The Fool


Description of The Fool Tarot Card:

The fool card depicts a carefree young lad who is travelling. He looks innocent and naive. He does not seem to have any constraints.  He has just started on the expedition as he is still full of life and not tired. He will develop a character as his journey proceeds.

He is looking towards the sky. He is wearing colourful robe and ragged yellow boots. He seems to be happy in his own thoughts. He has a stick with a small bag in one hand. His belongings may be in this bag. In the other hand, he carries flowers. This indicated that he is at ease. He also seems to be confident and ready to explores the possibilities in life. He seems to believe in himself and his luck.

He seems to be going where life takes him. He does not seem to have a direction. He is at the end of the cliff. But he seems to be unaware of it. There is a dog near him. The dog is on its 2 legs, sort of jumping or trying to get the attention of the fool. Maybe it is trying to warn him of the impending danger. The dog seems to be protecting him. But the fool does not seem to take notice of the dog.

This card has the sun. Hence it is daytime.

The number of this card is ‘0’. This indicates infinite potential that this young lad has.

Upright “The Fool” Tarot Card meaning:

Upright “The Fool” card indicates new beginnings, belief in faith and luck, Innocence, travel, carefree nature, youth.

When “The Fool” card appears upright in a reading, there may be new opportunities coming your way. You will have guidance and it is recommended you take help. Believe in the universe and your luck. Take up the opportunity with an open mind.

There may be a new beginning or journey. You will be excited and optimistic about it.

Reverse or Upside-down “The Fool” Tarot Card Meaning:

Naivety, poor judgement, foolishness, Lack of Plan.

When “The Fool” card appears upside down in a reading, there may be an impending danger. Someone might be warning you about it. Carefully consider other people’s opinion in this situation. You have be hastily getting into a situation or deal. Take care.

You also may be taking too much risk. You need to stop and contemplate. The risk may be not worth it.

The FoolCard Number 0

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