Three of Wands (Reversed): love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Three of Wands (Reversed)

love, money, profession, health, spirituality

Three of Wands (Reversed) love, money, profession, health, spirituality
Three of Wands (Reversed)

Three of Wands (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Unrealistic plans. 
  • The project does not justify itself. 
  • Disappointment in achievement.
  • negligence;
  • trust in an unreliable person;
  • sprayed;
  • excessive pride / arrogance;
  • it is better to postpone your plans until better times;
  • achievements pass by;
  • lack of cooperation;
  • creative stagnation;
  • lack of energy, materials for business.

Three of Wands (Reversed): significance

The three of wands when you invest shows that you have and have always had the intention, concern and effort to advance in your life, in your goals and dreams, but in one way or another obstacles and delays in your plans have arisen.

Stagnant creativity, lack of support and appreciation from others, have made you often find yourself wondering if everything was just a waste of useless time.

Feelings of failure often overwhelm you, you feel disappointed, you lose patience, and you lose sight of the fact that all these obstacles are also part of the game.

Everything is presented to evaluate and test you, everything makes you grow and develop , everything that appears and you overcome, makes you stronger, with more knowledge and more mastery on the path of your own personal journey.

In another aspect , the three of wands indicates that the difficulty you may have or have had in putting your plans and dreams into action, may be due to poor planning , a rush that has made you not take some things into account and that today is sabotaging your success.

You should calm down and recheck your plan to find the flaws you have had and correct them. Perhaps you have dreamed big in excess, and the goal becomes unattainable due to size. In this case you must divide it into smaller parts and go through it in stages. Having an alternative plan will also help you more than once.

This is a card closely related to travel, usually work , or related to trade with other places and countries, almost always distant and separated by water, as seen in the chart of the card, so there may be delays and delays in everything related to business, or goods that you expect to arrive from abroad.

Three of Wands Reversed – In Love Tarot Reading

The three of wands indicates that the relationship may be having problems due to a lack of common goals. For example, your partner may want to travel or have to do it for work and you do not want to accompany that trip or have that destination.

Or on the contrary, be the other way around: you need to expand and your partner does not want it. That is a major obstacle in the relationship without a doubt, and it is clear that it can be solved if both of you love each other and put effort into solving things.

At another point, this card teaches that love at a distance is not convenient at all. Everything is conspiring for the relationship to continue and grow. Try to stay away from these kinds of distant ties. Clearly not what you need at the moment.

Three of Wands Reversed – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The three of wands shows delays and delays, the possibility that there is little cooperation on the part of partners or collaborators, or of the people who should support you. Also the possibility of betrayals and bad plays on the part of a business partner or peer, even a customer or supplier.

Everything that is related to merchandise and deals with abroad goes slow, takes longer than you expect and there may be sudden failures. All of these will be tests and none of them will make you fall or give up your dream. They will make you learn.

If you are looking for work, it will come after a period of delays and waiting, false promises that will test your mettle and will, but you will get it.

Three of Wands Reversed – In Money Tarot Reading

The three of clubs is not a negative card. Things won’t go bad for you in your numbers, but you may find some major delays, or it may take longer for your business to be completed. You expect a promotion, a jump in employment, these things will come but not without some delay. T

In taking care of companies and businesses with distant people, you can get disappointed and lose money. This is not the time to expand, ask for money or credits. Manage what you have, save, dispose in measure until things stabilize for you.

Three of Wands Reversed – In Health Tarot Reading

The three of wands can indicate that if you are in the treatment of any ailment, waiting for results, they will arrive slower than expected. This is not a sign that they are bad or negative, only that the whole process may take longer than what you had originally calculated.

Your health is good in general, although you should try to reduce the stress, impatience and sudden anger that all this series of obstacles that this three of the deck poses.

Three of Wands Reversed – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The three of wands asks you to take time to take care of your soul and your emotions, especially now, when difficulties are looming.

Moments of calm and peace, meditations, sitting quietly to read, can bring you not only the physical benefits, but the appearance of vital ideas and inspirations to solve the things that complicate your days. Many times the best answers are unexpected and come from silence and contemplation.

In Conclusion

In an inverted position, a card means: cooperation in which you are not free, betrayal, underestimating the strength of the enemy, neglecting the help offered, or overly cautious attitude to that; who offers this help (reinsurance).

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