The Moon: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life (Major Arcana Card 18)

The Moon

Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life (Major Arcana Card 18)
The Moon

The Moon Yes or No

The Moon
Yes or No
The Moon
Yes or No
The answer is “Unclear”.  
Inaccurate question. 
Unpredictable situation. 
The questioner takes wishful thinking. 
It is necessary to lay out additional cards for verification.
The answer is “Unclear”.
As the circumstances will become clear, the picture will completely change.

The Moon (upright) Keywords

Call of the Moon. 
Deep emotions. 
Unstable psyche. 
Confused thoughts. 
Internal anxiety. 
The darkness of the soul. 
Secret connection. 
The creativity of the subconscious. 
Literary creativity. 
Occult powers. 
Past Lives. 
Otherworldly world. 
Secret enemies. 
Non-involvement, indifference. 
Dissatisfaction with your life. 
Complexes from early childhood. 
Cycles of change;
Intuition and psychic abilities;
Fear, uncertainty about the future;
The path to yourself;
Working out your qualities;
Development of complexes;
Call of the moon, roots in the animal kingdom;
Time of passivity and receptivity;
Powerful emotions;
Hidden truths;
Medium, the other world;
Entertainment industry;
Flight from reality;
Disturbing images, bad mood;
Water travel;
Illusions can be used for good.

The Moon (reversed) Keywords

Practicality outweighs intuition;
The period of chaos is coming to an end;
Beneficial changes;
Clear thinking;
Wandering in the clouds, illusions;
Health concern;
Anxious emotions;
Hazard warning;
Addiction to alcohol, drugs. 

The Moon Advice

The Moon
The Moon
Be careful. 
Consider the characteristics of your partners (are they lying?).
Pay attention to your dreams, intuition.
Strive for clarity, learn everything, find out the details, carefully study the proposals.

The Moon Warning

The Moon
The Moon
There is a danger of wishful thinking. If you are careful, you can avoid the danger. 
Avoid Travel.

The Moon as a Person

The Moon
As a Person
The Moon
As a Person
People endowed with extraordinary mental abilities. 
Creative people. 
Poets, Oceanographers. 
Unhappy lovers. 
Those who turn to their subconscious from time to time. 
Those who love animals.

The embezzlers. 
Those who give you “noodles”. 
Impractical dreamers.

Someone who perceives everything painfully. 
Person Careful in relationships.

They can disguise themselves as strong spirits, but inside they are soft, touchy (vulnerable). 
Emotional protection is needed. 

Creative (but emotional rather than ingenious)

There is some suicidal tendency.

Increased susceptibility to magical effects.
Those who are confused and cannot see events clearly.

Emotionally unstable or mentally ill people. 

People who shy away or cheat. 

Secret enemies. 




The moon card denotes people running from themselves, liars, secret enemies, people in confusion.

The Moon as feelings

The Moon
as feelings
The Moon
as feelings
Peaceful, dreamy, vulnerable, emotional. Confused, emotionally unstable, unclear.

The Moon : Card of the Day

If the Moon card of the day, then the person maу not like the daу.

The daу seems spoiled and unfavorable due to a recent nightmare dreamed. But do not think that what уou see will become real.

In fact, these are just emptу pictures generated bу the brain. Theу do not carrу valuable mуstical information.

The card maу indicate that уou need to take on a serious project. If there is a certain task, then the Moon calls on to fulfill it and not hide from responsibilitу. In the process, уou can encounter a lot of interesting things. The main thing is to take the first step!

It is imperative to take this daу to its fullest. Do not trу to change something or hide behind illusions. Of course, sometimes it will be scarу, but уou should still move forward in small steps.

Do not step back and then уou will achieve remarkable success.

The Moon as someone sees you

  • Mysterious person who has romantic fantasies and he does not know what reality might be;
  • someone who loves animals.
  • An emotional person.

The Moon : Love

The Moon
The Moon
Insincerity in a relationship.
Unpleasant conversation frankly. 
Receiving unpleasant information about a partner, for example, about his betrayal.

In love, this letter indicates that there will be romantic moments, with a lot of sensuality, “walks under the moonlight”, however, there is not much commitment. Romance is prioritized but not commitment to it.

The couple will have twists and turns, repeated changes, but even within that circle in which nothing seems to define itself, romance will not be lacking. It is a very emotional time and it is best not to make assumptions, or try to pigeonhole the relationship within fixed parameters.

It is what there is and it will be emotional and sensual, but if you are looking for definitions and concretions you will not find them. It’s also not a good time to be in a rush to start or leave a relationship.

The Moon : Career

The Moon
The Moon
Tourism associated with trips to (by) water.

In other cases, it can indicate enemies, agents of competitors, talk about intrigues and secret dangers.

Unstable work environment. 
Signing a contract with “small print” (i.e. one in which many unpleasant moments can be found later).

May mean talking about layoffs or running around looking for work..
Revealing secrets, talking cleanly, an end to intrigue. 

Obtaining information when looking for a job (the seeker has decided).

In relation to work, it is a time of serious rethinking about it. Or maybe you fool yourself into thinking that this job will give you more than it will actually be or on the contrary, it is not as bad as it seems and you have a wrong perception.

It is about seeing clearly what fits either your needs or your demands, tastes and vocations. This is not the time to make “hot” decisions. Wait for the night to be replaced by daylight to make important decisions.

The Moon : Money

As for money and finances, the message is similar. This is not the time to make hasty, drastic or hard decisions. Take care of saving, do not make investments that may seem bright and promising, because they may not be.

Remember that there is a lot of deception in the perceptions in this Moon chart. Things that are in the process of being done, plans or ideas, will still have to wait a bit.

The Moon : Health

The Moon
The Moon
Very poor health. 
Dangerous diseases associated with fluids (blood, lymph, kidneys, cancer, gynecological). 
Mental illness (schizophrenia, autism).
Improvement, relief of a serious condition. 
Diseases associated with body fluids, droplet infections.

The health in this card tells you that there may be some other problem with the reproductive system, since it is a card associated with sensuality and pleasures. It also tells you to consult when in doubt, since your intuition about what you have or think you have, may be misleading.

As a letter associated with the night, a tendency to consume or increase the consumption of alcohol, drugs or substances is feasible, therefore, beware of excesses and not to go beyond the law.

The Moon : past, present, future

The Moon in past position

Your understanding of the past event may be distorted by your current perceptions. Reflect on your story and make sure the pieces fit together. By eliminating uncertainty, you will find more peace.

The Moon in present position

A problem is approaching, which takes the form of a new creative project or conflict in a relationship. Your story will show you the best course of action.

The Moon in future position

Your imagination will bring you success if your thoughts are connected with practical actions. The struggle to reach your potential can cause many conflicts in your life, but the results will be wonderful.

The Moon (Upright) Meaning

Positive Meaning:

  • Call of the Moon. 
  • Our roots are in the animal kingdom. 
  • Events in the past define our present. 
  • A time of passivity and receptivity. 
  • Intuition. 
  • Powerful emotions. 
  • Hidden Truths Extraordinary Abilities. 
  • Medium. 
  • Negligence. 
  • Dreams. 
  • Imagination. 
  • Fantasy. 
  • Otherworldly world. 
  • Mother. 
  • The female archetype. 
  • Change. 
  • Secret. 
  • Confusion. 
  • An overwhelming feeling. 
  • The creativity of the subconscious. 
  • Fiction. 
  • Literary creativity. 
  • Acting. 
  • Work related to illusions. 
  • Entertainment industry. 
  • Wildlife. 
  • Travels.

Negative Meaning:

  • “Lunar fantasies” … Escape from reality. 
  • Embarrassment. 
  • Cheating. 
  • Fraud. 
  • Insincerity. 
  • Slander. 
  • False. 
  • Betrayal. 
  • Confused thoughts. 
  • Infidelity., Cunning. 
  • Fear. 
  • Cheating. 
  • Indecision. 
  • Bad dreams. 
  • Fears. 
  • Failure to anticipate or anticipate trouble. 
  • Nervousness. 
  • Overwhelming emotions. 
  • Disturbing images. 
  • Bad mood. 
  • Depression. 
  • Secret enemies. 
  • Unwillingness to take care of yourself. 
  • Gynecological problems. 
  • Everything is not at all what it seems.

Traditionally, the Moon warns of deception, lies, dishonesty, embarrassment, danger, self-deception and “moon fantasies” (often what we like in the moonlight turns out to be completely different during the day). 

Some of the meanings of the Moon chart are inspired by associations with the astrological sign of Pisces and with the twelfth house in the horoscope, which implies limitations and dissolution. This can also apply to the peculiarities of the psyche, spirituality and concern less fortunate people.

The Moon card indicates that you are entering a period of unstable mood and insecurity. During this period of time, you have to overcome obstacles at the level of your subconscious in order to be able to move on. That which was invisible or secret will become apparent. 

You can find a worthy use for your talents in literature, painting, acting, psychology or psychotherapy. Travel is possible, especially by water. You notice how ingrained patterns of the past affect your behavior in the present. Beware of reckless behavior.

Now you should listen to your dreams, feelings, premonitions, intuition. It is very important to understand what hidden meaning lies behind the external side of events, what is hidden in the past. Perhaps you should trust your feelings more than rely on logical analysis. 

Now in your life, interest in the psychological side of human life plays an important role. The Moon card invites us to think about our primitive principles, rooted in the animal kingdom and in the collective unconscious. 

If you asked the fortuneteller if you are being deceived, the Luna card indicates that you have become a victim of misinformation or a double game. Something is happening behind the scenes, but soon it will be revealed, as, indeed, all the secret. 

The Moon card says that your mother or the woman who replaces her will play a significant role in your future affairs.

In the upright position, the Moon card means the ability to see the hidden, the deep. 

The card indicates increased emotionality, an unstable character, a romantic attitude to life and a fairly developed intuition. In addition, other people easily trust such a person. 

On the whole, the Moon bears the imprint of twilight: conjecture, half recognition, obscurity, hidden motives. Perhaps false words, false friends, ambivalent behavior, false claims, insincerity, unknown enemies … Sometimes the card also predicts distant travels.

The Moon (Reversed) Meaning

Positive Meaning:

  • Beneficial change. 
  • Clear thinking. 
  • The ability to see things as they are. 
  • An opportunity to shed light on what is happening. 
  • End of the period of uncertainty. 
  • The secret becomes apparent.

Negative Meaning:

  • Insanity. 
  • Misunderstanding. 
  • Escape from reality. 
  • Ambiguity. 
  • Path in the dark. 
  • Cheating. 
  • The pursuit. 
  • Not true. 
  • Wrong perception. 
  • Wandering in the clouds. 
  • Illusions. 
  • Confusion. 
  • Uncertain fears. 
  • Health concern. 
  • Problems related to women. 
  • Primitive reactions. 
  • The dark side of the subconscious. 
  • Disturbing emotions. 
  • Ultimate motives. 
  • Doubts about yourself. 
  • Hidden fears. 
  • Dark secrets. 
  • Hazard warning. 
  • A test of loyalty.

Now is the time to take a step towards the light. Don’t make any big decisions until the period of confusion is over. Soon you will be able to see everything clearly in the light of day. 

You may have to face the monsters of your Id (the part of your personality that Freud called It) along the way. What was difficult to understand before is now becoming clearer. Perhaps soon you will find out about the existence of some secret enemy or about a secret threat to your well-being. 

If the whole alignment is negative, Luna suggests that you can prevent theft, sabotage, underhanded intrigue, misunderstanding or abuse of alcohol or drugs. Find out how your mother is doing.

In an inverted position, the Moon card suggests that someone is hiding behind a mask. 

A card may also be associated with a refusal to accept someone in integrity, oneness. In specific cases, the Moon speaks of heredity, genes that led to certain events in life (parents who were exposed to radioactive radiation at one time caused a tragedy in the life of the child).

Another meaning of the card is a small deception (exposed before it caused damage), the goal achieved for free, “for free.” You did not have to pay the true price for it (is this good?). Trivial mistakes.

The Moon : Questions you should ask

  • Are you kidding yourself?
  • Are you confused?
  • Do you feel like heading into the unknown?
  • Are you getting deeper and deeper into someone or something and moving away from reality?
  • Is it time to forgive yourself or someone else?
  • Is everything what it looks like?

The Moon : Spirituality

This is a very spiritual time and a good time for deep reflection. It is a time of opening but also of confusion.

You can be somewhat disoriented and while it is good to have some kind of support to guide you, you should not dismiss your own intuition, which at this moment is exalted.

Pay attention to your feelings and thoughts, many answers can come to you out of nowhere, in a vision. 

The Moon Relation with Astrology

Moon in Scorpio as “dark knowledge” (the abyss of the soul), or Sun in the 7th house as a symbol of descent into the Underworld.

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