The Lovers

Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Yes or No

The Lovers
Yes or No
The Lovers
Yes or No
The answer is “Mostly Yes”.
Less often, person can talk about a difficult situation that will be resolved if a person makes an independent choice.
The answer is “Mostly yes” .
Out of many alternatives, the solution you have in mind is correct. Go ahead with it.

Table of Contents

    The Lovers (upright) Keywords

    Attraction of opposites. 
    Two ways. 
    New relationship. 
    Important decision. 
    Growing up. 
    Overcoming obstacles. 
    An important choice in life;
    Getting rid of illusions and prejudices;
    Awareness of their capabilities;
    Love, not falling in love;
    Refusal from something;
    Short trips;
    Romantic meeting;
    Improving sexual relations;
    Tree of life, marriage;
    All options are worth considering;
    At the crossroads;
    Stability of feelings;
    Success and stability;
    The union of opposites (within yourself).

    The Lovers (reversed) Keywords

    Infidelity and duplicity;
    Incorrect choice;
    Family disagreements;
    Fickle social life;
    Failed test;
    End of love;
    Refusal to make important choices;
    Unhealthy relationships;
    Deterioration of relations between partners;
    It is still possible to restore relations.

    The Lovers Advice

    The Lovers
    The Lovers
     Love, show your attention. 
    The Lover’s card advises you to explore all options for events and make the wisest choice. 
    Consider your interests carefully. 
    Focus on what is best for all parties.

    Bring the state to a harmonious one.
    Don’t hesitate to make a decision. 
    Act and decide quickly.

    The Lovers Warning

    The Lovers
    The Lovers
    Be prepared to make some compromises, stick to the commitments you made. 
    Trust your intuition.
    Unhealthy relationships can increase stress levels.

    The Lovers as a Person

    The Lovers
    As a Person
    The Lovers
    As a Person
    Business partners. 
    One who faces a choice. 
    Good friends. 
    Romeo and Juliet.

    Great personal charm, sex appeal. 
    Talent (for art, science, business). 
    Those who are faced with the need to make a choice. 
    Divorced people. 
    Unfaithful people. 
    Those in unhealthy relationships. 
    Don Juan. 
    People with sexual disabilities.

    The Lovers as feelings

    The Lovers
    as feelings
    The Lovers
    as feelings
    Busy, sociable, organized, aware, love, confidence, supported, stable. Determined, infidel, fickle, impatient.

    The Lovers : Card of the Day

    When “The Lovers” is card of the day, уou will be required to make the final decision in anу sphere of life.

    You doubted for a long time and could not make a choice.

    But the time for reflection is over, and fate demands to put a fat point.

    The Lovers as someone sees you

    • Person with great personal charm, sex appeal.
    • A trustworthy person.
    • Someone who is aware of his capabilities.
    • A romantic person.
    • Someone without illusions and prejudices.

    The Lovers : Love

    The Lovers
    The Lovers
    Pure love. 
    Doesn’t mean marriage.
    The decisive moment, an important conversation (it is not known in which direction it will turn) there is no threat, but there is stress. 
    Jealousy (if falls out in the “what he thinks” position)

    The Lovers is a great card for love. It announces the realization of weddings or firm unions, the arrival of children. The affective relationships in general are very good, with great feeling and affection.

    Life as a couple becomes solid, strengthened and consolidated. If you do not have a partner, announce the arrival of a passionate, romantic relationship with strong sensual content. There is a great sense of joy in all relationships.

    It can also indicate having another chance with a former partner, with whom this time things will turn out very well.

    The Lovers : Career

    The Lovers
    The Lovers
    – Dating service.

    – Equilibrium state. 
    It can talk about the need to make a decision, but there is still some time to think.

    – Never means bad.

    – It can mean a vacation (rest), less often – an office romance.

    – Ability to choose when looking for a job.

    – A stable income of a reasonable size (neither large nor small)
    It’s time to take immediate action before it’s too late. 

    You need to accurately give a clear answer to the proposal.

    Sales will increase and will always be positive. It is very possible to do business or work with family, friends or with your own partner. You can indicate, with some alert, the possibility of mixing romance with business, evaluate things well if it is the case.

    It is also representative of having to make a decision or make an important choice in the workplace, whether it is to change from one job to the other, make an advantageous move in the workplace, take or not a promotion, new position or responsibility.

    The Lovers : Money

    While it is a good time for business and money investments, they can be short-term or of temporary benefit or perhaps not so great.

    The outlook is generally encouraging, although you do not have to make excessive ideas or big plans. In chance there may be good luck but also, they will not be figures that change your life.

    As a warning, the card may indicate a certain carelessness in relation to money, being very immersed in romantic love. Take good care of business and activities and not make excessive expenses and out of possibility.

    The Lovers : Health

    The Lovers
    The Lovers
    The condition is stable. 
    Nothing worries.
    Crisis state of health due to exacerbation of the disease. 
    The onset of the disease.

    Romance involves physical wear and tear, therefore pay attention to being well covered with foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

    A balanced diet is essential, although with certain extra calories from protein, allowed, so that the physical is full of energy.

    The Lovers : past, present, future

    The Lovers in past position

    By becoming more in tune with yourself, you will be able to communicate more with others. The emotional burden of the recent conflict will soon be lifted and a successful resolution achieved.

    The Lovers in present position

    A conflict is approaching that will test your values. To progress, you will need to make a decision between love and career. None of these will go away forever, but the choice will determine your priorities.

    The Lovers in future position

    It will be helpful for you to remember that opposites are two sides of the same coin; there is no one without the other. The right choice will only be made if you have accepted others and yourself.

    The Lovers (Upright) Meaning

    • Union. 
    • Distribution. 
    • Confidence. 
    • Duality. 
    • Short trips. 
    • Health. 
    • Healing. 
    • Romantic meeting. 
    • Sexuality. 
    • Attractiveness. 
    • Romantic love. 
    • Improving sexual relations. 
    • Partnership. 
    • New relationship. 
    • The main choice. 
    • Important decision. 
    • Fork on the road. 
    • Test. 
    • Ordeal. 
    • Temptation. 
    • Redefining important relationships. 
    • Thoughts about love and marriage. 
    • Selection of one of the forks of the road. 
    • A love story or relationship involving a challenge or choice. 
    • Power of love. 
    • The desire to share your life with another person. 
    • Love. 
    • Betrothal. 
    • Marriage. 
    • The tree of life. 
    • Choice between two lovers. 
    • Unbeaten road. 
    • I can’t get you out of my head. 
    • Until the death separates us.

    Upright “The Lovers” card indicates love, feminine and masculine union, blessings, protection, new relationship, soul mates, open communication, trust.

    When The Lovers card appears in a reading, it reflects a lot of positive energy. You are being protected and blessed.  This can also indicate a new relationship that will work well for you.

    The Lovers card may appear in the spread at that moment in life when you have to make an important, fateful decision and choose which path to follow next. 

    It can also represent a romantic adventure that often involves a challenge or choice. Passion for the opposite sex, sexual relations, love and marriage can completely occupy your mind. 

    Perhaps you are only thinking about continuing a relationship with a certain person right now. If, at the same time, there is a two of Cups in the scenario, then perhaps this love relationship is very important to you.

    This card advises you to carefully consider all your options before making your final decision. Somehow you are put to the test before starting a new stage in your development. 

    You are now at a crossroads. You may be starting a new personal or partnership relationship soon. Others may have already noticed that you have started buying new clothes and are trying to look your best in the hope that this will help you find new love. 

    Short trips and intimate conversations are also possible.

    The Lovers card indicates that you need healing – physical or spiritual. This is a good time to have a heart-to-heart talk about your relationship with a friend or someone you can trust and get good advice from. 

    In the spread for health, the Lovers card denotes spiritual protection and recovery.

    The Lovers (Reversed) Meaning

    • Failed test. 
    • End of love. 
    • Impermanence. 
    • Freedom by all means. 
    • Fear of falling in love. 
    • Impatience. 
    • Passion for wandering. 
    • Refusal to make important choices. 
    • Insufficiently reasoned decision. 
    • Variability. 
    • Insincerity. 
    • An immature attitude towards love. 
    • Hedonism. 
    • Sex without love. 
    • Marriage problems. 
    • Troubled or unhealthy relationships. 
    • Health problems. 
    • Disease. 
    • Irresponsibility. 
    • Dislike. 
    • The inability to be together. 
    • Coarseness. 
    • Offended feelings. 
    • Parting. 
    • Indecision. 
    • Opposition. 
    • Parting. 
    • Termination of the relationship. 
    • Divorce. 
    • Quarreling. 
    • Disagreements. 
    • Internal conflict. 
    • Resistance. 
    • A union imposed by external circumstances. 
    • Insulation. 
    • Feeling distant from your partner. 
    • Love is evil. 
    • You don’t need me anymore. 
    • Fall in love and quit. 
    • A lover at every corner.

    Reverse meaning of “The Lovers” card indicates breakup, deceit, lust.  

    When this card appears upside down in a reading, there might be problems in relationship. The relationship might be lacking attraction.

    It also indicates that someone you trust might be deceiving you. There is lack of divine blessings. You are advised to increase your divine energy by meditation and reconnecting with yourself.

    Perhaps you hurt someone’s feelings, or vice versa – someone hurt yours. Perhaps you missed the chance to start a new relationship or accept an invitation, and now your communication with this person is in question. 

    Perhaps a breakup or the end of a romance awaits you. If your question was about marriage, you are already desperate to find the right partner and are afraid that you will have to spend the rest of your life alone. 

    At present, you may be preoccupied with thoughts about how to establish your sexual contacts. Perhaps now you are involved in some unhealthy relationships. 

    Your fear of being attached to a particular person can create problems. You must learn to take responsibility for your behavior and take responsibility for the decisions you make. 

    If you have an important choice to make, it is best to consult with a professional and be careful not to regret the decision later. 

    Sometimes this card indicates health problems, all sorts of contradictions, the collapse of the marital union.

    The Lovers : Spirituality

    It is a moment of a very intense, passionate inner life, full of dreams and illusions. You are willing and open to confront your spiritual part, make the changes and improvements that you must make. It is possible that someone comes to you as a mentor, not necessarily a person, it can be a book, a movie, that shakes your inner fibers.

    At this moment you are ready for challenges, to review and solve things from the past with a view to a much better future and present.

    The Lovers: Symbolism

    The lovers cards depicts a young woman and a young man. The woman is beautiful and has flowing golden hair. The man is strong and looking towards the woman. They are lovers. Both are wearing no clothes. This shows their oneness and the openness between them They are not hiding anything from each other and are in vulnerable state. They trust each other. They together forma a greater force for progressing humanity. There are white clouds between these two lovers.

    There is bright sun in the sky. This indicated daytime. There is an angel in the sky. The wings of the angle are red in colour and are spread wide, to protect the two lovers. The angel is wearing a tiara of green and red leaves. The angel has serene look on the face. The eyes of the angles are closed, as if praying for the lovers. The two hands of the angel are raised to bless the two lovers and direct higher divine energy to them.  

    The woman is thankfully looking up towards the angel. Her one palm is facing towards the earth and the palm of the other hand is facing towards the angel. She is receiving energy from the angel and passing it to the earth below, like a divine medium.  

    There is an orange tree being the woman, that is loaded with ripe oranges. A green snake has coiled around the bard of the tree. This indicates the human desires and temptations. There is a tall tree behind the man. It has red-yellow shaded leaves.

    There is a red mountain behind the lovers. The peak of the mountain can be seen in between the two lovers. This represents passion and the bliss arising from their union. The ground on which the two lovers stand is green in color indicating fertility.

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