The Magician – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 1 (I-One)

Description of The Magician Tarot Card:

The Magician card depicts a young man. He looks confident and smart. He seems to be in control and how to get people’s attention.

The Magician is holding a while coloured magic wand. He has raised it towards the sky. His other hand is down, and he is pointing a finger towards the ground. It feels like he is connecting the ‘sky’ energy to ‘earth’ energy. He is creating a channel between the sky and earth; connecting spirituality with materialistic things. Using the sky energy, the magician is able to create magic in the materialistic world. He is connecting his soul with the higher soul.

He is dressed in white clothes and has a red flowing robe. The white colour stands for purity while the red colour stands for materialism. He has a white band around his forehead. There is an infinity sign over his head. Its like he has infinite ideas to create infinite possibilities. His belt is bluish grey and is depicting a snake biting his own tail.

There is a wooden table in front of the magician. This table looks rich and has beautiful design on the side. On the table are the cup, coin, wand and sword. There are the 4 minor arcana of tarot. They symbolize, water, earth, air and fire. The combination of these elements creates everything in our world. These are the magician’s tools for creation.  

Above the magician, there are beautiful climbers with red flowers. The climbers on the right are longer than the once on the left. Below the magician’s table are beautiful shrubs with red and white flowers. These are indications of beauty and fragrance.

You cannot see the legs of the magician as they are behind the shrubs. So, his body is partially hidden.

The magician card has a bright yellow background. This card reflects a lot of positive energy.

The number of this card is ‘1’. This indicates new beginnings.  

Upright “The Magician” Tarot Card meaning:

Upright “The Magician” card indicates magic, channeling energies for goal manifestation, positive energy, confidence, beauty, infinite possibilities, opportunities, tools, new ideas, new beginnings

When “The Magician” card appears upright in a reading, there will be new opportunities in your life. Plus, tools will be available to assist in the fruition of these ideas. You should take up the new opportunities in front of you.  You should use the power of manifestation. Doing this will help you succeed.

Reverse or Upside-down “The Magician” Tarot Card Meaning:

Lack of opportunities, lack of positive energy, misalignment, things going wrong, trick of hand, deceit.

When “The Magician” card appears upside down in a reading, it indicates that you have lost touch with your higher self. You are struggling in the manifestation of the goals. The path you are following may not be the right one. There is loss of positive energy. In this situation, it is better to step back and reconsider your ideas and goals. There is a misalignment and you need to fix it.

Reversed magician card indicates trickery. Someone might be deceiving you. There may be hidden trap in the deals presented to you. It indicates, you should be very careful while evaluating new deals.

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