The Star: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


The Star Upright Keywords:

loss, theft, deprivation, abandonment. Another reading says: hope and bright prospects.

The Star Reversed Keywords:

arrogance, arrogance, importance.

The Star Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

A star is a map of hope, wisdom and understanding of the higher interconnections of everything. She points out that we are currently doing or planning things whose results will only appear in the very distant future, but that is why we may not be fully aware of what we are doing. Only in hindsight will it become clear to us what significant decisions we made then (today), under the sign of the Arcana of the Star. And, as a seed needs time to germinate and become a plant, so the Star does not manifest its fruitful effect right away. In the traditional Tarot, the Star in most cases was considered one of the three guardian angels who promised a favorable outcome for any conceived business.

The seventeenth card of the Major ARCANA is called STAR and depicts a girl sitting on the shore (her body position resembles a swastika). She has two vessels in her hands; she pours the contents of one of them onto the ground, the other back into the sea. Over the girl’s head there are eight stars, the largest of which is Sirius, and the rest are the seven sacred planets of the ancients. There are suggestions that a young woman symbolizes Isis, filling the Nile with water. (During this period, the Dog Star appeared in the Egyptian sky.) Isis’ nudity says that nature has not yet clothed its green robes until the rise of the Nile, the waters of which give life to plants. Bush and birds (or butterfly) mean growth and rebirth, accompanied by the rise of river water.

This card corresponds to the altruistic sign of Aquarius pouring two streams of water onto the Earth: dead water of consciousness and living water of the spirit.
The figure of TARO depicts a woman watering a desert, from the moist soil of which “blooming nature” grows. A seven-pointed star above a woman is a symbol of the seven major planets into which God dissolved in space was embodied in order to create a new life.

The seven-pointed “star of magicians” symbolizes the universality of the human psyche, and the butterfly sitting on the flower symbolizes the renewal of the human soul. (Sometimes the STAR is portrayed as eight-pointed and then serves simply as a symbol of the Venus star.)

The world is created every moment, and we humans are its creators. The immortal God, having created the world, disappears in it, but at the birth of human offspring a process similar to the creation of the world takes place. Plants appear on the dead soil of the planets, giving birth to air-spirit, which then, resonating in time with the vibrations of space, becomes the living soul of animals. And then the animals, gaining the dead mind of matter, become people and begin to destroy this world, in order to someday start the evolution again. This is how history goes on in time, but at the same time, the same process takes place at every moment and in every person.

The dead water of Aquarius is the creation of forms of matter (Saturn), and living water is irrigation, by their spirit (Uranus), which gives birth to life in matter. The “STAR” cynarot itself connects Venus and the Moon, eternal life and an immortal soul. In traditional interpretations, the Seventeenth TARO card is a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem, which announced the coming of the Savior into the world.
The seventeenth ARKAN calls for surrender to the instant, contemplation of the spiritual world; to fix your eyes on the perfection of the cosmos. This is renewal and rebirth. Arcana STAR symbolizes the revival and life-giving forces of nature. The number 17 means a new hope: if you count, starting with the full moon, then on the seventeenth night, after moonless nights, the thin sickle of the young moon reappears. STAR also gives hope, justified or false,
distortion of reality, carelessness, not worried about thoughts about the future.
Life is not only lived, but also passes in dreams, dreams, therefore, “STAR” is both an unconscious thirst for life, and contemplation of higher interconnections, and unknowable longing, coupled with complete irresponsibility.

The Star Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the STAR card means a surge of creative power, inspiration, new ideas. You know what you are going to say or create, you feel a sense of peace, believe in yourself and can solve all your problems. your well-being, both physical and mental, is improving. You have an optimistic outlook on life and good, fully feasible plans. This card, in addition, can be interpreted as an unexpected help, a new friend, a new love.

The Star Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, the card may indicate that you may want to make a career in the field of art or in any other field that requires a creative approach. In certain cases, it can mean stubbornness, intransigence, unwillingness to change anything in life, lost chances and unused opportunities. It may also say – disbelief in one’s strengths, pessimism, negative attitude towards people and events, laziness, lethargy, slowness, indifference.

The Star Relation with Astrology

Jupiter in 11th house as patron and explorer of new horizons.

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