The World: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

The World

Tarot Card Meaning

The World: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
The World

The World Yes or No

The World
Yes or No
The World
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”.  to the question about travel, acquiring knowledge.
The answer is “Yes, but …”.  to specific questions (will I find such and such a thing, if she loves me …)
The answer is “No” – to the question of a trip abroad.
The answer is “Yes, but…”, for all questions other than travel.

The World (upright) Keywords

Crown of the Magician. 
Great in the Night of Time. 
Personal awards;
Fulfillment of all desires;
Triumph, happiness, success;
Personal freedom;
Exploration of new horizons;
New phase of partnership;
True vocation;
The joy of the work done;
Harmony and sincerity in relationships with colleagues;
An important step in the development of personality;
Awareness of vocation and destiny;
Meeting with a life partner;
Completion, achievement;
Ecstasy, triumph;
Spiritual wealth;
Liberation from illusions.

The World (reversed) Keywords

Lack of vision for life;
Success is yet to come;
Reluctance to explore new opportunities;
Stagnation is likely;
Disorder of plans;
Fear of change;
Close your eyes to all;
Inability to find a use for oneself.

The World Advice

The World
The World
Study (environment, sources, reference books, new information). Make new acquaintances. 
Go to courses, to the library, turn to other sources of knowledge.
Make your choice, focus on one thing.

The World Warning

The World
The World
Warns of the need to supplement knowledge, expand the usual point of view, apply new techniques and methods. You might get trapped into a situation.

The World as a Person

The World
As a Person
The World
As a Person
Those who achieve a lot. 
People who are engaged in international activities. 
Those who successfully achieve their goals.
Those who grab onto everything, but really: they can’t do anything. 
Those who voluntarily become involved in a routine. 
Those who have a habit of not finishing what they undertake. 
Those who end up always lose. 
Irresponsible people.
An attentive and focused person.

The World as feelings

The World
as feelings
The World
as feelings
Fulfilling, triumph, happy, successful, harmonious, ecstasy, liberated. Lack, imperfect, restrained, afraid, worthless.

The World : Card of the Day

The World (upright) as Tarot Card of the Day

salvation of dying feelings, renewal of communication. 
A new stage in a relationship. 

In a personal aspect, the World promises the acquisition of the long-awaited family happiness, the meeting of a person according to destiny. 

Getting some thing or information that harmonizes your current state. 

You will find what you really lacked, it may well not be what you dreamed of. 
It’s just that the higher powers see better and know more about what you need, over time you will understand this. 
Just trust what is happening.

The World (reversed) as Tarot Card of the Day

loss of a loved one. 
Disagreement of interests or quarrel. 
Strong love. 
Concentration of attention on a loved one. 
An inverted card speaks of a postponement of the desired or a missed opportunity to get what was conceived. 

Also, the wrong World speaks of the loss of illusions in relation to a partner. 

Everything secret or unpleasant is revealed, the question arises about the expediency of the relationship itself. 

A person realizes that he sacrificed a lot for the sake of a union in which he was disappointed.

The World as someone sees you

  • You are seen as a person representing their realization. 
  • Person who has achieved something in life.
  • Someone who likes to travel.

The World : Love

The World
The World
Relationships reach a new level, a new facet of relationships, the renewal of “fading” feelings.Concentration on one person, distinguishing him from the rest, attention. 
Benevolence, sympathy. 
Sometimes it can talk about narrowing the circle of acquaintances, parting with someone.

In love it is unbeatable, since it announces all kinds of commitments and unions, weddings and celebrations, the conception or arrival of a child. Love will be frank and intense, you will feel loved, cared for, you will be liked and you will also feel that love fills you inside towards others.

If you are alone, El Mundo tells you that you are very close to meeting someone who will be fundamental in your life, possibly from another city or another country, or perhaps close but with whom you will move away from your place. The relationship will be very close both physically, emotionally and mentally.

The World : Career

The World
The World
Very business friendly. 
Connections, expansion of the scope of activity in connection with going beyond the usual framework (including abroad). 
There are potential opportunities to expand the sphere of influence or circle of partners.

The opportunity to diversify your activities. 
Can talk about an enterprise dealing with various things.
Reduction of connections, transfer of the field of activity from abroad, more highly specialized business. 
This does not mean a loss in finances. 
The final choice of a place of work from many options. 
Purposeful work in one direction, in one project, in one place.

At work, the World points out two possibilities: Either the recognition finally arrives for you, the progress, the profit, or you have been working very hard and since you have not yet obtained what you want and deserve, you decide that it is time to do things on your own, your way.

This will be a success without a doubt. If you have been stuck in a job or in your activity, now you have the courage and confidence to take the bull by the horns and go out and claim what you deserve.

There are possibilities of traveling abroad for work, or a relationship of some kind with abroad, be it opening a branch of your company, participating in a franchise, a foreign partner or related things.
Ideal time to change jobs if you wish. Success and recognition. Promotions.

The World : Money

Regarding money and finances, it is an ideal time to make or strengthen investments, much more so if they are abroad. All the difficulties you have been through begin to dissipate to lead to financial stability and growth.

Good time to start new companies or to form partnerships, sign contracts, hire staff, expand and grow.

Luck is also on your side now, so you can find unique, very favorable opportunities to take advantage of, as well as lucky breaks in gambling or chance. Money will in no way be a problem when this card appears.

The World : Health

The World
The World
Normal health. You are comfortable about your health. Take measures to improve your overall health.
You will see the result pretty soon, faster than you think.

In health, the omens are optimal, great fullness, energy and vitality. Any problem that you come dragging will improve or cure. If you suffer from acute illnesses, you will feel vast improvements. Recovery from convalescence or surgery will be quick and uncomplicated.

As it is a moment of mental openness, you will possibly be interested in new things, in alternatives, in new and diverse treatments and you will get some benefit from all of them.

The World : past, present, future

The World in past position

The path you follow will eventually lead you to a full circle. It may take a while to figure this out, but the journey will allow you to embrace new responsibilities and perspectives.

The World in present position

The present moment will bring you a wish fulfillment or a welcome change in your environment. To find satisfaction, you must accept others’ ideas so that they are as valid as your own.

The World in future position

You must find your goal to achieve it. It’s the same with dreams; You must first become aware of it in order to make it exist. There is no guarantee of success, but the experience you gain will have the potential to satisfy your desires.

The World (Upright) Meaning

  • Completion. 
  • The last card from the Major Arcana. 
  • Execution. 
  • Attainment. 
  • The climax. 
  • Harmony. 
  • Welfare. 
  • End of the previous phase and start of a new phase. 
  • An association. 
  • A good mood. 
  • Completion of the journey. 
  • Ecstasy. 
  • Achievement of the goal. 
  • Receiving an award. 
  • Integrity. 
  • Unity. 
  • A job well done. 
  • Delight. 
  • Beauty. 
  • The final stage of the cycle. 
  • Success. 
  • Triumph. 
  • Freedom. 
  • Liberation. 
  • Peace. 
  • The joy of life. 
  • Ideal condition. 
  • Life affirmation. 
  • Cosmic stream. 
  • Promised land. 
  • Expanded horizons. 
  • The base of the rainbow. 
  • A pleasant surprise. 
  • Illumination. 
  • Start each day with enthusiasm. 
  • Perfect conditions. 
  • Physical and emotional health. 
  • Spiritual wealth. 
  • Best possible result. 
  • Journey. 
  • The trip. 
  • Change of work or place of residence. 
  • Willingness to start all over again. 
  • Start. 
  • Ending. 
  • A calm death at the end of a long and eventful life. 
  • All is well that ends well.
  • Somewhere beyond the rainbow. 
  • The ball is over. 
  • It’s time to set a day.

In the upright position, The World card is a symbol of success, fulfillment of desires, achievement of a goal, projects for the future, a series of good events that will bear fruit.

This card can also symbolize the end of a stage in life and the beginning of a new one. It can mean the favor of others, and official recognition, and praise, and affirmation of the correctness of their actions. 

The WORLD is Hope for the future. 

In some cases, a change of residence and a long journey.

Birth. Death. Start. The end. Something must manifest itself, be embodied, declare itself.

You are at the final stage of the path to achieving your goal. Everything is going well, smoothly and according to plan; success is just around the corner. 

You will receive what is rightfully yours. You feel like a whole and self-sufficient person. 

You have reached the promised land. Now you are experiencing a state of complete satisfaction from the fulfillment of everything that was conceived, after which the next stage of life, filled with new impressions, will open for you. 

Long-distance travel is now possible. The World card almost always guarantees triumph and prosperity.

The World (Reversed) Meaning

  • Imperfection. 
  • A success that is close, but never comes. 
  • Failure to complete the cycle. 
  • Disorder of plans. 
  • Obstacles. 
  • Waiting for completion. 
  • Shortcomings. 
  • Lack of definite work. 
  • Fear of change. 
  • Stagnation. 
  • Running in place. 
  • Routine. 
  • No restrictions. 
  • Completion too fast. 
  • Failure to continue what you started. 
  • Insecurity. 
  • Resistance to change. 
  • Reluctance to look to the future. 
  • Stubbornness. 
  • Inability to find a use for oneself. 
  • The habit of turning a blind eye. 
  • Unsatisfactory result. 
  • Overwork. 
  • Delayed trip. 
  • You haven’t reached your destination yet. 
  • You should move on.

It is difficult for you to achieve your goal because you did not take care of completing what you started. As a result, you feel like you are marking time and cannot get a satisfactory result. Everything drags on and it seems that it will never end. 

You are bored, you get the feeling that you are standing still, and everything you do does not bring any result. You are more and more tempted by the idea of ​​giving up everything and leaving what you started unfinished. You resist change, assuming that you are not yet ready for new sensations. 

You need to take a step back and look at everything from the outside · – through the eyes of an observer, see all your shortcomings, mistakes made and correct them in order to bring your goal closer.

The inverted world map can sometimes indicate that the trip you have planned will be postponed or you will go where you have already been.

In an inverted position, the map suggests that the time for big changes for the better has not yet arrived. The expected results are still beyond the horizon, but … do not lose hope!

Sometimes this position of the card combines success and disappointment (you dream of taking the place of your boss, you achieve yours and … you understand that this is not so great; you win the woman’s heart for several years and just as much regret and repent of your act). But in a practical sense, ARKAN MIR is considered a favorable card in every respect.

The World : Questions you should ask

  • What do you want from life?
  • What are you willing to do for the sake of your dream?
  • When your desires are fulfilled , how will you feel?
  • What is the most important thing in the world to you?

The World : Spirituality

This will be a time of great spiritual growth. Your contact with other types of beliefs and points of view, cultures and customs, will have a strong impact on you.

Now you will be open to understanding, respecting and acquiring new teachings that these different ways can help you to grow. You have now started an old woman through life much more complex, rich and full.

The World – Tarot Card Combinations

“The World” combination with “The Fool”


The World + The Fool (21+ 0)

  • Pursuit of a dream. A trip to a new place.
  • Overseas travel. Adventures.
  • The target eludes you.
  • Council to get rid of illusions once and for all.

The World Relation with Astrology

The World Tarot Card Zodiac sign:
All zodiac signs are equally associated with The World Tarot card. The World Tarot card is all encompassing neutral card as far as the zodiac is concerned.

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