The Devil: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


The Devil Upright Keywords:

devastation, violence, passion, extraordinary effort, coercion, rock. That which determines, but in itself, is not the cause of evil.

The Devil Reversed Keywords:

fatal evil, weakness, blinding (recklessness), irritability.

The Devil Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Of all the Arcana, the Tarot the Devil seems to be the most difficult to understand, because everyone has his own. Perhaps, only a situation of dependence on someone or something, a weak will, a shameful failure of good intentions, and also actions committed contrary to one’s own convictions can be considered common to all. The Devil, as it were, personifies the dark side of several cards: for the Magician, this is black magic, for the Priestess – part of her negative archetype, for the Priest – hypocrisy, money-grubbing under the guise of a holy man, for Lovers – a struggle for power or degeneration of partnerships in pure sex, lust without the slightest a sign of love, for Justice – corruption or inability to recognize their own wrong. He also personifies exorbitant greed as the other side of the Force, immoderation as opposed to Moderation and rules various regions of the Unknown edge of the map of the Moon. As a tempter, he most often appears before us under one or another attractive mask. One way or another, this card shows that we play with fire and should be damn (!) Careful not to get burned. At a deeper level, it means that our question affects, first of all, the shadow sides of our personality.

The fifteenth card of the Major ARCANA is called the DEVIL and depicts a creature similar to Pan with the deer horns, arms and body of a person and legs of a goat (or with a dragon tail). The figure stands on a cubic stone to which two satyrs are chained. As a scepter, the DEVIL holds a candle (sometimes a torch). The figure is a symbol of the magical powers of the astral light or universal mirror, in which the divine powers are reflected in the opposite or lower state. The Demon has bat wings, emphasizing its belonging to the night or shadow sphere. The animal nature of man is expressed in the form of male and female principles, chained to a cube. The torch in the hand of the DEVIL is a false light, leading unenlightened souls to their own destruction. The moon is the planet of the immortal soul. Dying and reborn in the sky, it awakens the idea of ​​immortality in the human soul and is associated with the image of the heavenly Eye, which surveys the Earth at night. But at night all earthly things are immersed in a dream, and the dormant Eye has no one to share with them about what they saw, and it only sees, but does not speak. But his vision is sharp and penetrates into the darkest corners of matter, knowing all its essence and basis. Preserving the old at the birth of the new is the traditional function of the moon. And for the dense matter where this memory is recorded, the sign of Capricorn is responsible. We can say that if Sagittarius affirms a new vision of the world, then Capricorn, as its compensation, is tied to the old, to its most rigid and conservative foundations, therefore the card “DEVIL” (whose astrological equivalent is the sign of Capricorn) is associated with the service of matter, which carries inner (spiritual) devastation.

On the Fifteenth lasso of Tarot the ruler of human desires Baphomet is usually depicted with a third eye in the middle of the forehead and an inverted five-pointed star – a symbol of active indulgence of the spirit into matter. Next to Baphomet is a man and a woman in free chains: they can drop them, but they do not do this, yielding to the temptation to create the material world.
The concept of astral light as a universal creative principle corresponding astrologically to Mars (the planet exalted in the sign of Capricorn) also correlates with this card.

Of course, in everyday interpretations this card does not mean anything good: the world fetters a person by chains. People become the way this manifested world accepts them, forcing them to fight for their existence. But to a developed personality, this card can be interpreted in a different way. A man and a woman are chained to each other and the throne of Baphomet by the power of that rationality, which is enclosed in matter and remembers its evolution.
And their task is to use this force in order to renew the forms of being at one’s discretion. And then already – they will be able to order Baphomet, who will lose his power and become only the executor of their desires.
Therefore, the ARKAN DEVIL, in certain situations, can also symbolize a person – as the only divine creation, which, combining perfection with rationality (the Sun, Mercury), is able to command even the Demons.

Recall Solomon, whom the Demon Amadeus helped build the temple. But … and we will not forget: – that there is time to build and time to destroy … The
Fifteenth ARKAN is the dark side of all things, all ARKAN, all the signs of the Zodiac. Evil is an integral part of both the essence of man and life in general. The DEVIL is hiding in the shadow of light, but not walking in the shadow is cowardice; a person should be able to see the DEVIL and not be afraid to enter into a struggle with him (and even better – into a dialogue).

The Devil Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card may indicate that you take for granted what cannot be proved. Remembering evil, we should not forget that fire can be both light and hell. In addition, the card “DEVIL” can symbolize the excruciating thirst for material or purely physical well-being, as well as the desire to rule over others. In certain cases, it also signals slavish dependence on erotic desires.

The Devil Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, the card speaks of the abuse of power, the concentration of efforts solely on achieving material wealth. If the card falls out among the good ones, then we can assume a successful love story or a situation in which you can safely “dodge” retaliation, and if you say it quite frankly: debauchery without unpleasant consequences. In the realm of spiritual knowledge, an inverted card indicates that you have realized the limitations of forms and are striving to free yourself from them. It is also possible that you, realizing in yourself the spark of God, begin to comprehend yourself in the identity.

The Devil Relation with Astrology

Pluto as a sign of dark power.

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