The Emperor

Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor Yes or No

The Emperor
Yes or No
The Emperor
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”., but this may mean getting into a “cage” from which it is difficult to get out of the system.The answer is “No”.

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    The Emperor (upright) Keywords

    Protection and Patriarchal Power. 
    Unbreakable will. 
    Fatherhood and paternal principles. 
    Moral integrity. 
    A responsibility. 
    Head of the family, boss;
    Rough, ruthless authority;
    Superiority of reason;
    Denial of feelings;
    Defending your authority;
    Divine mercy;
    Experience-based strength and power;
    Leadership, ambition;
    Aggression, stubbornness and, at the same time, inner wisdom;
    Persistence, determination;
    Success depends only on the strength of the questioner;
    Pragmatic approach to business;
    Reliability, strengthening relationships;
    Loss of illusion;
    Defender against external threats.

    The Emperor (reversed) Keywords

    Lack of power;
    Emotional immaturity;
    Cruelty, petty despotism;
    Inferiority complex;
    Impatience, indecision, insecurity;
    Excessive responsibility;
    Unwillingness to grow;
    Domination / submission.

    The Emperor Advice

    The Emperor
    The Emperor
    Turn to an influential person, to the law. 
    Less often – advice to use your power, to insist on your own. 
    Think about family (financial side of the case). 
    Undergo health improvement procedures. 
    Pull yourself together and think about everything logically.
    The situation will escalate and you need to be ready for a fight.

    The Emperor Warning

    The Emperor
    The Emperor
    Do not abuse power, especially if you are in charge, do not be selfish and arrogant, even if you are at the top. 
    Consider the opinions and desires of your subordinates.
    Too much dependence on anyone is bad.

    The Emperor as a Person

    The Emperor
    As a Person
    The Emperor
    As a Person
    A person in power or in a high position. 
    An important or influential man. 
    A man with paternal instincts. 
    An important contender. 
    A man ready to help. 
    The president. 
    Land owner. 
    The one who has the power. 
    Reliable, stable business person. 
    The team in which you work. 
    Person in leadership positions. 
    Upper class. 
    A regal man. 
    Someone who acts directly and with pressure. 
    Political leader.

    Imperious, leader, authority. 
    Often achieves high positions.

    Strives for power. 
    May be greedy.

    Intolerant of other people’s opinions; 
    does not understand other people’s experiences. 
    But it is not necessarily cruel. 
    Can show mercy within the limits of expediency.
    Immature man. 

    One who abuses his power or strength. 

    Weak and ineffective person at work. 
    Boring man. 

    People prone to emotional outbursts. 

    One who submits to parental authority. 

    Someone who depends on others and is a “burdensome burden” for them. 
    Mama’s son or mama’s daughter. 
    Someone who refuses to grow – Someone who rebel for no reason.

    A person who is in the mood for a quarrel. 
    Destructive emotions.

    The Emperor as feelings

    The Emperor
    as feelings
    The Emperor
    as feelings
    Intolerant, ruthless, ambitious, aggressive, stubborn, determined, reliable. Weak, immature, rebellious, insecure, childish, submission.

    The Emperor : Card of the Day

    When The Emperor is card of the day, it should be considered as an auspicious omen.

    A specific daу becomes a winning one for уou, because уou will be able to achieve anу set goal and implement even the most difficult idea.

    You have the strength, energу and enthusiasm to achieve great results.

    The Emperor as someone sees you

    • A dominating and controlling person.
    • Someone who is protective.
    • An authoritative figure.
    • Someone who is determined and persistent.
    • Person who has pragmatic approach.
    • Someone who is reliable.

    The Emperor : Love

    The Emperor
    The Emperor
    For a woman – a close friend, partner, husband. 
    Not always favorable, because 
    means tyranny. 
    House card, solidity, financial stability.

    For a man, he feels like a master, an emperor in the house.

    Marriage, including civil marriage.
    The loss of a close friend. 

    If this card lies in the position of “advice” in the spread of personal relationships – advice to get all information from a person, including involvement in a scandal.

    Quarrels, misunderstandings – until the breakup. 

    Property division.

    In principle, the card indicates a type of relationship where the material and the sexual plane is much stronger and more defined than the plane of emotions and feelings. You may find yourself close to someone who is older than you now.

    This person is likely to be attracted to the order, logic, and organization that you have and display. The attraction may not be mutual from the start, but if you are patient and persistent, it is likely to increase.

    The Emperor : Career

    The Emperor
    The Emperor
    Financial support. 
    Patrons, incl. 
    from the side of power, law. 
    Well paid permanent job. 
    A dictatorship that you can agree to based on material gain. 
    The patronage of the chief. 
    Getting a position.
    Change of leadership (also for politics) Financial crisis, bankruptcy, loss of influence. 

    A deplorable situation.

    Job loss, demotion.

    The work must be fine and your efforts will not go unnoticed. Pay special attention to the organization, to the follow-up that you give to things mainly using your powerful logic, in this way the results must be magnificent.

    If you are looking for work, now is a time to be dispassionate, with the focus outside of yourself and prioritizing how others see you, from a logical point of view. If you offer your services and opinions from a cerebral and logical point of view, it is likely that you will be able to seduce your employers in this way.

    The Emperor indicates jobs where you have to command and have an attitude of command, positions of supervisors, managers, chiefs of staff, also military activities where rank, discipline and obedience are priority. Serious work, very organized and planned.

    The Emperor : Money

    There will be success in the financial and business arena, there may be an inheritance involved, and if you are involved in any legal proceedings, you will almost certainly be victorious. It is a very encouraging letter in that regard.

    The Emperor shows a need for discipline, to use logic in order to make your finances work better for you. What we pay attention to in our life grows. Are you treating your money with respect? Do you know what you have, how you get it, and where are you going for money?

    Do not focus on the lack now, because the lack is then what grows. Pay attention to what you have and what you want.

    The Emperor : Health

    The Emperor
    The Emperor
    Good health. Dangerous situation: injuries, seizures, sharp deterioration of the condition.

    It is a moment of great vitality and strength. You must believe in your right to good health. You must logically analyze what you are doing to your body. Order and discipline can be helpful.

    For example, if you are struggling with a health problem, write down your symptoms, keep track of them, and then see if there is something in your life that may have triggered the problem. Consider an “elimination diet” to test for food intolerances.

    The Emperor : past, present, future

    The Emperor in past position

    Power has played a big role in shaping your life. Your good standing might be with a government or an influential person. The resolution of the recent conflict is approaching.

    The Emperor in present position

    There may be a moment when one of the authoritative officials offers to help you. In any form, the more experienced hand that came to your aid may be more capable than yours. Protecting your loved ones is important, but those in leadership positions need to know how to compromise. 

    Beware of over-addiction.

    The Emperor in future position

    Initiative can bring you closer to your goal, but only if you can be held accountable for all of your actions. You will be given the opportunity to play one of many life roles. Remember those who follow you.

    The Emperor (Upright) Meaning

    • The  world of adults. 
    • Male power ‘and control. 
    • Self-affirmation. 
    • Status. 
    • Contacting government agencies. 
    • Temporary power. 
    • An influential man. 
    • External world. 
    • The structures of society. 
    • The order that we impose on the world. 
    • Royalty. 
    • Rational thinking. 
    • Striving for achievement, success, respect and stability. 
    • Desire to create 
    • somethingsuch that it will not lose its value over time. 
    • Regulation. 
    • Domination. 
    • Reflections on events. 
    • Dominant position in relation to the world. 
    • Ambition. 
    • Safety. 
    • Structure. 
    • Force. 
    • Luxury. 
    • Fearlessness. 
    • Hardness. 
    • Stability. 
    • Leadership. 
    • Law and order. 
    • Wisdom. 
    • Logics. 
    • Reason prevails over feelings. 
    • Spirit of the law. 
    • “Superego” according to Freud. 
    • According to Jung, it is the archetype of the Animus. 
    • Self-control. 
    • Completion. 
    • Attainment. 
    • Confession. 
    • Governing body. 
    • Gaining independence. 
    • Material wealth. 
    • Career advancement. 
    • The beginning of new projects with a solid foundation. 
    • Rational perception. 
    • Control.

    Upright “The Emperor” card indicates male energy, strength, protection, father, leadership

    When “The Emperor” card indicates that its time to take charge of the situation. You will have the strength and courage to do so. It also shows that be there a fight, you will be protected.  It asks to lead the group.

    The  Emperor says that by using the ability to think rationally and move from thought to action, you can achieve success. 

    You are capable of advancement, your excellent organizational skills will be appreciated. You may be dealing with an important rival or someone in a leadership position. 

    It is a card of respect, stability, strength, leadership, and rationality. She informs that you become an independent person as you assert yourself in this world.

    Now is the time to take action, perhaps you need to organize some kind of structure, create a stable environment. A mentor or partner can help you. Perhaps you will soon achieve a high position in society. 

    The emperor indicates that you attach too much importance to dominance in love relationships, and this can lead to the fact that they lose sensuality and affection from the partner. 

    In terms of the situation, this card warns against extremes and suggests considering the possibility of a compromise with public opinion.

    The Emperor (Reversed) Meaning

    • Refusal to grow and mature. 
    • Avoiding problems. 
    • Lack of control or discipline. 
    • Tyranny. 
    • Pressure from authorities or superiors. 
    • Insubordination. 
    • Immaturity. 
    • Inferiority complex. 
    • Problems in relations with the authorities. 
    • Peter Pan Syndrome. 
    • Rebelliousness. 
    • Addiction. 
    • Militancy. 
    • Coarseness. 
    • Impatience. 
    • Indecision. 
    • Insecurity. 
    • Laziness. 
    • Limited thinking. 
    • Logic that oppresses the senses. 
    • Arbitration. 
    • Following the “letter” rather than the “spirit” of the law. 
    • Difficulties. 
    • Excessive responsibility. 
    • Lack of leadership. 
    • Attachment to the “mother’s skirt”. 
    • Solid logic and lack of feelings. 
    • Inflating yourself. 

    Reverse meaning of “The Emperor” card indicates lack of leadership, lack of self-control, vulnerability

    When “The Emperor” card appears upside down in a reading, it shows vulnerability. There is a chance of you getting harmed as there is not enough protection. Hence, its time to keep away from skirmish.  Also, you should evaluate the situation and create backup plans.

    The Emperor card indicates lack of leadership. If you are involved in a project, there are chances that it will not fructify as expected. You should revaluate the project team and reorganize it to give direction.

    At the moment , something interferes with your progress. When you think about a situation, you do not take into account your feelings and are guided solely by logic. 

    Strict adherence to principles can violate the spirit of the law. Perhaps you are in a situation in which you feel incompetent, or you feel like you are being oppressed. 

    Perhaps you want to get away from problems. Perhaps an immature man is causing you problems. An upside-down emperor can indicate a disclaimer: it seems like you are more comfortable with dependence on others, since in this case you do not need to make your own decisions. 

    It’s time for you to grow up and stop living in the world of childhood. Your behavior shows extremes. Perhaps you provoke others or act like a tyrant yourself, Your love relationship at the moment can be characterized as a relationship “dominance – submission”, “master – slave”; perhaps even sadomasochistic elements are present in them. 

    If your question was about work, chances are you shouldn’t expect a promotion. You are not able to cope with the manifestation of someone else’s will, power or authority.

    The Emperor : Spirituality

    Make sure you take time for yourself in order to fulfill your need for spiritual growth. While you are very focused on the aspects of your left brain, (logic, reason, order,) allow your right brain to receive attention as well.

    Logic can lead to spirit, if you allow this, and if you don’t get too caught up in your own logic. Meditation (which requires great discipline) will be easier for you to do right now.

    The Emperor : Symbolism

    The Emperor is a man who seems to be in full control. He has a stern and stoic look. This hair and beard are white. This indicates he is experienced and mature. He is father and a protector of those who seek his help.

    The Emperor is wearing a red robe reflecting his huge energy. He is wearing armour beneath the robe as if he is in a war. He has a staff in one hand. The staff has the sign of mars – depicting male energy. He has a golden ball in the other hand indicating female energy. So both, male and female energy are in this control. The emperor is wearing a golden crown with precious gems. This shows his position and power.

    The Emperor is sitting on a stone throne. The throne is adorned with 4 ram heads. Ram is the symbol of Aries and Mars. This once again shows the connection of the Emperor card with Mars. This also indicates that the emperor is very string and has the strength of beasts.

    Behind the emperor are dry mountains. They reflect his strong determination and firmness. There flows a small river below the mountains. This shows that the inspite of his tough exterior, the Emperor has a soft heart.

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