The Hanged Man: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


The Hanged Man Upright Keywords:

wisdom, discretion, discernment, temptation, sacrifice (sacrifice), intuition, prophecy, prediction.

The Hanged Man Reversed Keywords:

egoism, crowd (crush), state.

The Hanged Man Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

The hanged man, if you look at him in a simple way, means that we are “stuck”, come to a standstill. A closer look reveals that behind this external stillness lies the need and a good opportunity to rethink a lot in life, and as a result – to make profound changes, both in herself and in her look at it. The passivity to which we were sentenced during this period most closely resembles the image of a bedridden patient – this is also one of the values ​​of the map. K. G. Jung spoke well of the Hanged Man as a sensation: “Hanging means (…) and even quite positive hanging on, which, on the one hand, means some
difficulty, although surmountable, but this is why this is a rare situation which requires the greatest tension from a person,

The twelfth card of the Major ARCANA is called the HANGED and depicts a young man suspended by the leg to the crossbar. The crossbar rests on two logs, each of which has six chopped branches. The HALF man’s right leg is bent and thrown behind his left, and he joined his hands behind his head so that they form a cross. The figure of the hanged man, as it were, forms an inverted sign of sulfur. In some decks, a person holds a bag in his hands, from which coins are strewed. (According to one interpretation, this card depicts Judas Iscariot with money received for betrayal.) Sealants liken the PENDAN to Prometheus, while asserting that the feet above mean spiritualization of the lower nature. It is possible that the inverted figure symbolizes the loss of spiritual ability, since the head is below body level. Felled twelve branches – zodiac signs, divided into two groups – positive and negative. Thus, the card symbolizes the temporary victory of polarity over the spiritual principle of equilibrium. 

Thus, in order to comprehend the heights of philosophy, a person must turn the habitual way of thinking. At the same time, he rejects the rules of gold in favor of the golden rule. Bearing a sense of primordial unity and closeness to the heavenly homeland, karma plunges a person into the contemplation of life waves and cosmic vibrations – symbolized by the planet Neptune, in the very beginning where the human consciousness with which it seeks to merge was born. The disconnection of consciousness brings bliss, and in this it is like a dream – but that unconscious involvement in the one that is perceived in an unspeakable bliss in a dream may inevitably be inexpressible suffering. Whether the mind accepts or rejects the joys and shortcomings of the world, it is only their passive reflector: an active role is played by the soul, making its choice, and in whose reactions the principle of analogy works: it reacts to what is close to it, what touches and touches it. 

But if the soul is included in the world stream, to which it owes life, reason has nothing to oppose it, since it is of the same origin. And consciousness sacrifices itself in the name of an incomprehensible beginning. since he himself is of the same origin. And consciousness sacrifices itself in the name of an incomprehensible beginning. since he himself is of the same origin. And consciousness sacrifices itself in the name of an incomprehensible beginning.
Once Odin, who was the deity of not only a military squad, but also a teacher of wisdom comprehended in an ecstatic state, nailed himself with a spear to the World Tree – the ash tree Igdrasil. Hanging in this state for nine days, he quenched his thirst with sacred honey from the hands of his mother’s grandfather, the giant Beltorn, and received from him runes – carriers of wisdom. The same sacrifice is made by the Apostle Peter, who himself asks the Romans not only to crucify him (as they did with Jesus), but to crucify him upside down. It is such a sacrifice to us that the Twelfth ARKAN TARO – the HANGED is.
One of the meanings of the Hanged is the immersion of the Spirit in matter. 

Therefore, a person is depicted head down to the ground. On the TARO map, which may also be called “Victim,” this situation is depicted by a person suspended upside down on a key of life or a flowering hedge: he sees the world upside down. Since only in an inverted (suspended) state – a state of searching for one’s lost reflection – can a person comprehend the truth and reveal the neptunian secrets of his soul. And although they are all just illusions and myths of the planet Neptune: – in their reflection there is an essential meaning for the inner world of man. The negative aspects of this ARKANA are not to see the meaning in life, hanging out in limbo between heaven and earth, restlessness. At the same time, this map gives a new vision of the world (which is not surprising when looking upside down).

The Twelfth ARKAN perfectly describes what is considered to be the Slavic soul – a combination of restlessness and enlightenment. And the planets associated with this map are also characteristic of this psychotype: Neptune and Uranus. At the earthly astrological level, this map corresponds to the conjunction of Mars with Mercury and means enterprise and even adventurism, and in the spiritual sense it is a search for new solutions and discoveries.

The Hanged Man Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card is a symbol of “standing on your head”, the notorious upheaval of the entire value system.
A good aspect is renewal and rebirth. It means readiness and the ability to accept changes, life flexibility, elasticity of thinking. However, this card sometimes (in a certain scenario) can mean hesitation and, in this regard, being late in deciding one’s business (hanging one’s position). You can gain knowledge, but fail to apply it.

The Hanged Man Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, a card means excessive immersion (egocentrism) in one’s affairs (the reverse of an unselfish sacrifice in the name of others), as well as useless pursuit of
an unattainable dream.
Another option for this card is that you are ready to sacrifice, but it will be useless …

The Hanged Man Relation with Astrology

Pisces as a symbol of sacrifice and enlightenment. The sun in the XII house, meaning “captivity”, and in a deeper sense – a radical revolution in life, which occurred as a result of the realization of some important principle.

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