Seven of Cups Reversed Meaning

Seven of Cups (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Seven of Cups (Reversed) – General meaning

There is a strong component of distraction in this card; temptations and illusions appear and invade your mind, leading you to fantasies that are practically impossible to see materialized in the real world.

Your will is scarce or absent and it really costs you a lot to deal with day to day, reality is intolerable and living in the clouds is your way to escape. This is a very confusing time, where you may even really know what you want or want.

Many times I see the inverted seven of cups associated with the concealment of truths about oneself, which are taken to an unconscious plane.

Let’s take a repressed homosexuality or wanting to separate from your partner after 30 years of living together.

These are difficult truths to accept and say, they have a high cost and we must be very prepared to face it, so that this card can show that you have a strong tendency not to ask questions and to examine yourself in the least.

Every minute of silence and solitude is avoided, any distraction or activity is preferable to coming face to face with the truth itself.

The seven of cups tells you that for your own well-being and emotional health sooner or later you will have to face your own truth, therefore try to take little time to reflect and be alone with you.

The most positive part of this card is that it can serve to indicate that a time of doubt and confusion is finally over. A thick veil that covered things has finally been swept away and you can head squarely in one direction towards your goal.

You regain action and attitude and you move in the right direction. More than ever now you must trust your instinct because he is the one who drives you.

Seven of Cups (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The era of exaggerated fantasy ends and you begin to be very clear about what you need and what you want in love, and you are willing to take measures to make it happen.

The temptations that may have existed give way and you no longer allow yourself distractions as a means of escape, you don’t need them. This taking of action, this proactive way that you now have, may surprise others.

Confinement and the constant doubts of “what if…” no longer dominate you, but now you trust your instinct and go forward without fear. In this case the veil is also drawn and allows you to see the reality of things.

If you imagined that a relationship did not look good, now you have the conviction that it does not look good, therefore act accordingly. Follow your instinct now, it is the best indicator.

Seven of Cups (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The seven of cups indicates that finally the options begin to be cleaned up and one remains as the most probable and correct, which is a good omen if you are looking for a job. Work and activity are rearranged, it has a strong base in reality and the concrete data.

All the doubts and fantasies that you could have about your job are becoming clearer: now you know how much you will earn, in what position you will work, what future prospects your job has and other data that serve to reassure you and settle in the present.

Seven of Cups (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The indication is still to be cautious with money, expenses, investments or plans you may have.

The favorable thing is that now the options are being polished and the most drinkable ones are remaining, which will possibly be the most successful. Anyway, he continues to analyze and study its aspects well. Do not rush.

Seven of Cups (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The seven of cups says that you have begun to realize the things that are important to your health, and now with slightly clearer ideas you act accordingly: have a healthy diet or a little more exercise, try to stop harmful habits, try to take care of you.

You no longer have unfounded fears or pernicious fantasies about your health but are now based on concrete evidence. It is likely that you will do analyzes and checks to have a glimpse of reality and data in hand that offer you peace of mind.

Seven of Cups (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The seven of the cup indicates that you are probably in the process of recovering from some kind of spiritual trial.

This is a time to take the actions that you know in your heart and soul that you must take, whether it be forgiving yourself, forgiving others, or deep meditation on your inner truths. The answers you seek are within you. Find them and take action.

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