Nine of Swords Reversed Meaning

In an inverted position, NINE OF SWORDS can give fear of disease, violence, doubt, ungodly and doubtful offers.
The precarious position of this card is expressed in the constant balance between holiness and some completely disgusting blasphemy. Moreover, all – both positive and negative manifestations, going along the Nine of Swords, are of a social nature. NINE SWORDS can also contribute to a radical change in worldview, for changes go along Sagittarius, and SWORDS are a radical suit. Sharp and sudden social ups and downs (an idol for an hour) is also a typical situation of NINE SWORDS. This card means a change of everyday environment, and moving, and separation in the broad sense of the word (not only with people and objects, but also with ideas).

In the old manuals, NINE SWORD was associated with a death notice; inverted – about the death of a loved one. (It should be remembered that the word DEATH in the cards means not only DEATH, as we understand it, but also any transformation, change.) This can relate to anything: appearance, social status, views. A monk, cutting his hair in a monastery, dies for the world. NINE OF SWORDS can also be recognized as the supreme power of liberation. Wake up suddenly and suddenly horrified by the situation, realizing it to the end. At such an instant, enormous power is released, impersonal and merciless. This is not an improvement in fate – this is one blow – and freedom. And the worse the situation, the worse this blow will be. No compromises. Freedom or death.