The Hanged Man: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

The Hanged Man

Tarot Card Meaning

The Hanged Man: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Yes or No

The Hanged Man
Yes or No
The Hanged Man
Yes or No
The answer is “Probably No”.  
Unfavorable outcome. 
If you make a lot of effort and have enough patience, then the answer is “Yes”.

The Hanged Man (upright) Keywords

Distorted view of things. 
A loss. 
Test period. 
A teaching, a lesson to be learned. 
Temporary restriction of freedom. 
Suspended actions. 
Dead end. 
Take a break. 
“Suspended” state. 
Lack of support. 
Hang around idle. 
Immersion in yourself. 
Internal search. 
A new vision of the world. 
Change of priorities. 
Break with the past. 
A new angle of view. 
Openness to change. 
A teaching, a lesson to be learned;
The opposite view of things;
Temporary restriction of freedom;
Traveling on your spiritual growth;
Refusal from worldly concerns;
Benevolence, openness to new ideas;
Light conductor;
Slowdown of the progress of affairs, stagnation;
Crisis in consciousness;
Dead end;
Long life alone / in a ridiculous union;
Experience, test period;
Selflessness, sacrifice;
Flexibility, adaptability;
Break with the past.

The Hanged Man (reversed) Keywords

Preoccupation with the mundane self;
Disregard for spiritual potential;
Martyr complex, sacrifice;
Unsuccessful investments;
Melancholy, apathy, depression;
The triumph of selfishness;
Death of the soul;
Desire to conform to public opinion;
The period of “hanging” is coming to an end.

The Hanged Man Advice

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man
Go for it in the name of far-reaching goals, make an effort.Act to your advantage. 
If you need to go to a conflict. 
for the sake of protecting yourself and your opinion – go, victory will be yours.

The Hanged Man Warning

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man
Difficulties, upcoming sacrifices, and possible humiliation. Too much focus on yourself will cause issues.

The Hanged Man as a Person

The Hanged Man
As a Person
The Hanged Man
As a Person
Those who selflessly devote themselves to the realization of a specific goal. 
People who move away from the hustle and bustle of life in order to engage in meditation. 
Those who are able to find the courage to change. 
Hospital patient. 
Spiritual person. 

Patient and Hard working person.

This card can mean – selfless nurses, educators, teachers.

If life does not add up, then this person feels the world as an enemy and will press with the same meticulousness until he destroys it.

A person with all his might strives for coziness, stability, comfort.

Neat and meticulous. 
Sometimes they are stingy, but not from greed, but because all the time they are saving up for something or making stash.

Everyone acts in their own interests. 

People who are trying to meet the demands of others. 

Unreliable people. 
Self-loving people.

The Hanged Man as feelings

The Hanged Man
as feelings
The Hanged Man
as feelings
Selfless, neat, stagnated, flexible. Egoistic, materialistic, depressed, sad, Conflicts, misunderstandings, agitated.

The Hanged : Card of the Day

The Hanged Man indicates a problematic and stressful daу.

Basicallу, уou just need to live the daу with уour teeth clenched. It will not work to influence what is happening.

And if уou trу, уou will onlу worsen уour own situation. Better to do nothing and just studу the environment, soaking up valuable experience.

Think about what уou’re willing to go to to get the problem out of уour life. Are уou readу for the sacrifice?

The Hanged Man makes уou think about the eternal, reevaluate уour intentions and understand where уou reallу want to come.

The Hanged as someone sees you

  • Someone who is ready to sacrifice something or a part of himself for the sake of something better.
  • Person whose perspective has changed.

The Hanged Man : Love

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man
A long period of courtship is in the most favorable scenario. 
More often – a painful relationship.
Conflicts, misunderstandings. 
Everyone acts in their own interests. 
If it lies on the map of feelings, it can just talk about a state of agitation.

In love, it indicates that the relationship is on a dead end, everything is still in a deep impasse. It can be an ambiguous relationship with back and forth where one or both do not know where they are standing or if the relationship sails to a specific port.

It can indicate that it may be time to “let go” of things, because no matter how hard they have tried to look at things from all possible planes, it does not seem to work. Perhaps either of you is too idealistic and is never satisfied with what you have and what you get.

It also means that one or both of them make excessive sacrifices to fit in, renouncing their own will to be and choose. A little sacrifice and giving things up is necessary in every relationship, but self-denial and martyrdom, the renunciation of yourself, does not lead to anything good.

The Hanged Man : Career

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man
Hard work. 
Does not promise money: the job is low-paid, thankless.

A person suffers at work. 

Immersion in work (problem). 

Losses, debts, excessively high taxes, the threat of ruin. 
Disagreements with partners.

The need to humiliate yourself, give bribes, may mean military service (urgent).

Works off your karma.
Competition, debt collection from someone, increased activity. 

If you want it, you will achieve it. 

You act by storm, impudently – and you get what you want, or you act softly (wait) – and you get nothing.

Can talk about career growth. 

Not very pleasant conversations, defending interests.

As for work, The Hanged Man also tells us that you should raise your self-esteem and your worth. The sacrifices you make for work, for the company, may not perform as you wish.

It is a time of stagnation where you should consider that you may have to change jobs, since you are on a dead path and it is not up to you to change or reverse it.

If you are willing to be patient and let things work out for themselves, then continue with what you do, beyond apathy, lack of enthusiasm and poor communication with colleagues, partners, bosses or dependent employees.

The situation will change, but it does not depend on your actions and you do not know when it will. If there is another good opportunity, you could change course, but remember that the main sense is to do nothing for now.

The Hanged Man : Money

Saving is a priority now, there may be expenses that were not in the plans or a manifest waste that will throw things out of balance. Do not make superfluous expenses.

But this letter also has another meaning, which is giving and sharing, sacrificing oneself in some way for another or others. If you are in a time of fat cows, share, give, toast.

And even if you are not having a great time, share what you have even if it is a piece of bread. Giving leads to receiving, what you give comes back multiplied. That is a very important lesson from the hanging.

The Hanged Man : Health

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man
Very bad. 
Injuries, illnesses: pressure, stroke, severe pregnancy (childbirth). 
When Combined with the Tower – Surgery.
The person is so agitated that he does not notice the disease. 
Increased potency card.

There is a situation of abandonment for you and your health, neglect, you do not take care of yourself, it could even indicate a significant depression, based mainly on your lack of self-esteem and the little value you give yourself.

If you are looking for an improvement, it will happen but very slowly. Follow the directions and don’t innovate too much.

The Hanged Man : past, present, future

The Hanged Man in past position

Letting go of certain things from your past has brought new value to your spiritual life. What you donated should be seen in a new way.

The Hanged Man in present position

If something is in a hurry, it may indicate that it is about to pause. Keep in mind that providing help is no more important than the person being helped.

The Hanged Man in future position

Many things are unknown to you now, so you must set new goals and plan carefully. Acting at the right time will help you succeed.

The Hanged Man (Upright) Meaning

  • Cancellation. 
  • Suspended actions. 
  • Uncertainty. 
  • Take a break. 
  • Test period. 
  • Lesson to be learned. 
  • Cosmic consciousness. 
  • Illumination. 
  • Unique point of view. 
  • A New Look. 
  • Dancing to a different tune. 
  • Spiritual harmony. 
  • Dedication. 
  • Sacrifice. 
  • Devotion. 
  • Dedication. 
  • Flexibility. 
  • Adaptability. 
  • Courageous actions to change yourself. 
  • Break with the past. 
  • Correction. 
  • Voluntary sacrifice in order to achieve the highest Good. 
  • Stagnation. 
  • Calmness. 
  • Slow motion. 
  • Sheer immobility. 
  • Crossroads. 
  • Reflections. 
  • Serenity. 
  • Supreme wisdom. 
  • Mysticism. 
  • Attachment. 
  • Unexpected changes at home or at work. 
  • The path all goes as it pleases God. 
  • One foot there, the other here. 
  • I can see the promised land. 
  • Naked we come into this world, naked we leave it. 
  • Allow yourself to be real.

Now is the best time to suspend your activities. You need to reconsider your attitude, your goals and priorities so as not to deviate from the spiritual path. It seems to you that time passes slowly and now you live like in slow motion. 

At the present time, a period of testing has come in your life, which dictates the need to learn some lessons. You are going through a period of transition, realizing that you are stuck halfway from old to new. 

But you are capable of selflessly tackling a significant project or making your desires a reality. You have a unique perspective that others simply don’t understand or appreciate.

Perhaps you have to let go of something from your life or sacrifice something in order to achieve a higher goal. Perhaps you will join a group of people who also made similar sacrifices. You need to give up the old in order to clear the way for the new. 

Perhaps you will sacrifice your own selfish desires for the sake of love for your neighbor. You may want to end some kind of relationship, as you realize all their futility. 

Time spent in contemplation, relaxation, relaxation and reflection will pay off handsomely. You need to restore the system of spiritual values ​​in your life. 

You might be too strong for something experienced and now you need to turn to higher powers. Most likely, those around you will not understand you.

In the upright position, the card is a symbol of “standing on your head”, the notorious upheaval of the entire value system.

A good aspect is renewal and rebirth. It means readiness and the ability to accept changes, life flexibility, elasticity of thinking. 

However, this card sometimes (in a certain scenario) can mean hesitation and, in this regard, being late in deciding one’s business (hanging one’s position). You can gain knowledge, but fail to apply it.

The Hanged Man (Reversed) Meaning

  • Materialism. 
  • Refusal to make the necessary sacrifices. 
  • Martyr complex. 
  • Imaginary security. 
  • Unsuccessful investments. 
  • Problems in solving financial issues. 
  • Lack of interest. 
  • The triumph of selfishness. 
  • Dissatisfaction. 
  • Depression. 
  • Yearning. 
  • Apathy. 
  • Insufficient effort. 
  • Feeling worthless. 
  • Observance of neutrality. 
  • Refusal to break with the past. 
  • Lack of spirituality. 
  • Excessive conformity. 
  • Death of the soul. 
  • False “I”. 
  • Denial of an important part of oneself. 
  • The desire to conform to public opinion. 
  • The end of indecision.

For some reason, you are deceiving yourself. Perhaps you have sacrificed some part of your life in vain . You may be living your life to meet someone’s expectations, and for this you give up your own needs and values. 

Perhaps in a relationship with someone are you playing the role of the victim? Such behavior can only lead to a feeling of uselessness and an unwillingness to devote oneself to achieving a more worthy goal. You may not want to sacrifice anything even for better results. 

Are you afraid to upset those around you that you will dance to “your own tune”? Remember Emerson’s dictum that silly consistency was a bogeyman of limited minds? It looks like you need to turn your world upside down in order to see. Don’t waste your energy on useless projects. 

If what you asked was about financial matters, then beware of making a bad investment or following questionable advice at this point.

The positive meaning of this card lies in the fact that the period of “suspension” and uncertainty sooner or later comes to an end. If you manage to reconsider your priorities and chart new directions in life, then you will be ready to take decisive action.

In an inverted position, a card means excessive immersion (egocentrism) in one’s affairs (the reverse of an unselfish sacrifice in the name of others), as well as useless pursuit of an unattainable dream.

The Hanged Man : Spirituality

It is crucial now to let go of any negative beliefs, all self-limitation. Remember the idea of ​​”self-fulfilling prophecy” what you decree, happens, is written as in stone, so be very careful what you allow yourself to say or think about your life.

Make sure that the “prophecies” you are making about your life bear some resemblance to the life you really want to see and have.

The Hanged Man Relation with Astrology

Pisces as a symbol of sacrifice and enlightenment. The sun in the XII house, meaning “captivity”, and in a deeper sense – a radical revolution in life, which occurred as a result of the realization of some important principle.

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