Nine of Swords Reversed Meaning

Nine of Swords (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Nine of Swords (Reversed) Keywords:

  • imprisonment,
  • suspicion,
  • dubious reputation,
  • shame.

Nine of Swords (Reversed) General meaning

Although when this card is reversed it has a lot in common with when it goes to law, that is, it tells you that you live with a lot of fear, anguish and despair, here fortunately you begin to find some way out of your mental state so full of fear.

There comes a time when you understand that you are oversizing things, your head is the one that has generated a universe of problems and situations, that well looked at, they are not as terrible or serious as it seemed to you.

It is just as when we think at night: They are generally gloomy, fatalistic, exaggerated thoughts, and then when the sun rises illuminating things, the light also reaches us.

Everything that hours before seemed like the end of the world, ceases to be and is accommodated in a rational, balanced and much less distressing sector. You seem to be in this process now, stepping on the line between the last minutes of terrible darkness and the first minutes of saving light.

On the one hand, you yourself reach this state of improvement , although it can also come from external sources. A problem that had you worried is clarified or clarified, a solution to an affective, work or economic problem arrives, you find evidence and data that reassure you.

However, things begin to clear up so you begin to calm down and return to a more normal state. You can regain rest and sleep, and put aside that continuous negative internal chatter that caused you so much damage and caused all kinds of harmful thoughts, fables and fantasies.

Slowly reality, reason and logic begin to prevail , such is the meaning of the suit of spades. There is a resetting of your reason over an interior overwhelmed by anguish. You begin to understand that you can be your worst enemy and that there is no point in hurting yourself without real events.

There is a new feeling and confidence that you are going to be okay. You don’t know how or when or where that well-being will come from, but you know it because you FEEL it. Now you do understand the law of attraction and you know that what you feel becomes what you think, and what you think generates reality, therefore if you feel better, you think better things and reality is formed based on what have you thought.

You are now in a stage of recovery and healing . The worst is over. Things have come to light, there is a new clarity and understanding and everything is heading in a much more positive way for the future and for your life.

Your dreams may have a lot to tell you at this stage . You probably dream of very lucid and real things. It is your unconscious finding solutions and showing you reality through the only means of communication it has: Your dreams. Therefore, do not minimize or disregard those messages.

Nine of Swords (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

When the reversed 9 of swords appears in a context of love, you may need to give a deep thought about what is happening in the existing relationship. If you feel that your partner is or has been dishonest, this is a good time to talk or ask for the necessary clarifications from him.

Keep in mind the general meaning of the card: do not get carried away by imagination, reality may not be that terrible at all.
There may be tensions that begin to subside and everything begins to calm down. The moments have passed and now it is possible to rebuild the relationship or whatever has been damaged.

If you are looking for love, take your time to meet new people now. You could be somewhat vulnerable and you are going to meet people who will tell you what you want to hear but without many guarantees that it is true. Trust your instincts. You are in a healing stage now, so love will come when you are ready enough.

Nine of Swords (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The reversed 9 of Swords tells you that worrying about your work is not going to change anything. Do the best you can, and don’t be shy, if you feel like someone in your workplace is not treating you fairly or has taken credit for your work in some way, raise it and confront it.

Do not imagine terrible situations because almost certainly they will not happen, everything is more in your fantasy than in reality, so that you stop seeing conspiracies or that bad luck persecutes only you. If you have been feeling pressure, tension and anguish, these gradually begin to disappear.

Nine of Swords (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The reverse 9 of Swords card tells you that this time you have to be careful who you trust when it comes to money. Check and double check before you lend money, and don’t lend more than you can afford to lose.

There is a slim possibility, with heartbreak as the central theme in this card, that you could be accused of something you didn’t do when it comes to money. If this happens, stand up and defend yourself without modesty.

But not everything is so negative: the bad times begin to give way and those catastrophic and serious ideas that you felt and imagined are being left behind. Now the picture begins to clear up, everything is more real and you see solutions that you did not think possible appear.

Perhaps logical solutions that seemed so simple that they would not work, but now you understand that they do and when you calm down, everything begins to be put into perspective. The worst of the storm has passed and you are approaching clear waters. Have faith, because everything will improve from now on.

Nine of Swords (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

This is not the time to be embarrassed or shy about your body. It is time to improve the relationship you have with him, taking care of yourself, exercising and eating healthy, but fundamentally to improve the opinion and image you have of your body.

The anguish that perhaps some point of your body or a health issue produces in you, slowly subsides and you gain confidence. Work firmly on it.

Nine of Swords (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

You may be insisting on “hitting yourself” about something and this could be interfering with your spiritual development. What happened in the past? Whatever has already happened and there is nothing you can do to change it. Forgive yourself, if necessary.

You are not and are not defined by your past or by any individual actions in the past. You are your own worst critic and you should end it, instead of spinning on a Ferris wheel.

In Conclusion:

In an inverted position, NINE OF SWORDS can give fear of disease, violence, doubt, ungodly and doubtful offers.
The precarious position of this card is expressed in the constant balance between holiness and some completely disgusting blasphemy. Moreover, all – both positive and negative manifestations, going along the Nine of Swords, are of a social nature. NINE SWORDS can also contribute to a radical change in worldview, for changes go along Sagittarius, and SWORDS are a radical suit. Sharp and sudden social ups and downs (an idol for an hour) is also a typical situation of NINE SWORDS. This card means a change of everyday environment, and moving, and separation in the broad sense of the word (not only with people and objects, but also with ideas).

In the old manuals, NINE SWORD was associated with a death notice; inverted – about the death of a loved one. (It should be remembered that the word DEATH in the cards means not only DEATH, as we understand it, but also any transformation, change.) This can relate to anything: appearance, social status, views. A monk, cutting his hair in a monastery, dies for the world. NINE OF SWORDS can also be recognized as the supreme power of liberation. Wake up suddenly and suddenly horrified by the situation, realizing it to the end. At such an instant, enormous power is released, impersonal and merciless. This is not an improvement in fate – this is one blow – and freedom. And the worse the situation, the worse this blow will be. No compromises. Freedom or death.

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