The Hermit – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 9 (IX)

The Hermit
The Hermit

Description of The Hermit Tarot Card:

The Hermit card shown an old man with lantern in this hand. The is standing with his eyes closed and head down. The old mand has white hair and long white beard. He looks wise with huge experience. His energy is low. He seems to be at the fag end of this life. He is holding a yellow stick in left hand. This seems to support his lean body.

Though he is sad, he is holding the lantern, with the wish to guide travellers. He does not seem to care about himself. He is standing outside in winter season, trying to help others. Though he has lost physical strength, he is willing to spread light in other’s life using his inner strength. This seems to be his only motive now. As the name of the card suggests, he is a Hermit.

He is wearing long grey robe which extends from this head to toes. It even covers his head. He is wearing grey shoes.

There is ice on the ground. There is nothing else in sight. This indicates tough situations.  

Upright “The Hermit” Tarot Card meaning:

Upright “The Hermit” card indicates, deep knowledge, helping others, introspection.

When The Hermit card appears in a reading, it indicates that you need to step back and do some introspection. The guidance will come to you from within.  

Reverse or Upside-down “The Hermit” Tarot Card Meaning:

Reverse meaning of “The Hermit” card indicates sadness, loneliness, depression, gloom, loss of hope, tough situations.

When this card appears upside down, it indicates that your energy will be low. You will feel gloomy. It will be necessary to raise your energy. You will be facing tough situations.

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