The Hermit – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 9 (IX)

The Hermit

Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning - Major Arcana Card Number 9 (IX)
The Hermit

The Hermit Yes or No

The Hermit
Yes or No
The Hermit
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes” for questions related to purpose, solitude, knowledge.
The answer is “No” for questions related to marriage, close relationships, money.
The answer is “Unclear” for questions related to health.
The answer is “No” for health and buying a house.
The answer is “Yes, but” for questions related to job.

The Hermit (upright) Keywords

The Hermit
The Hermit
Search for yourself. 
Long term travel. 
Take a break. 
Patient waiting. 
Forced isolation. 
Elderly age. 
Fear of death, old age, decrepitude. 
Change of world view. 
Emotional control. 
Growing up. 
Striving for independence. 
Lack of sexual interest. 
Emphasized stealth. 
Spiritual guide. 
Inner Light. 
Developed mind. 
Ability to search and find what you need. 
Attention to detail. 
The path of knowledge, contemplation, meditation;
Inner Light;
Spiritual guide;
Acceptance of the teachings;
Revision of previous views;
Liberation from other people’s opinions;
Loneliness, loneliness “together”, the ability to do without each other;
Patient waiting;
Good time to explore 

The Hermit (reversed) Keywords

Refusal of good advice / wisdom;
The main obstacle to spiritual development is pride and ego;
Unnecessary isolation;
Lack of contacts;
Silly and overconfident;
The end of the relationship.

The Hermit Advice

The Hermit
The Hermit
You don’t need to express your thoughts, sometimes you need to hide something. 
Look for your purpose, your “shell”. 
Keep your status and do not look back at other people’s advice and opinions.

Make contact, even if it causes negative emotions, get out of the shell. 
Try to go where you will be appreciated.

The Hermit Warning

The Hermit
The Hermit
Don’t spend too much time alone; too much digging doesn’t lead to anything good. your pride and ego might come in the way of your progress.

The Hermit as a Person

The Hermit
As a Person
The Hermit
As a Person
Spiritual Counselors. 
Wise people. 
Teachers or mentors. 
Elderly people. 
Seekers of wisdom. 
Those who need to take a break and collect their thoughts in order to understand the situation. 
Those who know how to wait patiently. 
Those who are now in the preparatory stage of gaining spirituality. 
People who are in voluntary isolation. 
People who can give sound advice. 

Smart, knowledgeable, good at what he does.

Carefully hiding his flaws and vices. 

A person who has failures in love and friendship. 

Asocial people. 
Self-absorbed, ignorant or stupid people. 
Lonely people. 
Irresponsible people. 
Those who refuse to see the truth. 
People who separate and isolate themselves from others. 
Too self-sufficient or alienated people. 
Schizoid or paranoid personalities.

A tired person forced to communicate with people unpleasant to him.

The Hermit as feelings

The Hermit
as feelings
The Hermit
as feelings
Meditative, wise, lonely, patience. Silly, Suspicious, over-confident.

The Hermit : Card of the Day

When The Hermit is card of the Day, уou can relу solelу on уour own strength. You are allowed to make decisions onlу

if уou forget about haste and will weigh and think over each step.

If уou are doing meaningful things, then be as meticulous and vigilant as possible.

The Hermit as someone sees you

  • – that he deeply worries about her, his feelings shine brightly for everyone, and his feelings are probably also very pure, unsullied by selfish desires;
  • – The hermit is looking for an alchemical egg. For romance, this can mean that he is looking for something, a certain type of relationship or a certain type of woman, and he either found it with her, and he is really happy that he finally found her … or not, then she does not correspond to that what he is looking for.

The Hermit : Love

The Hermit
The Hermit
Unfavorable situation. 
Not willing to compromise.
A situation when close people are deprived of any desire to communicate with each other, but are forced to do so.

A love from the past may reappear or an old passion may be rekindled. Is that really what you want? It seems that love relationships are not currently a priority for you at the moment.

Rather there is a deep desire now to be alone. If there is an incipient romance, be careful, perhaps the other is not what he seems or can support what he says with feelings.

If you’re in a relationship, maybe you’ve been moving in different directions for a while. Lack of communication may be the main reason and you have a desire to be away. This does not mean a definitive breakup, but you need space and time to realign values ​​and feelings.

In some extreme case, it can symbolize a break, but this is due more to desires and the need for solitude, than to incompatibility between the two, lack of feelings or the appearance of a third party.

The Hermit : Career

The Hermit
The Hermit
Purpose (a person in his place). 
Doesn’t promise money in excess of the minimum required. 
Sustainable small business. 
Rarely an underground business.

Unfavorable card for partnership and negotiation: everyone has his own opinion.

Expansion of business, connections (as needed, not at will). 
Forced negotiations. 
Work is not for interest, not for vocation. 
Job search.

There is, as in all other areas, a retreat to the interior. Possibly labor relations, the social part, are stagnant or are not a priority or necessary now.

It is not a good time to change jobs and activities, since any obstacle will have to be overcome alone, without any help.

If it is a good time, instead, to develop more knowledge, deepen studies, train or specialize. Everything that contributes to more knowledge is favored by this letter.

Doing the right thing is the best thing to do, even when no one knows or is watching. The recognition will come. Doing your best, being organized, will pay off, and progress at work will come without a doubt.

The Hermit : Money

This is a time to be conservative when it comes to financial transactions and decisions, although money doesn’t seem to be your highest priority when the hermit shows up.

If you are investing, you may want to put your money in the conservative stock and bond market, with a very good track record. This is not a time to play, nor for risk, although in general The Hermit is not a negative card.

There is a balance of money, without needs but also without flourishes or fanfare. Clearly, at this time you are more concerned about other issues than seeing how your numbers and your bank account are doing.

The Hermit : Health

The Hermit
The Hermit
Maintaining physical condition with exercise. 
Often refers to an elderly person.

Bad health. 
The person is not healthy. 
Problems in the genitourinary area, drip infections, diseases of the spine.

This card usually portrays an elderly person, so it advises on precautions and care. As it is a deeply spiritual card, all illness must be viewed from that perspective.

For example, a back pain may be that “you are carrying too much emotional weight.” Psychiatrist Carl Jung argued that bodily illnesses are internal manifestations, of the unconscious, and with this letter it has never been more true.

Every ailment must be brought to its spiritual equivalent in order to be cared for and understood. Time to take care of yourself.

The Hermit : past, present, future

The Hermit in past position

The pace of your past has slowed down and it’s time to embrace it. Keep looking for your final goals and think about what you recently got.

The Hermit in present position

There is someone who can help you overcome all of your problems, and their understanding may surprise you. This person is yourself. By understanding yourself, you can better understand others.

The Hermit in future position

When you realize your true path, there will be nothing in your path. Life has challenged you, but you are ready to make the best of the future.

The Hermit (Upright) Meaning

  • Contemplation. 
  • Meditation. 
  • Concentration. 
  • The need for psychological space. 
  • Contact with the Higher Reason. 
  • Quiet study. 
  • Discoveries in yourself. 
  • Removal from society. 
  • Responsibility for yourself. 
  • Patience. 
  • Discretion. 
  • Prudent thinking. 
  • Time spent alone. 
  • Rational planning. 
  • Seeking sensible advice. 
  • Liberation. 
  • Attention to detail. 
  • Inner mentor. 
  • Advice. 
  • Self-knowledge. 
  • Revaluation. 
  • Discoveries. 
  • Wisdom. 
  • Providence. 
  • Elderly age. 
  • Sanctuary. 
  • The process of searching for the deepest truth. 
  • Inner understanding. 
  • Reflection on the mysteries of life. 
  • Detachment from the daily routine. 
  • Search for mystical insight. 
  • The need for solitude and inner contemplation. 
  • Conspiracies for good. 
  • Patient waiting. 
  • Consonance with the spiritual dimensions of the Universe. 
  • Desire to bring knowledge to light. 
  • Attention to your own spiritual health. 
  • Redemption. 
  • Sounds of silence. 
  • The answers must be sought within oneself. 
  • I need space. 
  • The streams of consciousness of the Universe pass through me. 
  • Calm down. 
  • Patience is the main virtue.

Upright “The Hermit” card indicates, deep knowledge, helping others, introspection.

When The Hermit card appears in a reading, it indicates that you need to step back and do some introspection. The guidance will come to you from within.  

Now is the time to move away from the mundane and seek the truth alone. You need to reconnect with Source. I need to rest in silence to reflect on the current situation. 

Meditation, patient contemplation, and calm reasoning will bring you back to a state of peace and quiet. This is a time of patient waiting and switching attention to yourself. Sometimes good advice can help your quest for inner understanding. 

Take time to reflect on your business. Be patient if you have to make a sensible decision. Most likely, the answer lies in yourself, but if you are confused, ask for advice from a wise and more experienced person. 

Now is a good time to seriously research what interests you. Use advice from a trusted source.

The Hermit (Reversed) Meaning

  • Waste isolation. 
  • Forced silence. 
  • Exile. 
  • Loneliness; 
  • Lack of contact with people. 
  • Foolish or overconfident. 
  • Detachment from other people. 
  • Rejected feelings. 
  • Self-absorption. 
  • Fear of intimacy. 
  • Concentration on the external aspect. 
  • Refusing good advice. 
  • Coarseness. 
  • Recklessness. 
  • Disrespect for wise advice. 
  • Feeling isolated. 
  • Bereavement. 
  • Negation. 
  • False pride. 
  • Lack of communication. 
  • Aloofness. 
  • Suspicion. 
  • Self-pity. 
  • Nervousness. 
  • Health concern. 
  • Complaints. 
  • Lamentations. 
  • Skepticism. 
  • Escape from problems. 
  • The tendency to sacrifice oneself. 
  • Confusion. 
  • Self-flagellation. 
  • The questioner is inexperienced in 
  • some question. 
  • His own enemy. 
  • I’d rather do it myself. 
  • I’ll do it my own way. 
  • Nobody loves Me. 

Reverse meaning of “The Hermit” card indicates sadness, loneliness, depression, gloom, loss of hope, tough situations.

When this card appears upside down, it indicates that your energy will be low. You will feel gloomy. It will be necessary to raise your energy. You will be facing tough situations.

You are so addicted to doing things your own way that you refuse good advice or power from others. Your tendency to keep people away from you makes you feel lonely and rejected. 

This character trait can even lead to a break in relations. Perhaps you have neglected advice that should not have been ignored.

The Hermit : Spirituality

It is very likely that at this time a person will come into your life as a mentor or teacher, even if he / she does not “teach” directly. You still have to learn from him / her on various levels.

Honor the need you now have to withdraw a little from ordinary life. It will not last forever.

You’ll soon be feeling a lot more social, so don’t push yourself now to be around a bunch of people unless you absolutely have to. You are likely to come out of this feeling more refreshed and renewed, especially on a spiritual level.

The Hermit : Symbolism

The Hermit card shown an old man with lantern in this hand. The is standing with his eyes closed and head down. The old mand has white hair and long white beard. He looks wise with huge experience. His energy is low. He seems to be at the fag end of this life. He is holding a yellow stick in left hand. This seems to support his lean body.

Though he is sad, he is holding the lantern, with the wish to guide travellers. He does not seem to care about himself. He is standing outside in winter season, trying to help others. Though he has lost physical strength, he is willing to spread light in other’s life using his inner strength. This seems to be his only motive now. As the name of the card suggests, he is a Hermit.

He is wearing long grey robe which extends from this head to toes. It even covers his head. He is wearing grey shoes.

There is ice on the ground. There is nothing else in sight. This indicates tough situations.  

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