The World: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


The World – Upright Keywords:

guaranteed luck, travel, road, emigration, flight, change of place.

The World – Reversed Keywords:

inertia, immobility, stagnation, immutability.

The World Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

World in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a

The world indicates the newfound unity, harmony and happy completion of a certain course of events. The beauty of this card is difficult to convey in words, without slipping into the sugary description of the next happy ending.
In Hero’s Journey, this is a happy ending, a newfound paradise, which in everyday life means achieving a goal. Sometimes, in rare cases, this may be the goal of a lifetime, but most often this refers to the next stage. In the field of external life, this means that we finally found our place in it, the one that is intended for us and only for us.
In inner life, this is the completion of the most important stage of development, the formation of our personality, the integrity of our self-consciousness. At the event level, the World represents a happy period when we enjoy life with all our hearts. This card may also mean international connections or travel.

The twenty-first card of the SENIOR ARCANA is called the WORLD (another name is the UNIVERSE) and depicts a dancing female figure with arms spread apart, holding two wands. The woman’s left leg is bent and crossed with the right. All this suggests that the figure is an alchemical symbol of sulfur. A woman is surrounded by a wreath. At the corners of the map is an image of the angel Ezekiel. ARKAN summarizes the micro- and macrocosms involved in the structure of creation, and the female figure symbolizes the Divine Fire. A wreath is nature, and a cherub represents the beginning of worlds. A wreath can also be interpreted as the crown of an initiate entering the gates of the Truth that opens to him.
On the TARO map is a hermaphrodite dancer, around whose image there is a wreath of flowers. The dancer symbolizes the Universe, and her dance – the constant and eternal renewal of life – a cycle containing the end of everything and returning life to its beginning. At the corners of the map are the zodiac characters – Taurus, Leo. Eagle and Angel – symbolizing evolution and helping the action of the Dancer. Astrologically, cynarot connects the moon and the earth (the basis of generation with reality).
The Old Moon, disappearing from the sky so that a new small sickle is born, reflects the continuity of life in which the old gives way to the new. With this ARKAN not only the concept of the end of everything is connected, but also the concept of reward – the identification of man with the macrocosm. The completed image of the person with whom he goes into death is his perfection, for which he lived in this world. This is the main way of embodiment – through the fate of man.
The name of the Twenty-First Arcana weaves into a wreath of meanings. This is the “WORLD” (in the sense of peace of mind, in the sense of victory over the enemy, in the sense of the Universe), acquired after long trials. This is the end of adventure and reward. And in the Russian proverb “the end is the crown of action.” And the crown is not only a crown on the King’s head, but also a wreath depicted on the classic MIR map. The twenty-first ARKAN – completion and return home. Crowley treats this map as a cosmic unity (a symbiosis of eros and spiritualism). These newfound paradise, liberation from attachments, completion of an endless series of incarnations, liberation from karma – whatever.
A traveler at the end of a long journey, coming before the throne of God – this is the image of the Twenty-first Arcana.
This ARKAN merges with Zero (SHUT), completing the circle (crown). The beginning was Nothing, the result was Nothing, however, this is another Nothing full of meaning. You
can not own wealth in two ways: you can never have it, but you can part with it voluntarily. But … “Only the Emperor can renounce the throne.”

The World Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the WORLD map is a symbol of success, fulfillment of desires, achievement of a goal, projects for the future, a series of good events that will bear fruit.
A card can also symbolize the end of a stage in life and the beginning of a new one. It can mean the favor of others, and official recognition, and praise, and affirmation of the correctness of their actions. WORLD is Hope for the future. In some cases, a change of residence and a long journey.
Birth. Death. Start. The end. Something must manifest itself, be embodied, declare itself.

The World Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, the map suggests that the time for big changes for the better has not yet arrived. The expected results are still beyond the horizon, but … do not lose hope!
Sometimes this position of the card combines success and disappointment (you dream of taking the place of your boss, you achieve yours and … you understand that this is not so great; you win the woman’s heart for several years and just as much regret and repent of your act). But in a practical sense, ARKAN MIR is considered a favorable card in every respect.

The World Relation with Astrology

Jupiter in Pisces as a symbol of liberation, or Jupiter in a harmonious aspect with Saturn as an image of a happy ending.

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