Knight of Swords Reversed Meaning

Knight of Swords (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Knight of Swords (Reversed) Keywords:

  • negligence,
  • incompetence,
  • folly.

Knight of Swords (Reversed) General meaning

All the immense energy available to the knight of swords to go forward is misused and wasted .

There is a general lack of sense and he seems to move erratically, making not only hasty but wrong decisions, and possibly hurting others in his sweeping career.

The Knight, like all court figures in the tarot, can speak directly about you, as of another person present in your environment.

Surely your intellect, something essential in the suit of swords, is at this moment diffuse and conflictive, you have many different ideas and it seems that you want to follow them all, but without too much analysis about what is the most convenient or the best move you can. do.

Your disorganization is capital and it cannot be predicted what you will do next. In addition there is a great trait of impertinence in your ways and ways now, which greatly affects your relationship with others. You have an overflowing energy, but instead of this infecting and inspiring others, it produces the opposite effect and people tend to move away.

If the card refers to a third person , you should act in the same way: get away from all that overwhelming fury as it may not be good for you to intertwine with it.

The great oratory, the ease of communication and a certain very magnetic charm of this knight of swords make it difficult to resist his actions, but you must not be tempted by his heated ideas and all the whirlwind that unfolds!

Something very important that this card points out is that whatever you are doing or facing at this moment, you must do it alone , because it is a necessary experience that will help in your life. It is a learning that you have in front of you and you must submit to it in solitude, as a vital test for you, whose importance and result you will surely not see now but it will be very evident later, when you have gone through it.

You are always in search, because it is part of your spirit, to have freedom and independence, these are high values ​​for you, but to conquer them you must face situations personally, face to face with yourself and things, because this will give you a incredible maturity.

The gentleman may well depict a tumultuous adolescent who seeks his place, his truth, who wants his independence and family, parents, must allow him to make mistakes along the way so that his spirit is tempered and his personality is forged, since it is based on mistakes that we learn and improve.

Undoubtedly the card asks you to slow down . Not only to make your health come, but so that you can recover your intellect, which you always show off and show off, making it centered again, reasonable and logical. Focus on one thing at a time instead of having so much dispersion, it is the only way to solve things, one by one and step by step.

In other respects , the card can be a clear warning for you to be on your guard, taking precautions: someone who “is not what he claims to be” may appear in your life now, he is not what he seems, especially if he is new people who have just to know.

It is almost certainly not reliable, and although we are not talking about a thief in the classical sense, it can be someone who “steals” your energy, your dynamism, who drains you energetically or spiritually.

It is also a card that announces delay or delays in travel , so if you are planning or waiting to make one, there may be unforeseen events that delay it.

Finally, you have to be careful at this time with personal and private information. Not only take care of what you say and to whom, but also take precautions with your emails, passwords, internet data, accounts and other personal information that may now be exposed, since there are possibilities that it will be lost, stolen or wrong used. There is no need to become paranoid, but take the proper precautions and handle it all with care.

Knight of Swords (Reversed) – In Love Tarot Reading

The reversed knight of swords indicates that it is a time of many discussions, violent at times, but they seem to make no sense. It is discussed over great issues as well as trifles, and the climate of discord does not seem to end.

This may be because of you, but also because of your partner, or even both. They are out of control, have lost priorities and are visibly upset, but this annoyance is deep down with themselves, not with the other. Things are not working at the moment in any area of ​​your life and you channel it by blaming it on your partner.

It is time to lower the noise and especially to think before speaking. “Biting your tongue” before opening your mouth is now vital to avoid creating more problems.
It is not a card of separations or an incompatible love, it is a card about a time when things do not work and you are unhappy and above all, very angry.

If you are alone and looking for love, be careful with the opportunities that appear, as they can be false and misleading, not all that glitters is gold and possibly people who will be much ado about nothing.

Don’t trust promises or sweet words just yet. This is not for you to reject everyone, but for you to keep a watchful eye and look behind appearances.

Knight of Swords (Reversed) – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

When the knight of swords is reversed, there can be conflicting situations, especially due to theft of data or ideas. It’s not for you to be wary of everyone, but keep a watchful eye, as there are chances that someone will take over your work or your ideas, take credit for them, and literally take them out of your hands.

Be careful to save the information, make backup copies, save papers and invoices, written documentation, in order to prove that you are right or that the work was really your merit.
It is also possible that they blame you for something that you did not commit, if this happens defend yourself with solid evidence.

If you are unemployed, it is convenient that you do not scatter looking for many things at the same time, it will be in vain. Make a list of what kinds of jobs you could do well and focus on them, look there.

However, if any favorable opportunity presents itself, even if it is not your domain, take it. Better a bird in hand, you will see later change of activity.

Knight of Swords (Reversed) – In Money Tarot Reading

The reversed knight of swords indicates that there is a risk of scams and deception. They are thefts of course, but not at gunpoint, but through deception.

You can fall into the temptation of money or business opportunities that seem easy and fast, so think twice and analyze everything very well, very logically, if you are presented with opportunities that seem like the great business you have always been waiting for.

There is also the risk of making bad decisions, making bad investments or wasting money, therefore caution should be your north now, and it may not really be the best time for you to make investments, expenses, move your company, open a branch, a new place or start a business on your own.

Knight of Swords (Reversed) – In Health Tarot Reading

The inverted knight asks you to urgently slow down, since the high levels of stress you have will only increase if you continue with this crazy rhythm.

The general tone of the card about scams or scams also applies here and you could be the victim of some treatment that you do not need or an intervention that is not necessary, therefore, ask for other opinions or ask other questions.

There can also be errors and confusion, the medical doctor could give you a wrong diagnosis and even if they seem very sure of it, they would be in error. It is a possibility with this card

Finally lower the aggressive tone, your anger, since your health suffers a lot when you submit to that negative state.

Knight of Swords (Reversed) – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

This gentleman asks you to begin evaluating the spiritual information that you are receiving very carefully, regardless of its source. It’s easy to get confused or fooled now. Give yourself time and space to absorb new information.

It is vital that you calm your head and your emotions. As a sword card you are someone strongly thinking, rational, but now you must try to delve a little more into your emotional and spiritual side. Try meditating or doing exercises like yoga, which will put you in the center very quickly and will do you good in these hectic moments that you live.

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