Wheel of Fortune: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Wheel of Fortune

Tarot card Meanings

Wheel of Fortune: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Yes or No

Wheel of Fortune
Yes or No
Wheel of Fortune
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”.  
But behind the situation there is some kind of mystery, some kind of “but”.
For question about an unexpected event or prospects , the answer is “No”.

For the question about continuing something, the answer is “Yes” .

Wheel of Fortune (upright) Keywords

Unexpected smile of fortune. 
Endless movement. 
Lifting in a cycle. 
A change for the better. 
New opportunities. 
An important development. 
Everything flows, everything changes. 
Ups and downs. 
Falling from the pedestal. 
Change of seasons. 
End and beginning. 
Karmic lessons. 
Game map. 
Delay caused by unexpected events. 
Secrets of closed systems.
Uncertainty factor, chance;
Confidence in luck;
Addiction associated with monotony;
A harbinger of great change;
Continuous growth and development;
In personal relationships – maintaining the current position (from which a lesson should be learned);
Completion of one stage of life, beginning of another;
New vehicle;
Important decision.

Wheel of Fortune (reversed) Keywords

Bad luck;
Temporary stagnation;
“Behold the Root”;
Negative change;
An unexpected obstacle;
Unhappiness, disappointment;
Dead end;
Rolling down;
Resistance to change for the better;
This is not the best time to take risks.

Wheel of Fortune Advice

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Rely on luck. 
Pay attention to signs and accidents.
Maintain the current situation (do what you did).

Wheel of Fortune Warning

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Don’t let your life take its course completely. 
Fate will not interfere and help every time, you need to make your own efforts. 

Do not resist the changes, it will not bring success, just accept them with gratitude, everything that happens will benefit you.
Taking too much risk can be a problem.

Wheel of Fortune as a Person

Wheel of Fortune
As a Person
Wheel of Fortune
As a Person
Lucky ones.
A leader who leads without knowing the ultimate goal. 
Adventurer, fatalist, gambler. 
Independent in his opinions, aspirations and actions.
Those who constantly lose. 
Unhappy (unfortunate) people.
A person who acts on his own and on the basis of circumstances.

Wheel of Fortune as feelings

Wheel of Fortune
as feelings
Wheel of Fortune
as feelings
Uncertain, fatalist, monotonous. Stagnated, unhappy, disappointed, resistance.

Wheel of Fortune : Card of the Day

Having “Wheel of Fortune” as card of the day means that уou can count on a verу favorable daу.

It is better to accept all the events taking place todaу with sincere joу and gratitude. Enthusiasm builds up, and circumstances turn in such a waу that уou succeed.

But fate will not present уou with everуthing readу on a silver platter. Success is guaranteed to those fortunetellers who begin to take the initiative and take advantage of opportunities.

The past maу remind уou of уourself (meet an old acquaintance or some situation will repeat itself).

Wheel of Fortune as someone sees you

  • Someone who is fickle or changeable.
  • A leader who leads without knowing the ultimate goal.
  • Person with independent opinion.

Wheel of Fortune : Love

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Meeting, acquaintance – how it will develop is not known. 
Meetings occasionally, from time to time.
Everything is the same. 

If you are in a couple, there will be changes and they will be positive. There is a great passion now not only in feelings but in everything they do, in the way they see life and the future.

If you are alone, people will undoubtedly appear who will change your life in a passionate and very intense way. There is agility in relationships, a lot of movement, permanent but healthy and constructive changes.

In case of couple conflicts, The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you have to renegotiate everything, expose your feelings, speak, put it in the clear and on the table, because if it is not done, you or the other person will not be satisfied and the relationship it will not be able to prosper. You have to change and you have to do it now.

Wheel of Fortune : Career

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Gambling business. 
An accident that promises big profits. 
An unexpected meeting (call). 
A case with unforeseen consequences. 
May mean a confusing situation with an unexpected outcome.
It speaks about the lack of opportunities for expansion, but also about the absence of losses.

The job search is dragging on. 
If you already have a job – long-term permanent work in one place. 
Long-term development of one topic.

Undoubtedly it is the time to ask yourself questions and rethink things in the workplace. It is time for changes and changes are coming even without you wanting them or looking for them. Favorable moment to make yourself known, to present ideas and proposals.

It is very possible that you decide to quit your job, if you are currently working, even if it is a good job, because your heart is no longer in it. You have been called to follow your dream, no matter what it is.

If you have a desire to do something different, but you have not yet encouraged yourself for different reasons, be it financial, lack of knowledge of the subject or fears that have immobilized you, The Wheel of Fortune encourages you to be brave.

If you trust yourself and your dream, it will be enough. The impediments that were a problem will be solved in ways that seem incredible to you. Therefore, your faith is the main ally. Jump with it and the wheel will turn in your favor.

Wheel of Fortune : Money

In the financial sense, The Wheel of Fortune generally bodes well for anyone who has been struggling financially for a while. This means that your circumstances are very likely to change, notably for the better.

However, if you’ve had a long period of prosperity, consider the opposite possibility, that your income may drop a bit. If that’s the case, make sure you’re prepared to cope with savings and necessary adjustments. In the long run, of course, everything evens out.

This card, being associated with fate and chance, usually indicates excellent moments of winning in games, of good luck and fortune.

Wheel of Fortune : Health

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
The condition is not stable. 
Sometimes it hurts, but it is not dangerous for life. 
Problem areas: blood clots, intestines, vision.
Nothing new. 
Stable condition (both good and bad).

It is an excellent card for health due to the mobility and dynamism it represents. There is a lot of energy and vitality, the will to live is full.

If you were going through a health problem, it signals an extraordinary improvement and speedy recovery. Good time for intense physical activities.

As The Wheel of Fortune signals changes, any resistance will be futile and counterproductive. For example, if you have been advised to diet, rest, rest, exercise, stop smoking, any resistance to this will not be good, you must change because the change will not only be healthy but will have an incredibly positive impact on you and your life.

Wheel of Fortune : past, present, future

Wheel of Fortune in past position

The actions of your past are the seeds of your future success. To make progress, you must embrace the changes ahead.

Wheel of Fortune in present position

Auspicious change is coming, but keep in mind that luck is out of your control.

Wheel of Fortune in future position

The future will provide an opportunity to change the path to personal growth and happiness. You must be willing to change your mindset because, whether your actions are successful or not, they represent beneficial changes.

Wheel of Fortune (Upright) Meaning

  • Luck. 
  • Promotion. 
  • An important development. 
  • Improvement. 
  • Rapid change. 
  • Lifting in a cycle. 
  • Fate. 
  • Rock. 
  • Progress. 
  • New opportunities. 
  • Ups and downs in fate. 
  • Tao. 
  • Lucky turn of events. 
  • Change for the better. 
  • Completion of one stage of life and the beginning of another. 
  • Circumstances are changing for the better. 
  • Gambling. 
  • Lady Luck. 
  • New vehicle (“new wheels”). 
  • Karma. 
  • Everything changes. 
  • You cannot enter the same river twice.

In the upright position, the position of the card indicates that you are trying to adapt to one or another rhythm of life. 

You are hungry for the goal. In your life reckless reigns, but this is because you are starting a new cycle. The card is considered a symbol of progress, and no progress is easily and for nothing given. Improving oneself and everything that surrounds is a laudable occupation, but not an easy one. 

But in any case, it should be remembered that the circular movement of the WHEEL suggests a cycle of things and everything from the beginning to the end. 

But in general (in real life) – this card of good omens and good changes. This is a turning point. Some part of your life ends – a new one begins. Sometimes a card predicts an unexpected smile of fate.

You are starting a new cycle, which is characterized by changes in circumstances for the better. This promises beneficial change and lasting progress. Set in motion are the forces that lead to growth. 

Rapid change will bring new opportunities, and it will make your life better. New circumstances can put an end to past hardships and herald a period of luck and success. You may need to make an important decision that will affect the course of events in the future. 

A new chapter of your life is about to begin. Now the next stage ends for you and you are ready to start something new. The finger of fate favors you. 

Sometimes the Wheel of Fortune has a literal meaning: a new vehicle will appear in your life.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) Meaning

  • Failure. Unfortunate circumstances. 
  • Bad luck. 
  • Negative changes. 
  • An unexpected obstacle. 
  • Stagnation. 
  • Deterioration. 
  • A turn of fate for the worse. 
  • Stagnation in the development of the cycle. 
  • Misfortune. 
  • Disappointment. 
  • Trampling in one place. 
  • Feeling like you’re out of rhythm. 
  • Dead end. 
  • Rolling down. 
  • Resistance to change for the better. 
  • Before changing for the better, circumstances will worsen. 
  • How did I deserve this? 
  • It makes no sense. 
  • Fickle Lady Luck. 

In an upside down position, the card means continuing to wait for change for the better. And change will come – but after a long time. You have realized your life task, or at least recognized your existence. 

Knowing this will not slow to come, so that you can begin to work on the task. In some cases, a card means resisting changes that are still inevitable, or inconsistent actions in relation to unexpected and new events for you.

Circumstances suddenly change for the worse. Hopes and desires fail. There is no meaning in your life. You need to go through a black streak and a period of disappointment before fate smiles at you again. 

This is not the best time to take risks. You need to wait for the Wheel of Fortune to turn in your direction. 

Perhaps you should consult an astrologer to find out the transits and progressions in your horoscope, this may shed light on the period of trouble you are currently experiencing.

Wheel of Fortune : Spirituality

It is important to be aware that in almost all cases, we make a contribution in some way to what is happening in our lives.

It is rare for things to “happen” just because, or for us to be a truly blameless “victim” in a situation. Accept what is your fair share of responsibility in the situation you are currently facing, be accountable to yourself, if anyone else, and move on.

And when sometimes things just “happen” at the whim of the universe, you must understand that you are by no means alone in the experience, you must reach out and support yourself. The support you need is truly always available.

Wheel of Fortune Relation with Astrology

Saturn as Lord of Time and Mentor.

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