Three of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Three of Pentacles (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Three of Pentacles (Reversed) Keywords:

  • mediocrity in work or otherwise:
  • childishness,
  • insignificance,
  • weakness.

Three of Pentacles (Reversed) General meaning

The three of pentacles when you invest shows that in any area of ​​your life, teamwork and collaboration are presenting serious difficulties .

You may have the intention or desire to work together, but the rest seem to be competing with each other, each raising water for their fold, instead of focusing and working for the common good.

Harmony is a rare commodity at this time, rather there are conflicts and tensions.

This can not only be in your work or activity, but also in family life or as a couple , each one is pulling the car in a different direction, which leads nowhere and consequently everyone is moody, aggressive, unwilling , with great apathy.

If you work in a group and depend on the collaboration of everything to achieve the objectives, perhaps this is a good time to put it aside .

You can try it on your part or perhaps join a new group that has the necessary disposition to carry things forward. If you stay in these conditions your project, goal or idea will inevitably be frustrated.

In another aspect, the three of diamonds can indicate that you do not feel valued , appreciated or taken into account in some area of ​​your life, mainly in the workplace, but it can also be within the family or in your own partner, or in the relationship with your children, if you have them.

You consider that you deserve more respect, you have always followed the idea or opinion of others, you have listened carefully to all their points of view and reasons, but you consider that you also have a voice and vote, that your experience and knowledge also counts and is a contribution important.

In general, oriented to the work environment, your activity, business by profession, the three of diamonds  indicates that perhaps it is a good time to make a general change, at the root , perhaps change your job or activity, since where you are you are stagnant, you are not valued and you fail to have possible objectives to achieve.

Lastly, it can point out that you are not planning correctly . You do not organize yourself well, you leave too much to chance and the results do not come due to this lack of mandatory planning for any project to be headed for good results.

Three of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The reverse three of diamonds indicates a lack of cooperation in the couple. They are not looking towards a common goal.

You do not feel that they value you and perhaps neither that they have due respect for you. There may be gossip and gossip from third parties getting into the couple and complicating things.

Another important note from this card is that there may be an unwanted, surprising pregnancy at this time, therefore, take due precautions if you are not looking to have children at this time.

If you are looking for love, in the field of work there may be the best chances, although you should watch your posture. You are not less than anyone, so a timid and servile attitude, as if you were worth less, will not help at all.

Keep your head up and stay away from the gossip that will abound right now.

Three of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

It is a difficult time for teamwork, there is no collaboration or effort on the part of the parties, on the contrary, gossip and jealousy of all kinds are present, the egos of each one hinder things and seriously jeopardize the objective.

Perhaps it is a good time for a change of work or activity when the three of diamonds appears. Do not join in the general delusion, do your part as best you can and if it does not work, it may be time to make important changes.

If you are looking for a job, you may have to compete against other people who will not play fair for the position.

Three of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The reversed three of diamonds calls for caution, to moderate spending, perhaps you are releasing more than you enter.

Investments, especially if you are with a company of some kind, are not recommended at this time because the differences and divergence between the members can end up frustrating any operation.

On the other hand, money does not fall from the sky, it is necessary that you try a little more, plan, organize, push, even if you do not see the way and the results do not arrive, The key is your effort and what you do.

Three of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The three of diamonds asks you to listen carefully to your body. It is possible that you have an overload of stress because relationships and dealing with others is being overwhelming, complicated, not very pleasant, creating a lot of fatigue, especially mental.

Follow your instincts and what your body sets you, if you are weak, rest, consult the doctor for energy supplements or vitamins. It is a card that speaks of great physical and metal fatigue. Pay attention.

Three of Pentacles (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The Three of Pentacles tells you that spiritual growth is free. You do not need to pay anyone for spiritual wealth, but in this phase of fatigue and weakness, you can be an easy prey for gurus, sects, new ideas disguised as cults, who will promise you everything but will not want more than your money, so walk very carefully.

The social and group at this time is not advisable, you should look alone, within yourself, or with the advice of people or recognized authorities the support you need.

In Conclusion:

In the inverted position, THREE PENTACLES symbolizes stubbornness, cunning, poor quality of work or products, monetary problems, divergence of thought, lack of professionalism, that is, Mercury and Venus manifest themselves at a low level.

Mercury acts especially strongly in the inverted THREE OF PENTACLES, which in some cases results in overwork and excessive workload “without rest”.
Inverted THREE PENTACLES can give a small dirty trick.

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