Wheel of Fortune: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Wheel of Fortune Upright Keywords:

destiny, fate, luck, fun, happiness.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed Keywords:

growth (increase), abundance, abundance (surplus).

Wheel of Fortune Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Depending on how we relate to fate, the Wheel of Fate will appear either as a symbol of our dependence and helplessness before it, or as a life lesson that stimulates growth and adulthood. At the event level, it indeed often corresponds to situations where we can not do anything yet. We are on the descent of the Wheel, that is, our plans cannot be realized: traffic jams on the roads, weather, the “intractability” of the object or other insurmountable circumstances will interfere with us. The Wheel of Time shows that it is not yet time for us to take on this cause. Then the cards in the remaining positions can tell what needs to be done at the moment in order to move to the other side of the Wheel, corresponding to the rise, success, as well as other unexpected twists of fate.

The tenth card of the Major ARCANA is called THE FORTUNE WHEEL. It depicts the mysterious eight-spoke life wheel – the Buddhist symbol of the Wheel of Necessity. On its rim are Anubis and Typhon (principles of good and evil). From above, on a wheel, symbolizing the perfect balance of Universal Wisdom, the Sphinx sits with the sword of Justice.

The righteousness of man makes him accept the “Cup of Fate” – the vicissitudes of the WHEEL OF FORTUNE. The tenth ARKANA TAROT depicts a WHEEL OF FORTUNE lifting up Anubis or a monkey to where the wise Sphinx sits. The Sphinx symbolizes a person’s desire to solve the riddle of his fate, and if a person manages to solve this riddle of the Sphinx (about the cycle of life and death), then for some time he is lucky and comprehends his own path. But man is not objective enough and righteous, therefore he cannot stay all his life on top of the wheel and falls down from him, like the monster Typhon shown on the map. In Western culture, the image of the WHEEL OF FORTUNE is most clearly reflected in the legend of King Oedipus. Answering the riddle of the Sphinx, the wise Oedipus became king – but, seeking the truth, he learned that he accidentally killed his father and married his mother, and … then, gouging out his eyes, he went to wander around the world. The vision of truth did not bring him joy: the Sphinx gave him power, but did not discover the vicissitudes of the future path. Only a rich man can give his wealth to the world, but only one who has nothing can embody the vastness of the divine gift. That is, as we would say now, recalling the legend of Oedipus, maybe someone who, seeing the crimes and sufferings of this world, still leaves his eyes open and sighted?

The planet Jupiter, corresponding astrologically to the map of the WHEEL OF FATE, is mythologically related to the secondary creator of the world, who commands the star to go out and appear, proving its superiority over previous gods. The birth of Christ was also preceded by a Star of Bethlehem, and the very name Yeshua in a cabalistic-digital representation, calculated as Kaph – Jupiter. The essence of this sign is revealed by the myths about the dying and resurrecting gods again, symbolizing the eternity of renewal and rebirth of nature.

Although the WHEEL OF FATE is considered to be a favorable ARKANA for a person, he bears the imprint of a person’s powerlessness before his fate. And the number ten, which means perfection, is at the same time the gateway to a new (1 + 0), a new beginning that will follow the next revolution of the WHEEL.
At the courts of the Middle Ages, the jesters of the monarchs, with their penchant for gloomy philosophizing, often played pantomime with a large wooden ball: when one SHUT scrambled up, the other ended up below. But then the ball makes a new revolution, and … the ascended one was cast down. This is the meaning of the Tenth Arcana. Constant formation, destruction, eternal change and eternity of change. A person must accept his fate and be aware of the impermanence of both happiness and adversity. On the whole, the positive and negative aspects of this map are more clearly interconnected than anywhere else: unexpected changes for the better (worse); cognition of karma (passive fatalism).

Wheel of Fortune Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the position of the card indicates that you are trying to adapt to one or another rhythm of life. You are hungry for the goal. In your life reckless reigns, but this is because you are starting a new cycle. The card is considered a symbol of progress, and no progress is easily and for nothing given. Improving oneself and everything that surrounds is a laudable occupation, but not an easy one. But in any case, it should be remembered that the circular movement of the WHEEL suggests a cycle of things and everything from the beginning to the end. But in general (in real life) – this card of good omens and good changes. This is a turning point. Some part of your life ends – a new one begins. Sometimes a card predicts an unexpected smile of fate.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning:

In an upside down position, the card means continuing to wait for change for the better. And change will come – but after a long time. You have realized your life task, or at least recognized your existence. Knowing this will not slow to come, so that you can begin to work on the task. In some cases, a card means resisting changes that are still inevitable, or inconsistent actions in relation to unexpected and new events for you.

Wheel of Fortune Relation with Astrology

Saturn as Lord of Time and Mentor.

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Wheel of Fortune: Card Number 10

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