The Tower: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


The Tower Upright Keywords:

suffering, grief, need, adversity, distress, shame, deceit, destruction (ruin).

The Tower Reversed Keywords:

in accordance with one interpretation – the same as in the main values, but to a lesser extent. Also oppression, imprisonment (imprisonment), tyranny.

The Tower Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

The tower says that for quite some time we considered our position stable and safe, and suddenly everything collapsed. At the same time, those structures and conventions that we have already surpassed are collapsing, and they have become close to us. We can talk about our beliefs or life principles, as well as about work, finances, friendships or other relations that seemed to us stable and unchanging. In any case, the tower symbolizes
a certain concept that for a long time provided us with confidence in the future, and possibly a sense of security, and now has ceased to correspond to our increased level. As a rule, this is a surprise for us: when the old concept suddenly collapses, many perceive it as a lightning strike. And, since it is precisely those structures that constitute the very foundation of our confidence that collapse, it often looks like a disaster. Only when the first shock passes, we find that, it turns out, got rid of the long-standing ballast. Awareness of this comes on its own or in the form of a hint from outside.

The sixteenth map of the Major ARCANA is called the TOWER and represents a tower crowned with a crown, collapsing from a lightning strike. The crown, being significantly smaller than the roof of the tower, obviously indicates that the destruction was due to its weakness. Lightning sometimes takes the form of the zodiac sign of Scorpio, and the tower is regarded as a phallic symbol. Two human figures fall from the tower – one in front and the other behind. It is generally accepted to associate this card with the fall of a person. When its peak is destroyed, a person falls into the lower world and brings upon himself the illusion of materiality. It also contains the key to the mystery of sex. The tower, filled with gold coins, flowing out of the gap created by the blow, supposedly symbolizes potential forces.
The human soul, in order for the created inside to be manifested outward (the word was spoken), turns deep into itself. But the spoken word destroys the former inner integrity: therefore, when a person sees the power of the word, he is silent, for speaking, he ceases to understand the meaning of the spoken word, as the spoken word loses its integrity, which makes it possible in the creative process to touch the essence of things.

The Major Tarot ARKANA depicts a tower collapsing from a lightning strike. (Lightning splits the Babylonian tower of “his own world”, built by man, revealing the hidden inside.) Two people fall from it: one is crowned with a KING crown, the other is a poor man in rags. This ARKAN symbolizes the destruction of the former chimeras, which brings a person his openness and interaction with the outside world, since in our life the disappointment in
our illusions, hopes and rational constructions will not pass either strong or weak.
Man is imperfect, and the knowledge of the world by people is always only partially. Therefore, the more a person knows, the closer he is to Socratic understanding that he does not know anything.

Planet Mars astrologically correlates with the TOWER card – the personal moral principle of man, dominating fate, giving physical strength, spiritual impulses and … hope for immortality. But the hope of immortality comes to man only when he “falls from his tower of Babel” and … he, besides this hope, no longer remains.
The area of ​​life where you considered yourself reliably protected suddenly became cramped for you, and the TOWER piled up to the sky, representing your views, suddenly stumbled and fell, collapsing along with the old picture of the world.

In a more complete sense, the Sixteenth ARKAN symbolizes the destruction of form, the overthrow of values. “TOWER” can mean both blind destruction (Hiroshima) and the fall of a dilapidated one. It is a pain,
The image of the TOWER can also mean the structures by which a person tries to protect himself from spiritual growth and the difficulties associated with this. A person becomes cramped in himself, but he stubbornly forces himself to curl up, just not to grow out of fear of pain (life).
And then the tower of human views turns into a prison.
In TOWER, like in no other TAROT arcana, the influence of Mars (cosmic energy in its crude materialistic form), as well as such planets as Pluto (global and mass, “nowhere to hide”), Uranus and Saturn (sudden destruction and renewal) are especially noticeable. ) ALMIGHTY – the most severe map of the SENIOR ARCANA.

The Tower Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card symbolizes the end of the existing situation under the influence of external forces, moreover, unexpected and very fast. The collapse of the existing order of life. This is a sudden decision to change the place of work (or profession), place of residence. It can also mean a rejection of the previous relationship or a very severe test of love or friendship, after which your opinion about people close to you changes dramatically. Next to good cards, the ARKAN signals the disintegration of existing evil, portending the end of the black line in life and getting rid of the heavy burden of the present.

The Tower Reversed Meaning:

In the inverted position, the card indicates a strong dependence on existing circumstances that cannot be changed at the moment – your options are limited, and your personality is depressed. You follow in your own footsteps (the same road), live in the old rut.

The Tower Relation with Astrology

Uranus / Saturn as a symbol of a bursting abscess.

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