Priestess, Empress, Strength or Star: how to determine your female archetype and destiny according to the Tarot

Priestess, Empress, Strength or Star

how to determine your female archetype and destiny according to the Tarot

In the deck of Tarot cards, there are four female archetypes that contain scenarios of female destinies and describe various types of women from the perspective of the main mythologems of humanity. How to define your archetype and apply this knowledge in life? We will tell you in our material.

Archetypes are “programs” inherent in us that determine the scenarios of our entire life. Thanks to archetypes, the perception of the world and oneself is formed, life positions are determined and priorities are set. Archetypes are located in our subconscious and, being a product of the collective unconscious, connects us with the past experience of all mankind, from its most ancient times.

If we understand our archetype, then we can predict the development of upcoming events and analyze what has already happened in our life, realize our strengths and weaknesses and choose the most correct and effective strategy of behavior for solving certain problems.

Are there ways to determine which archetype is dominant in your life?

Tarot cards can help us with this. The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, which are commonly called the Arcana. The root of the word “Arcanum” refers to the Latin word arcanum, which means “mystery” or “enigma.” And this means that before us are not just 78 cards, but 78 secrets that are ready to be revealed to us. Tarot can be a real guide to your own life.

And if the 56 so-called Minor Arcana reveal to us the secrets of the cause-and-effect relationships of external space and those events that happen to us, then the 22 Major Arcana are the keys to the inner world order of the person himself and represent 22 archetypes, including, including female.

But today we are interested in 4 arcana associated with 4 basic female archetypes – Priestess, Empress, Strength and Star.

The Priestess – the archetype of the “virgin goddess”

This means that the leading archetype of a woman is one of the virgin goddesses – Artemis, Athena or Hestia, and this archetype endows a woman with self-sufficiency. She, as Esther Harding wrote in her book “Secrets of Women”, becomes “the only one for herself.”

The soul of such a woman does not belong to anyone; she is independent of men. She is not interested in the opinion of a patriarchal society about what a woman should do.

A woman with this archetype always attracts men like an unsolved riddle, like the Snow Queen – beautiful and unattainable.

This archetype opens up the paths of self-realization for a woman wherever she wishes, even if, according to the generally accepted opinion, these are male paths. She is also suitable for self-expression through all types of art, creativity, meditation, and work related to women’s societies, associations and mutual assistance.

The Empress – the archetype of the “mother goddess”

The card Empress depicts a beautiful pregnant woman, and it is associated with the archetype of the goddess – mother, whose image was in almost all peoples – Ishtar, Cybele, Isis, Demeter and many others. The bearers of this archetype are endowed with such qualities as a willingness to sacrifice and dedication, the desire to control everything, to feel like the source and root cause of everything that happens.

They feel great both in the role of the mother of the family and in the role of the team leader. For them, the main meaning of life and self-realization is caring for others and cultivating something new.

The Strength – the archetype of the “goddess of love”

The Strength symbolizes the goddesses of love. One of the brightest representatives of this beautiful galaxy is, of course, Aphrodite, who has inspired artists, poets and lovers for centuries.

Women with this archetype are endowed with sexual magnetism. They are able to kindle fire in men and inspire them to any feats. Such women relate to life as to creativity, they are little interested in men as husbands or fathers of their children – in relationships it is important for them that there is a common creative fire, a common flight.

The meaning of life for these women is to inspire and awaken. It is very important for them to learn to hear not only their heart, but also the voice of reason.

The Star – “the goddess of eternal femininity”

The Star symbolizes the Archetype of Persephone, a goddess who can exist both in the world of the living and in the world of the dead, since her mother is the goddess of fertility Demeter, and her husband is the god of the underworld, Hades.

Women with the manifested archetype of Persephone are a direct illustration of the phrase “in my weakness is my strength”, they do not externally show their own will and are always subordinate to someone, but at the same time they shine from the inside with the light of a guiding star and become guides to the unknown for their partners.

How do you define your Archetype?

Take out the 22 Major Arcana from the full deck, then find there 4 cards symbolizing the 4 basic female archetypes – the card at number 2, Priestess; card at number 3, Empress; card at number 11 (in some decks it goes at number 8), Strength and card at number 17, Star.

Shuffle these four cards and take out one of them with the question: “What archetype is now manifesting in my life scenario.”

If you got the Priestess , then you are now on the path of a self-sufficient, realized woman and, most likely, you are alone. This card can reflect your professional affiliation if you are a doctor. You are wise and perspicacious, your strengths are intelligence and intuition.

If the card that you got is the Empress , then your today’s life scenario develops around the topic of motherhood, or you are “nurturing” some new projects that will surely bear fruit. You have been given a unique ability to positively and constructively influence everyone around you.

If you got the Force card , it means that you are walking the fiery path of passions. You need to beware of hasty decisions and unexpected conflicts. Let your fire manifest itself in sexuality and creativity, especially since these are your strengths.

And finally, if you got the Star card , then you are in a passive position of acceptance, and it is now the most reasonable for you. Perhaps in your life there is a conflict in the relationship between your mother and your man, and the only right way for you now is the way of compromises. You have been given the power of acceptance and forgiveness.

A small life hack: if you add colors, symbols or details that correspond to one or another Tarot card to the elements of your clothes or accessories, then you can accelerate and strengthen the inclusion in your life of the energies of that archetype with which the chosen card is associated.