Six of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Six of Pentacles (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) Keywords:

  • strong desire,
  • greed,
  • envy (jealousy),
  • suspicion,
  • illusion

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) General meaning

The inverted Six of Pentacles expresses that in this case charity, giving, works in only one sense: You can only be giving and receiving nothing, or receive and not return anything in return .

Maybe you’ve done someone a favor or lent them money and you don’t really expect it to be paid back, which speaks of a really generous attitude on your part, but you may expect that return and it never comes.

So this card is a warning in that sense, look at what conditions you lend and to whom, especially if you yourself find yourself in financial difficulties. Being generous is great, but also not going overboard to the point that you give everything and do not allocate anything for yourself.

In another respect, this card indicates that you spend more than you can afford . You are always over spending, the “debit2” column is always greater than the “credit” column, which puts you in situations of financial risk and accumulated debt that is increasingly difficult to pay off and get rid of.

The inverted Six of Pentacles is a kind of sword hanging over your head, there are expenses that simply exceed your budget and you cannot afford.

Debt always brings very bad emotions and situations, from anger and depression to even threats, liens, material losses, or the payment of huge interests that only make the debt bigger and it never ends.

On the other hand, if you receive extra money , if you win a game of chance or collect an inheritance, be very careful of this money dropped from the sky. Statistically people who get rich quickly overnight are poor overnight, just as the money arrived it will go.

In another respect, the reversed Six of Pentacles may indicate a certain selfishness that is sometimes present in charitable people.

This charity, giving and helping is not done for altruistic reasons but to satisfy the ego or vanity, the pleasure of appearing or appearing before others as a given and generous person, therefore be very careful with it.

If your intentions to give are related to it, there is no purity and there is imbalance, and the wheel of things will take its toll on you sooner or later.

Finally, another reading of the card would indicate that perhaps you are in need of help but your pride prevents you from being helped .

You want to be self-reliant and that’s not bad, but sometimes in life a little help doesn’t really get in the way, so reconsider your proud stance of not being helped, because it may be a mistake. A door opens before you and you just lock it.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The reversed Six of Pentacles can indicate that someone in the couple is giving and giving more than the other, which creates inequality and disharmony.

If you are the person who gives the most, be careful that your partner does not always take advantage of your generosity for their benefit. On the other hand, maybe you close yourself too much and hope that it is the other who gives everything. Love must be a perfect balance for it to work, think about it.

If you are alone, you must open up without fear, give what is yours without conditions. There will be those who will see it and who will not, but it is the only way to find the right love.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The inverted Six of Pentacles marks you that you must have a disinterested collaborative attitude in your work, doing things because you feel them or believe them in a way without expecting a profit or retribution for it.

You can also have an attitude that you can do everything and refuse to receive help. You must open, people are not as ruthless as you think.

If you are looking for work, offer your full time, show that you can help and provide, so the position will be yours.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The reversed Six of Pentacles implores you to moderate your spending. Your budget is out of control, you spend more than you have and you get into debt, making a nine-ball bigger and bigger.

You may be giving or lending to others to your detriment. This is not the time for investments or risks. Take care of what you have, save, until the outlook improves.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The Six of Pentacles invested shows you that health is also an investment and not an expense. You consider that you should not spend on health, therefore you do not control yourself, you let it pass, you do not prevent.

That attitude must change. If you are in treatment for an illness or disease, abandon stubborn postures. You must heed what they tell you and follow the advice of the specialists, you are not so self-sufficient as to manage your health without any help.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The reversed Six of Pentacles is a call to humility. You must allow yourself to fail, you must allow yourself to learn from others. You can have extensive knowledge and a rich interior, but no one can alone in this world or knows everything.

Be open to continue learning. You can make mistakes and that is not bad, mistakes exist so that we learn and grow, do not punish yourself harshly for your failures, we are all human.

In Conclusion:

in an inverted position Six of Pentacles points to the possibility of the disease, the need to more closely monitor their health on the disharmony between the physical and mental (many are doing mental work, sit on the ground – muscle atrophy, or vice versa – pump iron and forget about training the brain ) In addition, the SIX OF PENTACLES can reflect a low Virgo (greed, selfishness, quarrelsomeness, envy, unpaid debts, the desire to sit on the neck).

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