Temperance: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Temperance Upright Keywords:

saving, moderation (endurance), thrift, ability to manage (own the tool), adaptability (compromise).

Temperance Reversed Keywords:

things related to churches, religions, sects, clergy; also separation (separation), unsuccessful combinations, competing interests.

Temperance Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

The meaning of the Temperance card will become clearer if we translate it as “True Measure”. It constitutes the positive opposite of the next Arcanum of the Devil, symbolizing immoderation. “Moderation” is characterized by such qualities as harmony, balance, spitelessness and peace of mind. This card corresponds to that happy state when a person feels, loves himself and is, therefore, in harmonious balance with the world around him. If the question is about health, mental or physical, then Moderation means well-being or recovery.

The fourteenth card of the Major ARCANA is called Temperance (another name is ART), and it depicts an Angel with two CUPS in his hands, the contents of which are constantly poured from one goblet into another, as the upper vessel, filling up, changes places with the lower one. So life spills from visible to invisible and vice versa. The sun (or a beam of light) on the forehead of an angel controls the flow of water, which, when raised by the sun’s rays into the air, returns to the earth in the form of rain to be raised again, and so on to infinity. The interpretation of this card is connected with the shape of the circle, which symbolizes the constant creative process closed within itself, leading to the transformation of the world and the redistribution of resources in it in their new quality. The traditional tarot card usually depicts a girl pouring water from one urn,
This ARKANA is astrologically correlated with the sign of Sagittarius, which affirms a high worldview in the world, and with the concept of human genius making progress. Sagittarius, as a conductor of Heavenly will to Earth, reveals the idea of ​​evolution (a downward movement of development): – this is the path of an idea to earthly reality. The meaning of this ARKANA connects the Sun and the Moon (male and female, conscious and unconscious spheres) – the clear daily mind of the Sun and the lyrical emotions of the Moon. The interaction of the luminaries serves as the basis for “lowering” the idea into the world.
On the TARO map, two cups symbolize this idea – gold and silver: the stream from the first flows into the second. The gold of the Sun, which is a spirit, is transformed into the silver of the Moon, which personifies the soul. An idea passes from the spiritual sphere to the spiritual one, and the flow of emotions contributes to the further embodiment of thought.

Since Sagittarius is a rational sign, it can also be compared with the circle of mental knowledge outlined by the Magician to protect from the evil spirits those entities that he causes by his mental activity and communication with which is fraught with surprises.
This ARKAN asserts the stability of consciousness from any external influences. It is inherent in expediency, harmony, proportionality, renewal of spiritual and physical forces.

“MODERATE” is the way of the stoic. temperance and accuracy” – this motto perfectly characterizes the person following the path of the Fourteenth Arcana. “Bind and share – create new connections previously disconnected.” That which once was a kind of one, being divided, forever keeps the memory of unity. Negative aspects: excessiveness, tendency to unnecessarily fragment the process or, conversely, combine the unconnected, take on many things at the same time.
Astrologically, the Temperance card can be associated with the signs of Sagittarius and Virgo, the planets Mercury and Proserpine, as well as the Sixth House.

Temperance Relation with Astrology

Venus as a symbol of harmony, balance.

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