The Magician – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 1 (I-One)

The Magician

Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning - Major Arcana Card Number 1 (I-One)
The Magician

The Magician Yes or No

The Magician
Yes or No
The Magician
Yes or No
The answer is “Most likely Yes”.  The answer is “No” due to a number of compelling reasons.

The Magician (upright) Keywords

Clarity of mind. 
Youthful self-confidence. 
The desire to take risks. 
Public performance. 
Good connections. 
Sleight of hand. 
Work for yourself. 
A justified risk. 
Predicting the future.
intermediary (between source and destination);
the power to act and make decisions;
active will;
sexual energy;
the ability to resolve conflicts and rise to new heights;
means a leader, an original thinker;
clarity of thought;
period of inspiration;
Research Institute;  library; an office for scientific work; doctor’s office; 
a place where you can find harmony;
disciplined learning outcomes;
prediction of the future;
the desire to be in sight;
work for yourself;
the beginning of a new period in life.

The Magician (reversed) Keywords

unreasonable use of one’s powers;
striving for empty goals;
ill-conceived projects;
feigned experience, weakness;
actions at random;
collapse of plans;
excessive self-confidence;
ignoring your own talents;
suppression of sexuality.

The Magician Advice

The Magician
The Magician
Don’t wait – go for it! 
Everything is in your power, you have all the necessary opportunities to change the situation in your favor. 

Thanks to the long-term work on yourself, you have received a great advantage. 

Now is the best time for fresh ideas and plans. 
Observe, experiment, listen to yourself and do well.
What you can’t do – try to find another solution to the problem, or do something else for now, instead of inaction.

The Magician Warning

The Magician
The Magician
Going towards your goal, do not forget about others. 

It is very easy not to notice how by your actions you are hurting someone around you or destroying something good. 

You don’t need to go over your head, otherwise you can get a rollback from the Universe. 

Also, analyze your actions, there is a risk that you can lose a lot due to thoughtlessness.
Making decisions on big projects without consulting others may give wrong results.

Manipulation will not give long term success.

The Magician as a Person

The Magician
As a Person
The Magician
As a Person
A grown man. 
Someone who manipulates the physical world. 
A politician who knows how to properly dispose of his power. 
Someone who is well versed in technology and knows how to work with various tools. 
Children from five years old to puberty. 
Practical scientist. 
Medical worker. 

A strong person, accustomed to leading, managing or leading people. 
Those who use their external data to achieve a goal. 
Those who only want sex, not love. 
Selfish people. 
People who are of no use, or those who constantly interfere. 
Those who are confident in their own knowledge and skills, without any reason. 
Geniuses are nuggets. 
Unpleasant personalities. 
Those who cannot be trusted. 
People “walking over corpses”, plotting.

A loser, a clumsy person.

A person who generates only “brilliant” ideas, but is not able to complete what he started.

The Magician as feelings

The Magician
as feelings
The Magician
as feelings
Courageous, fearless, inspired. Loser, clumsy, unreasonable, weak, indecisive, selfish.

The Magician : Card of the Day

As card of the day, “The Magician” sуmbolizes the need to behave more proactivelу.

This is a hint that уou have all the resources and capabilities уou need to be successful.

Do not be afraid to make fateful decisions, because todaу уou will cope with the task.

This is an auspicious daу for decisive action.

The Magician as someone sees you

  • Someone who has power to act and make decisions.
  • Person who can resolve conflicts and rise to new heights.
  • Someone who is a leader, an original thinker.
  • An intuitive person who can predict the future.

The Magician : Love

The Magician
The Magician
The attitude in which people try to distance themselves from each other. 

This can mean both a temporary cooling of feelings, and complete independence from each other, such as a divorce or separation.
Not an interesting acquaintance. 
Relationships that are bored or meaningless. 

Such relationships, one might say, exist only because of the impossibility or unwillingness to change something in their life.

If you are currently available or looking for a new romance, this is a time when it is very likely that you will meet someone new. If you are in a long-term relationship, the relationship is going to rise to new, deeper levels of commitment and enjoyment.

This is an excellent time to go out and meet people or to overcome negative situations that have been in the couple. This card also indicates that it is you who has the solution or the power to decide on the relationship.

The Magician : Career

The Magician
The Magician
For work and business – a very positive card. 
Indicates the start of a new business, successful conduct of a commerce or business. 

New promising job, successful start. Success in business.
The work is at a standstill, there is no progress, but there is no decline either. 

Most likely the matter is in the reasons beyond your control, it is worth waiting a little.

There will be an improvement in your work life, career, profession or business activity. This points to a great time to find a new job or to apply for and receive a promotion at your current job.

Important achievements in your profession or improvements in your business, a new location or expansion. Excellent time to ask for salary increases.

Especially if your work is in a creative field, this is a time when your suggestions, works and ideas will be received with excellent understanding and can lead to things being bigger and better, for the benefit of all. Good work environment and relationship with colleagues.

The Magician : Money

The money begins to be in the expansion phase when this card appears. Even if there are apparently no possibilities at this point, something will appear that will allow you to earn more money. If it is an idea, the opportunity is great to carry it out, having faith in yourself and your abilities.

The money will come either as a salary increase, new clientele, higher sales, or a great idea. It is also a good sign to make a partnership or a good omen if it already exists.

The Magician : Health

The Magician
The Magician
Improvement of health, recovery, correct and successful treatment, which will lead to a complete recovery of health.The state of health remains unchanged so far. 

If it is not satisfactory, you should continue treatment and look for new opportunities, methods to improve health.

If you’ve been feeling bad, the problems will end shortly; this card signifies strength and / or recovery of strength. If you have any kind of ongoing health problem, you can expect vast and visible improvements, and even cure for the ailment.

It also indicates that you can benefit from some alternative therapies, such as massages, nutritional assistance, healthy diets that will make you regain strength immediately.

The Magician : past, present, future

The Magician in past position

Your confidence and creativity allowed you to effectively bring your ideas to life. You have achieved success through intelligence and skillful execution.

The Magician in present position

Nowadays, your knowledge and skills are necessary in order to influence the changes taking place. To make the changes useful, you must play your cards correctly.

The Magician in future position

The future in front of you is unclear, presenting both risks and opportunities. Opportunities will depend on the friendships you have maintained and the support you provide to those around you. Triumph or creative success can open up a new beginning for you.

The Magician (Upright) Meaning

  • Archetype of the matured son. 
  • The ability to achieve your goal. 
  • Disciplined Learning Outcomes. 
  • Change through willpower. 
  • Ability to use creative powers. 
  • Creative visualization. 
  • The ability to make decisions. 
  • Disciplined and creative action. 
  • Desire to master 
  • something new. 
  • Self confidence. 
  • Creative powers. 
  • Predicting the future. 
  • Determination. 
  • Learning by trial and error. 
  • Capabilities. 
  • Ability to quickly solve problems. 
  • Sleight of hand. 
  • Ability to adapt to change. 
  • Courage. 
  • Striving to be visible. 
  • Bragging. 
  • Work for yourself. 
  • Agility. 
  • Ability for medicine. 
  • Ability for languages. 
  • Ingenuity. 
  • Ability to use valuable equipment wisely. 
  • Creation of new long-term projects. 
  • Actions. 
  • Modern technologies. 
  • Central nervous system., Lungs, Hands. Five senses. 
  • Bisexuality.

Upright “The Magician” card indicates magic, channeling energies for goal manifestation, positive energy, confidence, beauty, infinite possibilities, opportunities, tools, new ideas, new beginnings

When “The Magician” card appears upright in a reading, there will be new opportunities in your life. Plus, tools will be available to assist in the fruition of these ideas. You should take up the new opportunities in front of you.  You should use the power of manifestation. Doing this will help you succeed.

You will soon be able to reap the benefits of long and disciplined training. To achieve your goals, you or the person you trust will be able to use your talents and merits. The right time to start new projects, since right now you are the master of your destiny. Everything you need will be at your fingertips. Technically advanced modern equipment will be of great help.

You will be able to cope with the new situation, take the necessary actions and focus your attention on the realization of potential opportunities. 

You will be able to present yourself in the most favorable light to those who are interested in your knowledge and experience. Right now, creative thinking will help you; maybe it makes sense to continue learning. You will be able to take full advantage of your organizational skills. 

Perhaps you will be successful in financial affairs. The magician says that the forces of nature will help you achieve your goals. To be successful, you may need special skills and ability to work with technology. 

The magician indicates that you must observe, experiment, remain receptive, improve your skills and learn to rule the world. If you asked a question about health, then the Magician can symbolize an experienced therapist or surgeon.

The Magician (Reversed) Meaning

  • Feigned experience. 
  • Weakness. 
  • Indecision. 
  • Inability to see things as they are. 
  • Selfish behavior. 
  • Actions at random. 
  • Collapse of plans. 
  • Impotence. 
  • Delay. 
  • Reluctance to take advantage of the opportunity. 
  • Inability to use what is at hand. 
  • Waste of energy or resources. 
  • Unrealistic goals. 
  • Making mistakes. 
  • Inability to learn from past mistakes. 
  • Excessive self-confidence. 
  • Lack of ease in doing business and communicating. 
  • Inability to use technology. 
  • Useless technology. 
  • Ignoring your own talents. 
  • Manipulation. 
  • Suppression of sexuality. 
  • Overconfidence. 
  • Lack of self-confidence or willpower. 
  • Reluctance to solve problems. 
  • The strength is running out. 
  • Nothing can be done right. 
  • Lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing. 
  • Unfulfilled plans, unattainable goals. 
  • Disorder and inconsistency.

When “The Magician” card appears upside down in a reading, it indicates that you have lost touch with your higher self. You are struggling in the manifestation of the goals. The path you are following may not be the right one. There is loss of positive energy. In this situation, it is better to step back and reconsider your ideas and goals. There is a misalignment and you need to fix it.

Reversed magician card indicates trickery. Someone might be deceiving you. There may be hidden trap in the deals presented to you. It indicates, you should be very careful while evaluating new deals.

For some reason, you do not use all your skills and talents in order to achieve your goal. Your indecision can lead to difficulties and delays. Perhaps you do not have enough knowledge to do some work: there is a need for further training. 

Perhaps you are pretending to know more than you really are. If you lack confidence in yourself, most likely, you will miss out on a great opportunity, if you are overly self-confident, you may be drawn into questionable projects. 

Maybe someone is interfering with your actions or is trying to throw dust in your basin. In the end, in essence, the Magician is a deceiver. Sometimes the Mage upside down can represent your brother or sister who is giving you a lot of trouble.

If you have formulated a question about your relationship with the opposite sex, then perhaps you are worried about the sexual problems that have arisen. Or, on the contrary, your partner is good in bed, but does not suit you emotionally at all. Pay attention to your behavior:

You may be acting too selfishly, not paying enough attention to the rights and needs of the people around you.

Now is the time to pull yourself together and focus all your efforts on achieving success. A magician in an inverted position may indicate that you feel deprived. 

You should avoid excessive materialism and go beyond the narrow confines of personal interests. 

You may not be listening to your intuitive self, as you are too focused on manipulating the outside world. Now is not the best time to quit your stable job and start your own business.

The Magician : Spirituality

This is an excellent time for you to undertake some type of spiritual study that has interested you in the past, but you have not had the opportunity to continue. You would also benefit from discussion groups that are of spiritual origin.

A spiritual master can appear in your life now. This person will be an excellent mentor and will help you have a new lease on life.

The Magician : Symbolism

The Magician card depicts a young man. He looks confident and smart. He seems to be in control and how to get people’s attention.

The Magician is holding a while coloured magic wand. He has raised it towards the sky. His other hand is down, and he is pointing a finger towards the ground. It feels like he is connecting the ‘sky’ energy to ‘earth’ energy. He is creating a channel between the sky and earth; connecting spirituality with materialistic things. Using the sky energy, the magician is able to create magic in the materialistic world. He is connecting his soul with the higher soul.

He is dressed in white clothes and has a red flowing robe. The white colour stands for purity while the red colour stands for materialism. He has a white band around his forehead. There is an infinity sign over his head. Its like he has infinite ideas to create infinite possibilities. His belt is bluish grey and is depicting a snake biting his own tail.

There is a wooden table in front of the magician. This table looks rich and has beautiful design on the side. On the table are the cup, coin, wand and sword. There are the 4 minor arcana of tarot. They symbolize, water, earth, air and fire. The combination of these elements creates everything in our world. These are the magician’s tools for creation.  

Above the magician, there are beautiful climbers with red flowers. The climbers on the right are longer than the once on the left. Below the magician’s table are beautiful shrubs with red and white flowers. These are indications of beauty and fragrance.

You cannot see the legs of the magician as they are behind the shrubs. So, his body is partially hidden.

The magician card has a bright yellow background. This card reflects a lot of positive energy.

The number of this card is ‘1’. This indicates new beginnings.  

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