The Moon: Card Number 18


The Moon Upright Keywords:

secret enemies, danger, slander, darkness, horror, deceit, error.

The Moon Reversed Keywords:

instability, inconstancy, silence. As well as in the main meanings – deception and mistakes, but to a lesser extent.

Ace of Wands Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

The Map of the Moon brings us into the mysterious kingdom of Darkness and Night, into the figurative world of the soul, into the world of our dreams, dreams and revelations. The bright side of the moon is romantic dreams, vivid imagination and artistic fantasy. However, this card also has a dark side, opening the way to the very abysses of the soul; it is fear, insecurity, nightmares, gloomy omens, generally a prejudice against all the unknown, invisible. We feel such fear, wandering at night through the dark forest, which seemed to us so safe during the day. The darkness obscuring the path taught us to fear. It can also be a fear of the terrible demons of antiquity, who have acquired a new name in our time: bacteria, viruses, millimeres, becquerels, gas contamination, acid rain.

The eighteenth map of the Major ARCANA is called the MOON. It depicts the moon rising between two towers (light and dark), a dog and a wolf sitting on opposite sides of the road and howling at the moon, and a crawl climbing out of the water. The road passes between the towers, through the dead buildings of the city and disappears beyond the horizon. According to legend, the Nile is filled with water due to the tears of the moon Goddess, which, falling into the river, fill it. Two pillars (towers, pyramids) symbolize the Pillars of Hercules, for which, according to the ideas of the Egyptians, the light never sets. The Egyptians also imagined the tropics as dogs, which, like faithful watchmen, prevent the close passage of the moon and the sun from the poles. Crab or Cancer according to the symbolism of the ancients – means the return movement of the moon. This card symbolizes the road of wisdom. A man in search of reality arises from a reservoir of illusions. After defeating the guardian of the gates of wisdom, he goes through the strengthening of science and theology and follows a winding road leading to spiritual liberation. This map corresponds to the altruistic sign of Aquarius pouring two streams of water onto the Earth: dead water of consciousness and living water of the spirit.

The figure of TAROT depicts a woman watering a desert, from the moist soil of which “blooming nature” grows. The eighteenth ARKAN is called the Moon and is interpreted as “staying” or simply being in the life process at that time when the waking consciousness of all living things is turned off, allowing the subconscious to penetrate all spheres of life, but not comprehending them, but only feeling them. The sorceress Moon shines only with the reflected light of the Sun, not bringing the joy of the day, but to those who “understand” her, she can bestow truly holy peace. In the foreground of the Eighteenth ARCANA TARO, the sea that gave birth to life is depicted, and this map corresponds to the zodiac sign Pisces – the symbol of which is two fish, one of which slowly floats up, beginning to evolve, and the other, embodying the scope of our subconscious,
Cancer crawling out of the water onto the earth is a symbol of motherhood, which is protected by the moon (sometimes the water is colored with blood, reflecting the pangs of birth). Further, on the shore, on opposite sides of the outgoing road, a dog and a wolf howl at the moon.

Symbolically, this ARKAN is a process of childbirth: from a warm, safe mother’s womb, it is necessary to break out through the narrow gate outward to meet the dazzling light of the cold world. The “Moon” is waiting in these gates. There are dangers, fears, pain, behind them lies the unidentified. Anubis awaits you there, the twilight God (neither night nor day), standing on the threshold of life and non-life (before and after-life) in his dualistic guise of a jackal man. Essentially, a journey through hell is a journey through the hidden labyrinths of your soul. Hence, such attributes of the moon as illusions, hysteria, persecution mania, hallucinations, drugs, flight from reality. But the Eighteenth ARKAN is also a bridge between consciousness and the unconscious, since, having examined the map drawing, the attentive will notice that the tongues of the divine flame fall on the Earth immersed in a dream, penetrating our souls at a time when no one can see it. Therefore, each person has the opportunity to return from this journey – to return with a purified and renewed soul, which thoughts about the future will no longer scare. The person at the session with a psychoanalyst works on the “MOON”, his task is to overcome the fear of fear.

The Star Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the Moon card means the ability to see the hidden, the deep. The map indicates increased emotionality, an unstable character, a romantic attitude to life and a fairly developed intuition. In addition, other people easily trust such a person. On the whole, the MOON bears the imprint of twilight: conjecture, half recognition, obscurity, hidden motives. Perhaps false words, false friends, ambivalent behavior, false claims, insincerity, unknown enemies … Sometimes the map also predicts distant travels.

The Star Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, the ARKAN LUNA suggests that someone is hiding behind a mask. A card may also be associated with a refusal to accept someone in integrity, oneness. In specific cases, the Moon speaks of heredity, genes that led to certain events in life (parents who were exposed to radioactive radiation at one time caused a tragedy in the life of the

Another meaning of the card is a small deception (exposed before it caused damage), the goal achieved for free, “for free.” You did not have to pay the true price for it (is this good?). Trivial mistakes.

The Star Relation with Astrology

Moon in Scorpio as “dark knowledge” (the abyss of the soul), or Sun in the 7th house as a symbol of descent into the Underworld.

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