The Chariot – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 7 (VII)


Description of The Chariot Tarot Card:

The Chariot card in Tarot is loaded with symbols. The Chariot card depicts a young brave warrior, who is returning victorious form the battle. He looks confident. His aura reflects success.

He is wearing armour. The armour has 2 yellow crescent moons, one on each shoulder. The armour has a square symbol near the chest, representing earth and materialistic world. He is wearing a yellow belt, which is a little loose and drooping on one side. He is wearing a crown. The crown has a big 8 pointed star in the centre. The warrior is holding a staff in one hand. The other hand is rested upon the chariot.

He is standing in a chariot. The chariot has 4 poles. There is a blue canopy on the chariot. It has white stars printed all over it. The stars and the moon indicate the divine guidance that the warrior receives. The chariot is completely covered from the back providing protection to the warrior. On the front side, the chariot has the symbol of bird’s wings joined to a yellow circle. This indicates that the soul is free and can go anywhere it desires. Below the wings is a red pinion. This indicates the carnal body which is guided by the soul. The chariot has 2 wheels.

In front of the chariot are 2 sphinxes. Both are of contrasting pattern. One is predominantly black and the other is predominantly white. They indicate the yin yang energy balance. They seem to be moving in different directions. But the warriors controls them by the power of mind and leads the chariot in the direction he desires.

In the background of the chariot are buildings showing a city. Just behind the chariot there is a river.  We can see both the banks of the river. The grass is green and there are trees along the bank of the river where the buildings stand. This shows that the city of prosperous.

Upright “The Chariot” Tarot Card meaning:

Upright “The Chariot” card indicates victory, homecoming, prosperity, yin yang balance.

When The chariot card appears in a reading, it indicates success. If you involved in a project or any other matter, you will be successful. This is the time to finish pending matters. Cases that were stuck for long time will gain momentum and it will be to your benefit.

Reverse or Upside-down “The Chariot” Tarot Card Meaning:

Reverse meaning of “The Chariot” card indicates failure, loss, divine guidance.

When this card appears upside down in a reading it can indicate an impending failure. There may not be enough resources available to you. You may be in a vulnerable position.

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