing, regardless of any actual physical ailments you may have, must begin from within. Reconnect with yourself and others, feel again faith and a feeling of love for all things.

It is vital that you heal your emotions as a preliminary step to curing any other ailment. Positive visualization is very important now.

Queen of Cups (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

You must understand that everything in life is processes, some longer and others shorter, and that what happens to you and how you feel will also evolve and be overcome.

You must be patient and work on your inner feelings, increase your hunger for uplifting spiritual experiences that will gratify you and give you back your confidence little by little, mainly.

Work on it but without despair, be patient and the results will come in due course.

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