The Devil: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

The Devil

Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
The Devil

The Devil Yes or No

The Devil
Yes or No
The Devil
Yes or No
The answer to material questions “yes” with a warning about free cheese.The answer is “No”
This card shows losses.

The Devil (upright) Keywords

Addictions and bad habits. 
Double bottom. 
Humor on the verge of perversity, sarcasm.
Worldly, material affairs;
Limited beliefs and values;
Tendency to temptation;
Unethical behavior;
Inappropriate use of force;
A victim of his own vanity and pride;
Acquaintance with your own shadow side;
Significant promises, teasing flirting, sensual passion;
“We sin for a moment, but we repent all our lives”;
The power of negative thinking;
Excessive dependence;
Unnecessary guilt;
Strong infatuation;
Vanity, selfishness;
Greed, lust;
Obstacles, fears;
Sadism, cruelty;
“Achilles’ heel”.

The Devil (reversed) Keywords

Inner strength;
Removing obstacles;
Detecting inner strength;
Throwing off the shackles;
Taming your own fears;
Indecision, stubbornness;
Excessive ambition;
Abuse of power;

The Devil Advice

The Devil
The Devil
Pay more attention to the material side of life, its joys, sex.

Analyze your vices and find weaknesses. 
Work on getting rid of addictions (if any) and bad habits.
Think more about the spirituality.

The Devil Warning

The Devil
The Devil
You will have to pay for the pleasure in the end.

Resist dubious temptations, even if they seem beneficial. 
Weigh the pros and cons in advance. 
Try not to let your addictions get the best of you.
Danger of material loss.

The Devil as a Person

The Devil
As a Person
The Devil
As a Person
Those who are overly concerned with money. 
Those with unhealthy passions. 
Greedy, petty people. 
Those who are ruled by base passions. 
Destructive people. 
The women who are beaten and the men who are beaten. 
Those whose life is to some extent directly related to slavery or dependence.

They love to live with taste. 
They appreciate beautiful little things, subtleties, aesthetics. 
Such people love hiking and travel.

Profession: Cooks, Speakers, Psychologists (they know which thread to pull).

Craving for the mysterious: they often become esotericists, adherents of any teaching.

A tendency towards homosexuality is possible.

Angry people. 
Petty people. 
Sexual offenders.

Positive :
People who have freed themselves from their fears.

People are distrustful, suspicious of everyone. 
A state of despair, a feeling of collapse, a painful perception of reality accompanies this person.

The Devil as feelings

The Devil
as feelings
The Devil
as feelings
Greedy, dependence, materialistic, cruel, sadist, guilty, unethical. Distrustful, suspicious, despair, stubborn, perversion.

The Devil : Card of the Day

The Devil will demonstrate уour dark side.

A varietу of temptations and desires will awaken, which are difficult to cope with.

People appear, inciting to prohibited actions. In general, the daу turns into a test: will the fortuneteller be able to remain true to the principles.

The Devil as someone sees you

  • A materialistic person, who cares only about himself, not thinking about other people;
  • As someone whom he/she is very sexually attracted to.

The Devil : Love

The Devil
The Devil
Sex to the point of perversion: partners are so fed up with the usual that they are looking for any novelty. 
May indicate a common law marriage.
May mean a preference for spiritual communication or sexual incompatibility. 
Relationship fatigue.

Regarding love, El Diablo tells us that although the couple or the love situation is marked by passion, lust and sexuality, its romantic content is poor, the emotions are superficial, corporal, but not internal.

There may be domination of one over the other, competition, vanities. There is an emotional instability, fights and constant arguments.

It is good if you want to know how much passion there is in the couple or relationship, if sexuality is strong, but in general reading for a love relationship it is a letter with many negative nuances.

The Devil : Career

The Devil
The Devil
Profits (often loans or promises of profits), or “left” money.

Criminal business, brothels, gambling establishments.

Success may be temporary, but right now everything is fine.

Sexual affairs at work.
Loss of money, loss of income. 
Failed expectations.

As for work, it is favorable since it marks intensity, commitment, passion in what is done. It can indicate cunning to define something or do business.

Regarding a partner, for example, it will mark that it is good for its cunning and methods to achieve things, but negative in terms of its reliability or instinct for domination, it will depend on other cards in the reading to define the profile. Surprises and good job opportunities may appear.

It indicates that mixing work and love, or sex, for example, will not have good results. It can mark dissatisfaction in the current job, but it does evaluate the positive things and that it depends in part on you to improve the situation, your attitude, struggle and commitment is vital.

The Devil : Money

When it comes to money and finances , El Diablo is a positive card. It indicates a good time for investments of all kinds, negotiating contracts, agreements, pacts, laws and working conditions, BUT, not everything is rosy.

The cunning with which you handle money issues can go well or very badly, especially if there are deceptions or veiled things, hidden agendas behind. Saving a little in this time is necessary, not spending 24 hours a day on money, not spending in a superfluous way.

The Devil : Health

The Devil
The Devil
Health is abused, but it still stands. Bad Health. 
It can mean sexually transmitted diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction. 
Destructive magical effects.

With regard to health, this card is also favorable, it shows regeneration, attitude, healing, recovery from diseases, ailments, post-operative.

You must attend to the genitals, take care of sexual health, avoid promiscuity and relationships that are not safe.

You should also pay attention to stress and job fatigue.

The Devil : past, present, future

The Devil in past position

One of the choices you made was wrong for you. Negative forces slow down your development.

The Devil in present position

Outside of your influence, an event is taking place that will change your life. It is doubtful whether this is good or bad, but avoid extravagant behavior and be true to yourself.

The Devil in future position

There comes a time when you have to find the beauty within yourself and stop the projections that you throw into the world. Find the courage to change your life. The course of your life is beyond your knowledge, but this awareness will defeat your self-deception.

The Devil (Upright) Meaning

  • The power of negative thinking. 
  • It’s too hard to refuse. 
  • Pessimism. 
  • Refusal to look for a way out of a predicament. 
  • Excessive dependence. 
  • An unnecessary sense of guilt. 
  • Strong infatuation. 
  • Fight with your personal “demons”. 
  • Darkness. 
  • Need to see clearly. 
  • Excessive attachment to material things. 
  • Vanity. 
  • Selfishness. 
  • Unhealthy attachments. 
  • Greed. 
  • Lust. 
  • Strong sexual desires. 
  • Obstacles. 
  • Fears. 
  • “Suspended” state. 
  • Doubts about yourself. 
  • Hopelessness. 
  • Depression. 
  • The bonds that crush. 
  • Bad choice. 
  • Feeling attached to a limited situation or relationship. 
  • Interdependence. 
  • Enslavement. 
  • Imprisonment. 
  • Indulgence. 
  • Addiction. 
  • Falling into your own grip. 
  • Obsession with power, sex, or money. 
  • Sadism. 
  • Cruelty. 
  • The conflict between material and spiritual well-being. 
  • Primitive desires. 
  • Uncontrollable passions. 
  • Abuse. 
  • Perversions. 
  • Sexual instincts. 
  • Suppressed fears. 
  • Your Achilles’ heel. 

You feel that you have fallen into a trap, which, most likely, you made yourself. Perhaps you have some kind of strong hobby. Do you refuse to end your problematic relationship? 

Is it difficult for you to refuse when you feel like it really needs to be done? 

When the devil appears in the scenario, it is worth thinking: perhaps you are too attached to the material world or you are overwhelmed by unbridled passions, maybe you are not in the best relationship with someone , or are you too concerned about financial well-being? Fear and negative thinking poison your life.

Take a close look at reality. Perhaps your life is like slavery? Perhaps you are entangled in a web of unhealthy attachments? Are you acting out of greed or fear of losing material wealth? Are you using money to buy love? 

Are you maintaining a relationship that you yourself understand will not lead to anything good? Are you busy pursuing material happiness? Are you haunted by obsessive thoughts about your health or sex? Do you allow your life to be dependent on drugs, alcohol or other addictions?

The devil warns:  you must not use your position or influence to manipulate other people. You have fallen into your own trap, and now is the time to face your fears and what is holding you back. Your hopelessness and the belief that nothing can be changed is holding you back. 

Why are you so sure that your destiny is only to suffer? Fight with your shadow, this will allow you to develop further (according to Jung, the Shadow denotes the dark side of our personality and the most difficult aspects – our fears, indecision, which we must resist and which we must tame; only after that we can find integrity).

In the upright position, the card may indicate that you take for granted what cannot be proved. Remembering evil, we should not forget that fire can be both light and hell. In addition, the card “DEVIL” can symbolize the excruciating thirst for material or purely physical well-being, as well as the desire to rule over others. In certain cases, it also signals slavish dependence on erotic desires.

The Devil (Reversed) Meaning

Positive Meaning:

  • Taming your own fears. 
  • Liberation from addiction. 
  • Throwing off the shackles. 
  • Ending interdependence. 
  • The power of positive thinking. 
  • Overcoming temptation. 
  • The search for enlightenment.

Negative Meaning:

  • Indecision. 
  • Obstinacy. 
  • Excessive ambition. 
  • Excessive greed. 
  • Instability. 
  • Clinging to 
  • something . 
  • Addiction. 
  • Loop around the neck. 
  • Will-suppressing relationships. 
  • Abuse of power. 
  • Perversion. 
  • Inhumanity. 
  • Using people in their own interests, for the purpose of enrichment. 
  • Completely corrupt absolute power.

In an inverted position, the card speaks of the abuse of power, the concentration of efforts solely on achieving material wealth. If the card falls out among the good ones, then we can assume a successful love story or a situation in which you can safely “dodge” retaliation, and if you say it quite frankly: debauchery without unpleasant consequences. 

In the realm of spiritual knowledge, an inverted card indicates that you have realized the limitations of forms and are striving to free yourself from them. 

It is also possible that you, realizing in yourself the spark of God, begin to comprehend yourself in the identity.

The positive aspect of the devil card: 

When turned upside down, it indicates that you will be free from the shackles. You will defeat the false values ​​and circumstances that limit you. 

You will no longer be at the mercy of your glamor. An onerous relationship is drawing to a close. You are already ready for freedom and independence, you no longer cling to life-poisoning relationships, as well as the desire to make a lot of money and gain power. 

You are freed from the influence of negative thinking. You are ready to throw off the burden of a difficult situation.

The negative aspect of the devil card:  

In an inverted position, it indicates that you may be acting selfishly, most of your actions are dictated by greed. Perhaps you need to choose between money and happiness. Your desire for material wealth or power can turn into a mania. 

Perhaps someone is controlling or manipulating you. You will not overcome depression until you release the shackles that hold you back. Many obstacles have been created by you, but you do not want to notice it. 

The devil card in an inverted position warns that you can be drawn into dirty sexual relations. You see no way out of a hopeless situation.

The Devil : Spirituality

In the field of spirituality, it indicates that you should maintain a positive mindset, as it is of the utmost importance at this time. Positive affirmations are important and will benefit you. Take a look at who you surround yourself with.

Are there positive, optimistic people in your midst, or are you surrounded by overly critical people? Do you feel that they dominate you? Take stock and take action. Life is short, you should not allow yourself to be forced to live it in any other way than what you want.

The Devil Relation with Astrology

Pluto as a sign of dark power.

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