Judgement: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Judgement Upright Keywords:

change of position, revival (renewal), result.

Judgement Reversed Keywords:

weakness, cowardice, naivety. Also deliberation (slowness), sentence, conviction.

Judgement Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

In interpreting the map of the Judgement it is easy to make a mistake, if only proceed
from the name. The court in general, and the “court” that is meant here, that is, the Last Judgment in particular, is usually associated with punishment, punishment, and thereby with hopelessness and fear. Meanwhile, the meaning of the map is based, first of all, on the figure, which includes very specific cultural and mythological images. The Resurrection is depicted on the map of the Court, that is, the moment of the rebirth and liberation of something that has long been suppressed or hidden; it is the exit of the true, Divine principle from prison to light. Thus, the value of this card is just very favorable. It represents an important, decisive step on the path of becoming a person, the successful completion of the next stage of its alchemical transformation, that is, the transformation of lower matter into higher. At the household level, this card also means liberation – from some worries or from a harmful person, from “superfluous” qualities like shyness, timidity, etc. And she may also indicate that in the case we are asking about, there lies just the “treasure” we are seeking.

Twentieth card of the Major ARCANA is called the Judgement (another name is ETERNITY) and depicts figures rising from the graves. Above them, in the splendor of fame, the winged figure of Angel Gabriel blowing fanfare. This card symbolizes the liberation of the triple spiritual power of man from the grave of his material existence. Since only one third of the spirit enters the physical body, and the other two thirds make up the Hermetic anthropos (or superman), then only one of them really will rise from the grave. The sound of the trumpet (fanfare) symbolizes the creation of the World, and with this sound, a person is freed from earthly restrictions.

The traditional picture of TAROT depicts “Doomsday” – people rising from the graves and announcing the end of their sleep, Angel with fanfare, soaring high in the sky. And although this card is called the COURT and evokes associations with the terrible representation of the Apocalypse, it symbolizes the statement of hope for the future. But for the new to happen, the old must remain in place – it must die.

Astrologically, the card is associated with the planet Pluto, whose energy, acquired by him during the disharmonious state of destruction of the old, makes it possible to start all over again. This is the internal energy that can elevate our thoughts to their realization in the world and which, based on the concept of death, destroys all worthless old.

In the image of the planet Pluto, the transformation is correlated with suffering and passion – close, but still different concepts. In the culture of the past, the idea of ​​updating the world was associated with the ascetic feats of salvation of one’s soul and the souls of one’s neighbors, but now it enters into ordinary life with the concept of love, and the laity transform each other with their love. Astrologically, the conjunction of the planets Earth and Mercury encourages people to build a new, intelligent world in this real reality. Awakening and Judgment of oneself is a subjective departure into the inner world, maximum detachment from the outer world and the embodiment of only those ideas that the mind can control. The interaction of the Sun and the Moon – the gravitation of the universal female and universal male principles – is that perpetual motion machine,

The Twentieth ARKANA – Judgement is a spiritual rebirth of a person, redemption of the past, repentance and forgiveness, restoration of strength, awakening and renewal, release of hitherto hidden possibilities, knowledge of great interconnections.

Judgement Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card means improved health and increased goodwill. The decision to start a new business that will change life for the better. Joy is through the realization of a dream.
It can also mean a situation when, after a long stagnation, finally, changes for the better have come. Reward, salary increase, rest after long work. In a word – achieving a goal.

Judgement Reversed Meaning:

In the inverted position, the card warns: do not delay making a decision, you can’t avoid it anyway!
Do not be late, take this opportunity! Procrastination threatens with losses. Due to your fault, insurmountable difficulties may arise. Do not be afraid of change. If the neighboring cards do not say anything, then we can say that the circumstances will not change until the one whom they are guessing takes decisive steps. In personal affairs, a card can symbolize separation or even divorce.

Judgement Relation with Astrology

Jupiter / Uranus in a harmonious aspect with the Sun, or the sign of Aquarius as a symbol of liberation.

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