The Hierophant

The Hierophant Yes or No

The Hierophant
Yes or No
The Hierophant
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes” to questions of a spiritual nature, the answer is “No” to material questions.  The answer is “Unclear”.
Answer cannot be disclosed.
Inaccurate question. 

Table of Contents

    The Hierophant (Upright) Keywords

    Conservative approach.
    Established order. 
    Divine law. 
    Supreme spiritual authority. 
    Official ceremony. 
    A responsibility. 
    A family. 
    Moral values. 
    A responsibility. 
    Friendly news.
    The connection between wisdom and mercy;
    Spiritual leader;
    Search for deep meaning, true vocation, “super task”;
    Tests for morality, test for strength;
    Growth of trust and attraction of partners to each other;
    Intention to marry (get married);
    Folk wisdom;
    Wise mentor;
    Professional advice;
    Religious service, wedding;
    Conservatism, generally accepted rules;
    Tradition, traditional approach;
    This card gives you the choice to explore the needs of your own soul or to adjust your self to the needs of others.

    The Hierophant (Reversed) Keywords

    Openness to new ideas;
    Unconventional approach;
    Bad advice;
    Limited thinking;
    Denial of tradition;
    Putting on a mask;
    Not the best time to get married.

    The Hierophant Advice

    The Hierophant
    The Hierophant
    Focus on spiritual ideals. 
    Communicate, make contact. 
    Think about friendships. 
    Be kind. 
    Arrange a friendly meeting.
    Evaluate the advice of others. It may not be the best advice for you.

    The Hierophant Warning

    The Hierophant
    The Hierophant
    Act according to your conscience. 
    There is a risk of emotional instability, aggression. 
    Don’t let someone or something provoke you. 
    Do not use your opportunities for selfish purposes or for evil to other people.
    Be careful in relationships, beware of lies, slander, gossip.

    The Hierophant as a Person

    The Hierophant
    As a Person
    The Hierophant
    As a Person
    A priest. 
    The one who conducts the ceremonies. 
    A wise person ready to help. 
    Marriage counselors. 
    Employees of scientific and educational institutions. 
    Spiritual leaders. 
    Nominee bosses. 
    A person who transfers his knowledge and his understanding to the younger generation. 
    Spiritual mentor. 
    One whose intentions are serious. 

    The person is friendly, contact, talkative. 
    Capable of creative pursuits. 
    Writer, philosopher, artist, poet, esthete. 
    A benevolent moralist. 
    Can be religious to the point of bigotry. 
    Likes to give advice. 
    Can be a bore and a chatterbox (will speak to anyone).
    Anyone who is fond of New Age ideas, religion. 

    Eccentric personalities. 

    People who are prejudiced. 
    Those who are judged by their appearance. 
    Intolerant or dogmatic people. 

    Compulsively compulsive people. 
    Passive-aggressive personalities. 

    The bride who escaped from the crown. 

    A unique person with a penchant for experimentation and innovation.

    The Hierophant as feelings

    The Hierophant
    as feelings
    The Hierophant
    as feelings
    Conservative, wise, traditional, spiritual. Cunning, bigotry, envy, stubborn, materialism, disorganized, fanatic.

    The Hierophant : Card of the Day

    As card of the day, The Hierophant will serve as a sуmbol of receiving wise advice.

    You were in a difficult situation, but now the Universe will send a hint and help уou to get out. The fortuneteller will become so wise that he himself will be able to teach others.

    The main thing is that this happens sincerelу, and not become a waу to assert уourself. Arcanum the Hierophant speaks of the loss of meaning. For example, old traditions and rituals have stopped working and уou are wasting уour time.

    It means that the time has come to analуze what is happening and find new (hidden) values. A dangerous period when уou can become a participant in a serious conflict, so get out of anу tense situation.

    The Hierophant as someone sees you

    • A wise mentor.
    • A religious person.
    • Someone with traditional approach.

    The Hierophant : Love

    The Hierophant
    The Hierophant
    Platonic love. 

    In combination with love cards – respect, spiritual connection of partners.

    Relationships of benevolence, mercy, condescension.

    Rarely may mean church marriage (when combined with marriage cards)
    Falsehood in relationships.

    Advice to stop chatting and get down to business (not only in spiritual, but also in physical relationships). 

    Note that the partner is not an ideal image of your imagination, but a real living person)

    Romance is also likely to go very well when The Pope appears, albeit in a fairly traditional way, meaning these energies will work best for you if you can behave in the way that is expected.

    It also means putting yourself in the other’s shoes. This is not the time to go against the current and against the norm, so depending on the context it could indicate that it is not the time for a divorce, for example.

    Or, on the contrary, indicate a new union, wedding or marriage, the birth or adoption of a child. It will always be a protective, paternal or maternal love, as the case may be, and it could well indicate a relationship with an older, intellectual person, with much acquired experience and a deep spiritual feeling.

    The Hierophant : Career

    The Hierophant
    The Hierophant
    Work (not for money): like teaching in Sunday schools, church, etc. 
    Doesn’t mean any profit.

    Good relationships in the team and with partners. 

    Getting information about work, advice. 

    Passing an interview.
    Perhaps betrayal, double-dealing, breach of obligations. 

    Cunning, hypocrisy towards you; 
    hooking up. 

    It doesn’t concern finances yet, but the turn will come to them too.

    False, wrong advice, especially when looking for a job. 
    Making a decision for a person. 
    Intrigue in the team.

    It is possible that a teacher or mentor of some kind that you have been needing appears in your life now… or that you yourself could be called to be that teacher or mentor for someone else.

    This is a good time to get involved with groups, even if you don’t consider yourself a “group person”, you will find that you have a lot to learn from them in a very positive way.

    The work should be going through a very good time thanks to this attitude of group collaboration, the ability to organize and have results is powerful.

    It is time to improve the relationship with others, always appealing to reflection and balance, to obtain results through that “unity is strength”, always fostering a calm attitude that abides by the rules and regulations.

    Dealing with bosses and co-workers, or subordinate personnel must be unique and individual, see the other as a person, as a complex universe in itself.

    The letter sponsors excellent achievements for all things that are partnerships or that depend on joint work.

    The Hierophant : Money

    This is a time to play by the established rules and have your feet on the ground, guide yourself through the normal and traditional ways to manage your money. Seek the advice of specialists and those who manage money in a professional manner.

    This is a good time for investments, as long as they are conservative and stable, play it safe. This is not a good time to take risks with money or go for “unusual” stocks, bonds, etc.

    Investments considered risky, which are usually the ones that generate the most benefits, should be avoided for the moment. There may be money coming in but it will always be in a traditional way, possibly a product of your own work and effort.

    The Hierophant : Health

    The Hierophant
    The Hierophant
    Good health does not mean, but a person is strong in spirit. 
    Often found among pensioners (“iron old men”)
    Neither this nor that. 
    Most likely, health is normal, but the questioner is too worried (suspicious), which is the cause of the disorders.

    If you have some health problems, discipline, order and commitment will be essential to carry out the healing.

    It is necessary to consult or be cared for by specialists, so as far as possible you should seek the best there is in the matter, an eminent figure who correctly diagnoses and treats your ailment.

    There may be problems with the cervical vertebrae, due to rigid postures, both physical and emotional.

    The Hierophant : past, present, future

    The Hierophant in past position

    There is value in your ambition. Pay attention to the power that you may have neglected.

    The Hierophant in present position

    An opportunity to work or learn from a boss is approaching. If others around you are capable of making mistakes, then so are you.

    The Hierophant in future position

    Look for supporting a robust organization or structured principles for success. Your actions should not be motivated for selfish reasons, otherwise the reward for them will be small.

    The Hierophant (Upright) Meaning

    • High Priest archetype. 
    • Folk wisdom. 
    • Official ceremony. 
    • Established order. 
    • Moral requirements. 
    • Spiritual growth. 
    • Religious ceremonies. 
    • Attending a wedding or religious service such as communion or bar mitzvah *. 
    • Wise advice. 
    • Professional advice. 
    • Prayer. 
    • Spiritual authority. 
    • Divine law. 
    • Supreme power. 
    • A treasure trove of ancient teachings. 
    • Improvement of moral qualities. 
    • Seriousness. 
    • Justice or peace. 
    • Celibacy. 
    • Platonic relationships. 
    • Training. 
    • Learning new things. 
    • Search for advice. 
    • Preference for tradition. 
    • Conformity. 
    • Conservatism. 
    • Generally accepted rules of conduct or generally accepted beliefs. 
    • External authority. 
    • According to Jung – the process of “self-identification”, getting used to the social mask. 
    • Search for spiritual truth. 
    • Search for the meaning of human life. 
    • Religious services and rituals. 
    • Theological doctrine. 
    • Schools. 
    • Place of worship. 
    • Structured environment. 
    • Traditional organizations. 
    • Institutions. 
    • “System”. 
    • Ivy League. 
    • Heavenly Father. 
    • Search for meaning. 
    • Rituals that serve as a symbolic thread connecting the individual with the traditions of society.

    Upright “The Hierophant” card indicates spiritual teachings and learnings, teacher, guru, divinity, respect, tradition, convention.

    When The Hierophant card appears in a reading, it asks you to increase your spiritual knowledge. You may read more books or find a guru to guide you on spiritual path. It suggests that the path of  social tradition will be right for you.

    The hierophant can denote a spiritual search for meaning, focus on improving moral qualities. Perhaps a wise mentor or official teacher will appear on your way to help you in your spiritual search. 

    Perhaps you will take part in a traditional ritual or ceremony. Perhaps you will visit a place of worship or be invited to a wedding. Now is the time to turn to folk wisdom. 

    A hierophant can also refer to an experienced consultant or qualified professional who can provide sensible advice. Perhaps one of your superiors will assist in resolving the issue in your favor. 

    If you have asked a question regarding a love relationship, the Hierophant assumes a traditional or platonic relationship.

    The Hierophant (Reversed) Meaning

    • Unconventional approach. 
    • Passion for New Age ideas. 
    • Bad advice. 
    • Limited thinking. 
    • Dogmatism. 
    • Stubbornness. 
    • Scandal affecting clergy. 
    • Materialism. 
    • Extremism. 
    • Vindictiveness. 
    • Secrecy. 
    • Severe orthodoxy or excessive non-conformism. 
    • Denial of tradition. 
    • Putting on the mask. 
    • Creating a misconception about yourself. 
    • Propaganda. 
    • Misleading information. 
    • Excessive observance of conventions. 
    • Disorganization. 
    • Religious extremism. 
    • Fanaticism. 
    • Inquisition. 
    • Fallacy of conventional belief. 
    • The need for original methods and unconventional solutions. 
    • If God wanted us to fly, he would create us with wings. 
    • All that glitters is not gold. 
    • Up the public staircase.

    Reverse meaning of “The Hierophant” card indicates wrong teachings, false gurus.

    When this card appears upside down in a reading, beware that the person who is guiding you might be deceitful. This card indicates that you may be feeling low due to the restrictions of society and tradition. You can evaluate the traditions and adopt only that are suitable to you.

    The positive meaning of the Hierophant in the upside-down position is that it points to the need for an unconventional approach to solving current problems. Folk wisdom may now be your most reliable mentor. 

    Perhaps, in order to get out of an unpleasant situation, you need to disrupt the usual way of life. Make up your mind to change and become different. To be successful, you need to start thinking in new ways. 

    Take off the mask and allow yourself and others to see your true attitude towards the problem.

    The negative meaning of the Hierophant in an inverted position: the card may indicate that you are too fanatical in your thoughts and too dogmatic about what is happening. Perhaps you have all the characteristics of a Hierophant, exactly the opposite? Are you acting compulsively (coercively) or passively (aggressively)? 

    Maybe you put on a mask to hide your feelings, but it hides you not only from others, but also from yourself? Excessive nonconformity may prevent you. 

    Traditional or conventional methods may not have worked. The advice you received recently may not be helpful or even make the situation worse. 

    The planned wedding or religious ceremony may be canceled. 

    If your question was about a love relationship, then getting married now will not be your best move.

    The Hierophant : Spirituality

    You are very concerned with spirituality now (even if you have nothing close to a “traditional” religious belief)

    Take regular time, even if you don’t attend a church or religious temple, to calm yourself and allow your spirit to have this regular break for contemplation, meditation, or religious prayer.

    It is very important that you find this oasis frequently to solve your questions. 

    The Hierophant : Symbolism

    The Hierophant is a wise man, sort of a pope. He looks spiritual. He looks divine. He looks young but his hair is white. This card is the masculine counterpart of the High Priestess card.

    One hand of the hierophant is raised in blessing position. His 3 fingers are pointing towards the roof and 2 to the floor. His other hand holds a staff with 3 horizontal lines. Indicating.

    The Hierophant is wearing a long red robe above white and blue clothes. Red colour shows his power and authority. The robe has white lined yolk in the Shape of letter ‘Y’. There are 2 crosses or plus signs in place of buttons. He is wearing white shoes, which too have a cross marked on them.

    The Hierophant wears a big, 3 layered golden crown. Yellow ribbons extend from his crown to his red robe.

    He is sitting one a throne. The throne has high back and has geometric design.  The throne is standing on a pedestal which is red in colour. This too has a design of crosses in circle. The pedestal has a while and black checked design too. There are 2 keys kept at his feet. They are keys are kept in crossed manner. This indicates the Hierophant is guarding some knowledge which will be made available to his followers.    

    The throne stands in between 2 pillars. The pillars have beautiful carvings.

    There are 2 middle aged men piously standing in front of the Hierophant, facing him. They both are bale. One is wearing a robe with red design. The other is wearing a robe with blue design. Both are wearing a ‘Y’ shaped belt. They both look like his disciples.  

    The number 3 is seen times in this card : The 3 layers of the crown, the 3 stubs on top of the crown, the 3 fingers pointing upwards, the 3 horizontal lines on the staff of The Hierophant, the 3 crosses on his robe, the 3 colors in The Hierophant’s robe. This 3 indicates the Father, the son and the holy ghost OR the mind, soul and the higher soul.

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